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Coat of arms of Nöpke
Coordinates: 52 ° 35 ′ 54 ″  N , 9 ° 23 ′ 47 ″  E
Height : 50 m above sea level NHN
Area : 12.09 km²
Residents : 617  (2016)
Population density : 51 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : March 1, 1974
Postal code : 31535
Area code : 05034
Nöpke (Lower Saxony)

Location of Nöpke in Lower Saxony

Old school
Old school

The village of Nöpke is a district of Neustadt am Rübenberge in the Hanover region ( Lower Saxony ).


Geographical location

Nöpke is about 15 kilometers northwest of Neustadt. The place consists of a U-shaped core and a somewhat remote settlement, the Spitzburg.

Neighboring places

The neighboring towns are Wenden in the north and Linsburg in the west , both of which belong to the Nienburg / Weser district . Dudensen in the east, Hagen in the southeast and Borstel in the southwest belong to the Hanover region and are districts of Neustadt am Rübenberge.


Around 6000 BC First farmers settled in the Nöpker area and around 1700 BC. BC burial mounds were created. Around 800 AD, during the Frankish-Saxon War, many villages were created through deportations and forced resettlements in this area. A first settlement was built on the Beeke and Verden - Bremer -Heerweg. Around 1000 AD, nine main courtyards surrounded the Grinderwald . One of them was the main farm in Hagen, which also included the farm Noepke.

It was first mentioned in a document as Nuibike in 1165 and the donation agreements to the Minden church date from 1167 . In 1263 the property in "Nobeke" was ascribed to the Minden Cathedral monastery in Dudensen in a document and in 1282 Johannes Graf von Stotel gave the Mariensee monastery a farm in Nöpke (farm no. 1). In 1342, ten pieces of land from the diocese of Minden came into the possession of the Mariensee monastery in exchange for a farm in Estorf.

The Hildesheim collegiate feud took place from 1519 to 1523 . An army of Duke Heinrich moved from Hanover via Nöpke to Wölpe to besiege the fortress. In 1540 Borstel and "remains" of Nöpke became the property of the Mariensee Monastery. In 1585, Nöpke already consisted of eight Meierhöfe , six Kötner posts and 20 Brinkitzers . During the siege of Nienburg in 1625, imperial troops devastated the country. The farms in Nöpke were devastated, three burned down and 18 of the 32 local farmers died.

In 1645, Johann Fiene was identified as the first Vogt (customs officer) in Nöpke. In 1712 twelve Nöpker were punished for staying away from the wolf hunt. In 1750 the bailiwick in Nöpke was dissolved. In 1767 the mill was built.

In 1829 the brickworks started work and in 1841 the school was founded and set up . In 1842 the division and coupling interest group ( Realgemeinde ) was founded. In the course of the regional reform of 1859, the Wölpe office was dissolved. The Nöpker cemetery was established in 1873.

In 1884, Nöpke came to the Neustadt am Rübenberge district in a further regional reform . In 1901 the gymnastics club was founded and in 1902 Nöpke received a fire engine. In 1905 the war club (Kyffhäuserkameradschaft) was founded, in 1923 the mixed choir and in 1924 the rifle club. In 1930 the mill was shut down. In 1932 the construction of the second school began.

During the Second World War , many men were called up for military service, the work in agriculture was done by women, maids and prisoners of war. The clubs were banned. On April 6, 1945 Nöpke was taken by British troops without a fight.

The volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1946, the new cemetery was inaugurated in 1954 and the outdoor pool opened in 1962 . In 1966 the brick factory was closed and in 1968 the youth fire brigade was founded .

In 1970 the school was closed.

During the territorial reform on March 1, 1974, Nöpke lost its political independence and has been part of the city of Neustadt am Rübenberge ever since.


Local council

Local council election 2016 in Mühlenfelder Land
Turnout: 64.3%

Due to the regional reform in 1974, Nöpke became a district of Neustadt a. Rbge. and since then has formed a town with Borstel, Dudensen and Hagen, which is represented by a local council. The village name has been Mühlenfelder Land since November 2011 . The local council consists of a councilwoman and ten councilors. There are also 17 advisory members in the local council.

Distribution of seats

Local election SPD CDU UWG-NRÜ
2016 5 seats 5 seats 1 seat
2011 7 seats 4 seats -
2006 5 seats 4 seats -

Local mayor

The local mayor has been Heinz-Günter Jaster (SPD) since 2016. His deputy is Norbert Schiller (CDU).

The predecessor of the current local mayor was Günther Falldorf (SPD) from 2006 to 2016.

coat of arms

The design of the municipal coat of arms by Nöpke comes from the heraldist and graphic artist Alfred Brecht , who created all the coats of arms in the Hanover region. The approval of the coat of arms was granted on January 18, 1973 by the district president in Hanover.

Coat of arms of Nöpke
Blazon : "In blue a black shield base with two flattened, semicircular outgrowths ( barrows ), from which a rooted, silver oak with seven leaves grows ."
Foundation of the coat of arms: The historical facts since the early days show that the municipality of Nöpke belongs to the County of Wölpe, the obligation of the farmers to perform castle festival services and the delivery of half a tithe to the Wölpe office since 1595 - the other half went to the Minden monastery - so that the close ties of the ancestors to this sex and their successors is beyond doubt and at least decisive for the coat of arms colors blue: silver must be considered. The old age of the community is clearly indicated by two barrows shaded by a silver oak. With this coat of arms, the council of the municipality of Nöpke has decided on a municipal coat of arms that exhausts history from the early days to the present and characterizes the place, which fits well into the series of coats of arms of the city of Neustadt a. Rbge. belonging parts of the city.

Culture and sights

Four-column hall building Altes Seelenfeld 2
Former smithy at Nöpker Strasse 40


  • Old school from 1931, Am Rotdorn 1
  • Half-timbered residential building around 1810/1820, Roter Weg 26
  • Cross passage barn 1820/30, Altes Seelenfeld 11
  • Four-frame building from 1788, is the oldest building in Nöpke, Nöpker Straße 23
  • Cross entrance barn in brick construction from 1909 with blind structures and brick strips to frame the light hatches, Nöpker Strasse 30
  • Cast iron signpost from the turn of the century, Nöpker Straße 38
  • Four-frame hall house (circa 1850) with a brick transverse entrance barn from 1909, Altes Seelenfeld 2
  • Four-frame hall houses (approx. 1850) with half-timbered cross-entry barn, Nöpker Strasse 35 and 37
  • A little outside of the village on Fritz-Rabe-Weg is the cemetery with a small chapel and the memorial of fallen Nöpker soldiers from the world wars

Architectural monuments

See: List of architectural monuments in Nöpke

The area at the northern end of the village is designated as a group of structures. These include the already mentioned farms at Nöpker Straße 35 and 37 and Altes Seelenfeld 2. These are supplemented by the farm at Nöpker Straße 42 with a dazzling facade from the turn of the century and the house at Nöpker Straße 40 with the former blacksmith's shop, which is located in the somewhat secluded outbuilding on the same property is located.


The Schützenverein Nöpke e. V. 1924 maintains a rifle house , which was renewed in 1967 by the sponsor company ( PzPiKp  30) of the Bundeswehr and many volunteers.

Regular events

The highlights of public life in Nöpke include the shooting festival, which takes place every year on the weekend of Pentecost, as well as the harvest festival, the great matjes festival, the Christmas market and the Easter bonfire , which are organized and carried out by the local clubs.

Economy and Infrastructure


The outdoor pool is heated by solar energy and has been operated since 2003 under the sponsorship of the outdoor pool's sponsorship association. In its neighborhood there is a campsite and a football field , which also serves as a training area for the youth fire brigade.

Public facilities

The Nöpke volunteer fire brigade, with 64 active members, supports public safety in the village, to which the fire brigade's association also contributes. The fire station is in the immediate vicinity of the "old school" .


The old school building is located in the street “Altes Seelenfeld”, where school was still open until 1970. Today the play group of the children's play group “Nöpker Landmäuse” e. V. and a training room for the volunteer fire brigade .

Web links

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