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Norton Simon Museum

The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena , California is a major American art museum. It bears the name of the industrialist Norton Simon , who was one of the most important art connoisseurs and patrons of the post-war period. It was formerly known as The Pasadena Art Institute and The Pasadena Art Museum .

The museum emerged from the Art Institute in Pasadena, a museum for contemporary art, which was located in a flat, pavilion-like building in a well-tended garden. The collection ran into severe financial difficulties in the early 1970s. This happened at a time when Norton Simon was just looking for suitable premises for his own excellent art collection. An agreement was quickly reached and the museum became the property of the billionaire who housed his collection of paintings and Asia there.

The museum has close ties to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles , with whom it shares a number of works of art, which has led to speculation that the two institutions might one day merge.

The collection

The highlight of the collection is an exquisite collection of European art from the Renaissance to the present. This includes, among other things:

Peter Paul Rubens:
David slays Goliath

Old Dutch masters

Aelbert Bouts : St. Hieronymus • Dieric Bouts : Resurrection of Christ • Gerard David : Coronation of Mary • Hans Memling : Blessing Christ

German champion

Lucas Cranach the Elder Ä. : Adam; Eva • Georg Pencz : Sleeping Woman (Vanitas)Isaak Soreau : Still life with fruits and flowers • Sebastian Stoskopff : Still life with empty glasses

Flemish masters

Jan Brueghel the Elder Ä. : Flower arrangement • Jan Fyt : hunting still life • Jacob Jordaens : Mercury and Argus • Jan Massys : Susanna and the ancients • Peter Paul Rubens : David kills Goliath; Meleager and Atlanta in pursuit of the Calydonian boar; Anna of Austria; Louis XIII .; The Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia as a nun; Sebastian Munster; St. Ignatius of Loyola; The holy women at the tomb of Christ • Frans Snyders : Still life with fruits and vegetables

French masters up to the 19th century

François Boucher : Beautiful peasant woman; Vertumnus and Pomona • Marie-Geneviève Bouliar Self-Portrait • Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin : Dog and Poultry; Still life with kitchen utensils • Jean-Baptiste Deshays de Colleville : The laundresses • Pierre-Charles Duvivier : an architect's table • Jean-Honoré Fragonard : Antonius meets Cleopatra (after Tiepolo); Music; Happily in love • Nicolas de Largillière : Lambert de Vermont; Marquis d'Havrincourt; Pierre Lepautre • Claude Lorrain : Landscape with Jacob and Laban; Landscape with a whistling shepherd • Louise Moillon : still life with cherries, strawberries and gooseberries • Jean-Baptiste Pater : Fete champetre • Henri-Horace Roland de la Porte : still life • Nicolas Poussin : Holy Family with John the Baptist and St. Elisabeth (1); Camillus and the schoolmaster • Hubert Robert : Convent of the Augustinian nuns • Pietro Antonio Rotari : Young girl writes a love letter • Maurice Quentin de La Tour : Self-portrait • Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun : Theresa Countess Kinsky • Jean-Antoine Watteau : Resting naked woman

Dutch champions

Balthasar van der Ast : Still life with fruits and flowers • Nicolaes Berchem : Pastoral scene • Ambrosius Bosschaert : Still life with flowers • Salomon de Bray : Hagar's expulsion • Quirin Gerritsz. van Brekelenkam : The cobbler's shop • Jan Brueghel the Elder : Still life with flowers • Jan van Bijlert : Man in armor holding a pike • Pieter Claesz : Still life with Roman • Aelbert Cuyp : Morning on the pasture • Gerard Dou : Portrait of a woman • Jan van Goyen : River landscape with village church • Frans Hals : Portrait of a man • Jan Davidsz. de Heem : Still life with flowers • Marten van Heemskerk : Natura • Jan van der Heyden : City view; Interior view of a library with still life • Thomas de Keyser : Portrait of a nobleman with son • Jan Lievens : Panorama landscape; Young man with a red beret • Nicolaes Maes : Agatha Bicker; Bathsheba; Dirck Frederiksz Alewijn; Interior with family from Dordrecht • Gabriel Metsu : woman at the toilet • Aert van der Neer : winter landscape with ice-skaters • Isaac van Ostade : farmers in front of a farmhouse • Rembrandt : bearded man with ruff; Self-portrait (often ascribed to Carel Fabritius ) ; Titus • Jacob van Ruisdael : Landscape with Trees, a Pond and People; Three large trees in a hilly landscape with a river • Salomon van Ruysdael : arrival in front of an inn; Landscape with sandy road • Roelant Savery : landscape with ruins and animals • Jan Steen : Bathsheba; The wedding at Cana; Wine is a mocker • Matthias Stomer : Mocking Christ • Johannes Cornelisz. Verspronck : Portrait of a lady

Édouard Manet:
The Ragman

Italian champions

Antoniazzo Romano : Maria with the child and the boy Johannes; Mary with the child and two angels • Guariento di Arpo : The Coronation of the Virgin • Gioacchino Assereto : David with the head of Goliath • Jacopo Bassano : Flight into Egypt • Giovanni Bellini : Jörg Fugger • Francesco Bissolo : Annunciation • Sandro Botticelli : Mary with the child and angel • Guido Cagnacci : Martha and Maria • Canaletto : Piazetta in Venice • Luca Carlevarijs : View of the pier in Venice • Vittore Carpaccio : Noble Venetian • Vincenzo Catena : Rest on the flight into Egypt • Bernardo Daddi : Enthroned Maria with the child and saint • Francesco Francia : Mary with the child and two saints • Corrado Giaquinto : The wedding of the Virgin • Luca Giordano : battle scene ; Birth of Mary • Giorgione : Portrait of a nobleman • Francesco Guardi : View with Santa Maria della Salute; View with Rialto Bridge, Venice seen from the Grand Canal; Venetian Capriccio • Guercino : Aldrovandi dog; Cleopatra • Filippino Lippi : Saints Benedict and Appolonia • Saints Paul and Frediano • Pietro Longhi : artist drawing an elegant society • Pietro Lorenzetti : The prophet Elisha • Bernardino Luini : Saint Alexander; St. Catherine of Alexandria • Alessandro Magnasco : interior with monks • Francesco di Giorgio Martini : faithfulness • Lorenzo Monaco : Mary of the Annunciation • Giovanni Battista Moroni : old man • Neroccio di Bartholomeo di Benedetto de 'Landi : Madonna and Child, John the Baptist and Catherine of Alexandria • Palma il Vecchio : Venus and Cupid • Giovanni Paolo Pannini : Interior of St. Peter in Rome • Giovanni di Paolo : Branchini Madonna; Birth of Christ • Raphael : Mary with the child • Guido Reni : St. Cecilia • Giovanni Francesco Romanelli : Royal Hunt and Storm; Aeneas leaves Dido • Giovanni Battista Tiepolo : The triumph of virtue and nobility over ignorance; Female satyr with horse, child and putti; Female satyr with tambourine • Paolo Veneziano : Madonna and Child

Masters of the 19th and 20th centuries

Frédéric Bazille : woman in Moorish costume • Louis-Léopold Boilly : the interrupted meal • Pierre Bonnard : Leila Claude Anet; Place Clichy, Paris • Eugène Boudin : people on the beach; The beach at Trouville • Georges Braque : painter and model; Still life; Still Life with Musical Instruments • Gustave Caillebotte : Yellow Boat • Paul Cézanne : Uncle Dominique; Tulips in a vase; Vase; Still life with violets; Farmhouse with chestnuts near Jas-de-Bouffan • Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot : Rebekah at the well; Young woman in red bodice with mandolin, view of the Piazetta in Venice from the Riva degli Schiavoni; Italian landscape with a church near Ariccia • Gustave Courbet : Marine; Etretat rocks; Peasant girl; Henri Rochefort; River landscape near Ornans; Apples, pears and primrose on a table; Vase with lilacs, roses and tulips • Charles-François Daubigny : Seine landscape near Vernon • Honoré Daumier : resting quacks • Edgar Degas : robbery of the Sabine women; The star, dancer on point; Ballet, three dancers; Dancer in pink; Dancers on the pole; Dance lesson in the foyer of the opera; Wait (1); Dancers in the scenery; Laundress; Ironers; Woman getting out of the bathroom; Woman at the toilet; After the bath; Woman drying her hair; Actress in the cloakroom; Cafe Concert Singer; Woman straightens her hair in front of a mirror; Nanny on the beach, Madame Dietz-Monnin; Three trees with a hilly background; Wheat field with green hill; 71 sculptures (all first casts) • Achille Devéria : Odalisque • Louis Ducis : Sappho is brought back to life through music • Henri Fantin-Latour : White and pink mallows in a vase • Lyonel Feininger : Street near the palace • Paul Gauguin : Tahitian Girl and boy • Vincent van Gogh : Portrait of the mother; Portrait of a peasant; Mulberry tree; Winter; Still life with ceramic bowls; Head of a peasant woman with a white hood • Juan Gris : Still life with a poem • Paul-Camille Gugou : Landscape near Martigues • Armand Guillaumin : Dawn • Henri-Joseph Harpignies : Farm •

Vincent van Gogh:
Portrait of a Peasant

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres : Baron Joseph Vialetes de Mortarieu • Alexej von Jawlensky : Black Tree: Bordighera; Blooming Girl; Mystical Head, No. 21: Galka; The Sound of Winter • Wassily Kandinsky : Die Sinnflut I; Heavy circles; Open green; Print from above • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner : Bathers under trees, Fehmarn • Paul Klee : Saxon girl; Barbaric Venus; Two heads; Opportunities at sea; The tree of houses • Oskar Kokoschka : Frau Erfurth • Georges Lacombe : The chestnut collectors • Édouard Manet : Madame Manet; Rag collectors; Fish Still Life • Franz Marc : Girls Bathing • Henri Matisse : Naked on the Sofa; The black cloth (Lorette VII); Odalisque with tambourine • Amedeo Modigliani : Jeanne Hebuterne • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy : AL 3 • Claude Monet : Monet's garden in Vetheuil; Entering the port of Honfleur; The Seine estuary at Honfleur • Berthe Morisot : In a villa on the beach • Emil Nolde : The sea I • Narcisso Virgilio Diaz de la Peña : Approaching storm • Pablo Picasso : woman with guitar; Portrait of a woman; Woman with mandolin; Sheep's head; Algerian women I; Woman with a hairnet; Woman with a book • Camille Pissarro : Boulevard des Fosses; Farmer's Market in Pontoise • Lyubow Popova : The Travelers • Pierre Paul Prud'hon : Zephyr brings Psyche to the Palace of Eros • Pierre Puvis de Chavannes : The youth of Genoveva of Paris • Pierre-Auguste Renoir : Bouquet of lilies; Naked; Young woman in black; Resting naked; The artist studio on Rue Saint-Georges; Pont des Arts; Venus (plastic)Diego Rivera : The florist • Georges Rouault : Two naked women; The Chinese • Henri Rousseau : Exotic Landscape • Théodore Rousseau : The Fishermen, Early Morning • Ker-Xavier Roussel : Reunion de Dames • Georges Seurat : Stone Crusher, Le Raincy • Henri Le Sidaner : The Small Town: Gerberoy • Alfred Sisley : Louveciennes in the Snow • Chaim Soutine : Woman knitting • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec In the Fernado Circus, rider on a white horse; Profile view of a prostitute; Red-haired woman in M. Foret's garden • Edouard Vuillard : Madame Hessel; Dressmakers under a lamp; The first fruit

Spanish champions

Francisco de Goya : Martin Miguel de Goicoechea; St. Hieronimus; Vicenta Chllet y Caballero • El Greco : Old Man • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo : St. Thomas of Villanueva distributes alms; The birth of Johannes d. T. • Juan Rexach : The Crucifixion and Madonna Enthroned with Child and Angels • Jusepe de Ribera : The feeling of touch • Francisco de Zurbarán : Diego Deza; Praying St. Francis; Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose; The birth of Mariae

(1) jointly owned by the J. Paul Getty Museum




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  1. For the history of the museum, see Sara Campbell, Gloria Williams: Masterpieces from the Norton Simon Museum , p. 7.

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