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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Schwaförden
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Schwaförden highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 44 '  N , 8 ° 49'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Diepholz
Joint municipality : Schwaförden
Height : 57 m above sea level NHN
Area : 25.96 km 2
Residents: 1490 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 57 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 27252
Area code : 04277
License plate : DH, SY
Community key : 03 2 51 032
Address of the
municipal administration:
Poststrasse 157
27252 Schwaförden
Website :
Mayor : Wilfried Schlichte ( CDU )
Location of the municipality of Schwaförden in the district of Diepholz
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Schwaförden ( Swabern in Low German ) is a municipality in the Diepholz district in Lower Saxony .



Schwaförden is located south of the Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park, roughly halfway between Bremen and Minden . The municipality is the administrative seat of the combined municipality Schwaförden , with the places Affinghausen , Ehrenburg , Neuenkirchen , Scholen , Schwaförden and Sudwalde .

Community structure

  • Mallinghausen
  • Schwaförden (core town)

Neighboring communities

Sudwalde Affinghausen00 Bruchhausen-Vilsen
Scholen Neighboring communities
Sulingen Mellinghausen


There is a temperate maritime climate, influenced by wet north-westerly winds from the North Sea. On a long-term average, the air temperature in Schwaförden reaches 8.5 ° C – 9 ° C, and about 700 mm of precipitation falls. Between May and August, an average of 20-25 summer days (climatological term for days on which the maximum temperature exceeds 25 ° C) can be expected.


The area has been inhabited since the younger Stone Age, which, among other things, revealed archaeological investigations in a new building area in 2019. Settlement remains from the late Bronze Age and early Roman Iron Age from the time of the first millennium BC were found. Found.

In the Roman era, a Roman supply route led north of Schwaförden from the Weser to Friesland. Schwaförden is a typical Saxon settlement with scattered courtyards that line a street like pearls on a string. Schwaförden belonged to the core area of ​​the Saxon tribe in 750 AD and was a settlement of the Engern sub-tribe . Schwaförden was first mentioned in 1025 in a deed of donation from Count Mito von Minden to the Lords of Hoya.

The Gothic church in Schwafördens was built between 1200 and 1500. In 1525 Schwaförden became Protestant and has formed a parish with Scholen since 1575.

During the Thirty Years War , the large beech and oak forests that were previously used for the acorn fattening of the pigs burned down around the village and were then reforested with fast-growing conifers. Due to the immense consumption of wood from the beginning to the middle of the 19th century, the laboriously reforested forests were almost completely cleared. Thereupon by Friedrich Erdmann as many different tree species, a new project launched with the aim to accommodate on a small area as possible. This experiment started in 1903 and continues to this day.


For the regional reform in Lower Saxony on March 1, 1974, the previously independent municipality of Mallinghausen was incorporated.

Population development

The first records that listed the residents of Schwafördens come from a tax collection of 1583 and described about fifteen farmsteads in size and armament (lances, halberds, hatchets or shields) with about eighty inhabitants.

year Residents source
1583 ~ 80
1885 610
1910 0898 1
1925 0966 2
1933 0883 3
1939 0896 4
1950 1524 5
1956 1188 6
1973 1138 7
1975 1417 8
1980 1417 8
year Residents source
1985 1414 8
1990 1528 8
1995 1548 8
2000 1536 8
2005 1503 8
2010 1452 8
2015 1523 8
2018 1491 8
0 0 0

1 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 231 inh.)
2 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 261 inh.)
3 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 255 in.)
4 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 252 inh.)
5 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 ( = 431 inh .)
6 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 344 inh.)
7 Mallinghausen incorporated in 1974 (= 216 inh.)
8 as of December 31st


Municipal council

The town council from Schwaförden consists of 11 councilors from the following parties:

  • CDU : 5 seats ¹
  • SPD : 5 seats
  • WGS : 1 seat ¹

(Status: local election on September 11, 2016)
¹ The CDU has formed a group with the WGS


The honorary mayor of Schwaförden is Wilfried Schlichte (CDU / WGS). His deputies are Gerd Göbberd (SPD) and Heinrich Beneke (CDU / WGS).

coat of arms

The municipal coat of arms of the municipality was Schwaförden by the author Hans Ehlich designed and the heraldic and author Werner Kaemling drawn.

Coat of arms of Schwaförden
Blazon : "In the split shield in the right field in red a golden key and in the left field in gold a black slanting bar ."
Justification of the coat of arms: The coat of arms indicates both the place name and two essential historical factors: Firstly, the Volksweg, which runs through Mallinghausen and Schwaförden, which can be reliably proven around 1050, and, secondly, the connection between the local history and the Minden cathedral monastery , which u. a. is attested in three earlier documents of 1025, 1029 and 1033. The coat of arms is also a talking coat of arms (Schwaförden = black ford in the course of the Volkweg) and a historical coat of arms (Volkweg - Domstift Minden).


Church in Schwaförden
  • The Gothic church of Schwafördens is a single-nave vaulted building and was built between 1200 and 1500. Part of the apse and a round arch on the tower date from the Romanesque era. The church has been decorated with many paintings made by wandering monks in the 15th century. These paintings were whitewashed and rediscovered, exposed and restored around 1900.



  • Town hall, Poststrasse 157
  • Voluntary fire brigade of the Schwaförden community
  • Schwaförden secondary school with a branch in Ehrenburg (Schwaförden location), Dorfstrasse 64


The community is located on the disused, but still existing railway line Sulingen-Bassum . The express trains Bremen – Bielefeld (–Frankfurt) used to stop at the station, whose reception building has now been demolished . The closest station today is the train station in Bassum .


  • Ev Church Schwaförden (see above)
  • Mallinghausen belongs to the parish of Sudwalde .


Sons and daughters of the church

More people

People who have lived here and have achieved significant things on site or from this place:

  • Robert Enders (1928–2003), artist and art educator, he lived and worked in Sulingen, in 1975 he created the metal and fabric wall relief "In divine care" in the New Chapel in Schwaförden
  • Rainer Kaune (* 1945), author, reciter, speaker, editor and educator, Schwaförden was an important school location for him


Web links

Commons : Schwaförden  - Collection of images

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