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Urban-type settlement
Federal district Volga
Oblast Kirov
Rajon Pishansky
Founded 1693
Urban-type settlement since 1969
population 3875 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Height of the center 115  m
Time zone UTC + 3
Telephone code (+7) 83355
Post Code 613380
License Plate 43
OKATO 33 231 551
Geographical location
Coordinates 57 ° 27 '  N , 48 ° 32'  E Coordinates: 57 ° 27 '30 "  N , 48 ° 32' 0"  E
Pischanka (European Russia)
Red pog.svg
Location in the western part of Russia
Pischanka (Kirov Oblast)
Red pog.svg
Location in Kirov Oblast

Pischanka ( Russian Пижа́нка ) is an urban-type settlement in Kirov Oblast in Russia with 3875 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010).


The place is just 150 km as the crow flies south-southwest of the Kirow Oblast Administrative Center on the eponymous river Pischanka, which flows over the Isch to the Pischma .

Pischanka is the administrative center of the Rajons Pischanski and seat of the municipality Pischankskoje gorodskoje posselenije. In addition to the settlement, the municipality includes 21 villages, of which only three have more than 100 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010): Bolshoi Jasnur (5 km east), Kaschnur (7 km south-east) and Mari-Oschajewo (5 km south-west).


The place goes back to an inn built in the 17th century on the trade route from Jaransk to Kukarka (today Sovetsk ). In 1693 a church was built there for the surrounding settlements, around which a village that was named after the river grew. As a result, it belonged to the Ujesd Jaransk of the Vyatka Governorate and in 1873 became the seat of a Volost .

On June 10, 1929, the Volost was expanded to a raion of the same name, based in Pischanka. In 1969 the place received the status of an urban-type settlement.

Population development

year Residents
1926 266
1939 1166
1970 2630
1979 3509
1989 4164
2002 4022
2010 3875

Note: census data


The regional road 33R-008 runs through Pischanka, which leads from Kirov via the district centers of Verkhoschischemje and Sovetsk to Jaransk, a good 40 km west-southwest, on the federal trunk road R176 Viatka Cheboksary  - Yoshkar-Ola  - Kirov - Syktywkar . The nearest train station is also in Jaransk, the end point of a route from Zelenodolsk near Kazan via Yoshkar-Ola.

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