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Richard Lugner (2019)

Richard Siegfried Lugner (born October 11, 1932 in Vienna ; nickname Mörtel ) is an Austrian businessman , reality TV star, building contractor and project developer .


Origin, training, builder

Richard Lugner, son of the lawyer Richard Lugner senior, who disappeared as a captain in Russia in 1943 after being a prisoner of war , passed his Matura in 1953 at the technical and commercial federal college , specializing in building construction , in Schellinggasse in Vienna's 1st district . In 1962 he received the master builder license and in the first year employed two workers and two salaried employees in his own company. Lugner specialized in the renovation of old buildings and the construction of petrol stations. In the low-order years, he expanded his construction activities to include office buildings with attached underground garages. The construction of the Vienna mosque and the renovation of the city ​​temple of the Jewish community in Vienna caused a stir .

Lugner City

The Lugner City shopping center

In September 1990 he opened the Lugner City with inaugural guest Dagmar Koller , which was then the seventh largest shopping center in Austria.

From 1997 onwards, Lugner gradually withdrew from the operational construction business and handed the construction company over to his sons. In 2003, Lugner City was transferred to Volksbanken-Immoconsult by means of a sale-lease-back variant. Ten years later , the buyback took place at the earliest possible point in time by way of a share deal . In September 2005 the Lugner Kino City was opened, a multiplex cinema with eleven halls with space for 1,840 visitors.

Since 2007, an “Opera Ball Princess” has been chosen by a jury every year at a casting in Lugner City.

Lugner tried several times, together with his lawyer Adrian Hollaender , to overturn the limits on shop opening times for his Lugner City. As a non-smoker, he turned against the ban on smoking in restaurants.

Private life

Lugner married his childhood sweetheart Christine Gmeiner in 1961. His two sons were born in 1963 and 1966. After 17 years of marriage, the couple separated, but remained professionally connected. In 1979 he married a second time and was divorced four years later. His third wife Susanne Dietrich fell into a coma shortly after the divorce after undergoing cosmetic surgery and died. Lugner has a daughter from an extramarital relationship with Sonja Jeannine . He had been married to his fourth wife Christina "Mausi" Lugner since July 13, 1991, their daughter, Jacqueline, was born in 1993, and on August 2, 2007 the couple divorced. A series of relationships followed; with Bettina “Hasi” Kofler (2008), Sonja “Käfer” Schönanger (2008–2009), Nina “Bambi” Bruckner (2009), Anastasia “Katzi” Sokol (2009–2013), Bahati “Kolibri” Venus (2013–2014 ). On September 13, 2014 Lugner married Cathy “Spatzi” Schmitz, who came from Wittlich (Eifel), in his fifth marriage in Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace . The divorce took place on November 30, 2016. When choosing a partner, Lugner often consulted the astrologer Gerda Rogers .

Lugner has been doing the F.-X.-Mayr cure every year for over 30 years . In 2016 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but declared it defeated by radiation therapy lasting several months in spring 2017.

He got his nickname "Mortar" as an established master builder from the Austrian tabloid journalist Michael Jeannée .

Political ambitions

In 1998 Lugner ran for the federal presidential election and was fourth of five candidates with 9.91 percent of the vote. In the 1999 National Council election , he received 1.02 percent of the vote with “ The Independent ”.

In February 2016, he confirmed his candidacy for the 2016 federal presidential election . He received 6,000 supporters in time to be allowed to vote and received 2.26 percent in the first ballot.

Lugner, who was the oldest candidate of the Second Republic in the election , ruled out any further candidacy in the future.


In early February 2007, there was the public controversy when it by abortion opponents were accused also of being jointly responsible with the rental of space in the Lugner City to the sexual medicine center VenusMed for the tasks performed there abortions, resulting in a public conflict with Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun led .

In 2002, Lugner made a property available to Scientology for public relations work for a week. In 2011 he wished the organization "all the best for the future" in an email to the President of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation , which was interpreted as Scientology sympathy.

Media appearances

Lugner is assigned to the so-called Seitenblickegesellschaft . In the media, he is sometimes referred to as the "Society Lion".

The Austrian private broadcaster ATV has been broadcasting the reality soap Die Lugners based on the US series The Osbournes since 2003 . In the satirical program Wir sind Kaiser , which has been broadcast since 2007 , Lugner has been asking Lugner for an admission to the Kaiser every week as a running gag since his first audience on January 3, 2008 , but is repeatedly rejected. In 2010 he played the role of Mr. Buttler at the Karl May Festival in Gföhl. In 2016 he was seen with his then wife Cathy in the RTL II documentary soap Lugner and Cathy - The Millionaire and the Bunny .

At the beginning of 2019 he could be seen in two commercials for the furniture store chain XXXLutz , which addressed his visits to the opera ball. The Putz family , whom he invited to the opera ball , was also present at the annual press conference at which he announced his star guest .

In the Vienna wax museum of Madame Tussauds he unveiled his wax image on October 10, 2019. The figure on display wears his typical opera ball clothes.

Vienna Opera Ball

Since 1992, Lugner has usually engaged a prominent guest to accompany his annual visit to the Vienna Opera Ball and takes him to his box:

year Guest of honor
1992 Harry Belafonte
1993 Joan Collins
1994 Ivana Trump
1995 Sophia Loren
1996 Grace Jones
1997 Sarah Ferguson
1998 Raquel Welch
1999 Faye Dunaway
2000 Jacqueline Bisset , Nadja Abd el Farrag
2001 Farrah Fawcett
2002 Claudia Cardinale
2003 Pamela Anderson
2004 Andie MacDowell
2005 Geri Halliwell
2006 Carmen Electra
2007 Paris Hilton
2008 Dita Von Teese
2009 Nicollette Sheridan
2010 Dieter Bohlen
2011 Karima "Ruby" el-Mahroug , Larry Hagman , Zachi Noy
2012 Brigitte Nielsen , Roger Moore
2013 Mira Sorvino , Gina Lollobrigida
2014 Kim Kardashian
2015 Elisabetta Canalis
2016 Brooke Shields
2017 Goldie Hawn
2018 Melanie Griffith
2019 Elle Macpherson
2020 Ornella Muti



Chart positions
Explanation of the data
I am the liar (olé olé)
  AT 29 10/08/2010 (3 weeks)


  • 2010: I am the liar (olé olé)



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