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Coat of arms of Teufenbach-Katsch
Teufenbach-Katsch (Austria)
Basic data
Country: Austria
State : Styria
Political District : Murau
License plate : MU
Main town : Teufenbach
Surface: 42.27 km²
Coordinates : 47 ° 8 '  N , 14 ° 22'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 7 '43 "  N , 14 ° 21' 32"  E
Height : 760  m above sea level A.
Residents : 1,888 (January 1, 2020)
Postcodes : 8812, 8833, 8841, 8842, 8850
Primaries : 03582, 03588
Community code : 6 14 46
Address of the
municipal administration:
Hauptstrasse 7
8833 Teufenbach
Website: www.teufenbach-katsch.gv.at
Mayoress : Lydia Künstner-Stöckl ( SPÖ )
Municipal Council : (Election year: 2020 )
(15 members)
A total of 15 seats
Location of Teufenbach-Katsch in the Murau district
Krakau Mühlen Murau Neumarkt in der Steiermark Niederwölz Oberwölz Ranten Sankt Georgen am Kreischberg Sankt Lambrecht St. Peter am Kammersberg Scheifling Schöder Stadl-Predlitz Teufenbach-Katsch SteiermarkLocation of the municipality of Teufenbach-Katsch in the Murau district (clickable map)
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Municipal Office
Municipal Office
Source: Municipal data from Statistics Austria

Teufenbach-Katsch is a municipality in the judicial district and district of Murau in Styria . It was created at the beginning of 2015 as part of the municipal structural reform from the municipalities of Teufenbach and Frojach-Katsch, which were dissolved at the end of 2014 .


Geographical location

The towns of Frojach, Katsch and Teufenbach are centrally located in the Murau district, about ten kilometers from the district capital.

The municipality lies in a large group of the Central Alps in the Eastern Alps and is traversed by the Mur . The municipal area includes the foothills of the Styrian Katschtal and part of the upper Mur valley . Katsch is located northwest at the Katschtal entrance on the border between Schladminger Tauern and Wölzer Tauern respectively in the Murberg Mountains (parts of the Niedere Tauern ), Frojach (with Saurau) on the right in the Murtal in the Gurktal Alps , Teufenbach east in the Murtal at the valley entrance to the Neumarkter Sattel , already in the Seetal Alps , which are part of the Lavant Valley Alps .

At 1797 meters, the Pleschaitz is the highest mountain in the municipality and lies between Katsch and Wölztal (municipality border with Oberwölz). The Puxberg  ( 1486  m above sea level ) is its upstream valley spur between Mur and Wölztal. In the south, the community is separated from the Reuterbichl  ( 1,343  m above sea level , south of Saurau) and the Blasenkogel  ( 1,602  m above sea level , in Frojach) from Sankt Blasen .

The most important river in the municipality is the Mur, which enters the municipality in the west and leaves it in the east. Another body of water and feeder of the Mur is the Katschbach .

Community structure

The municipal area comprises three localities or cadastral communities (population as of January 1, 2020; area 2016):

  • Frojach (574 inhabitants, 2,447.94 ha)
  • Katsch an der Mur (533 Ew.), KG Katsch (1,441.43 ha)
  • Teufenbach (781 inhabitants, 343.07 ha)

Neighboring communities

All seven neighboring communities are in the Murau district.

St. Peter am Kammersberg Oberwölz Niederwölz
Murau Neighboring communities Scheifling
Saint Lambrecht Neumarkt in Styria


Origin of Katsch, Frojach and Teufenbach

Katsch is first mentioned in 982 as Chaczi or Chats . Since the place became an important trading metropolis from the middle of the 11th century , it is later mentioned several times as Chatissa .

Frojach was first mentioned in a document as Froiach in the middle of the 12th century . The handwritten certificate was drawn up in the St. Lambrecht Abbey and kept in the Graz University Library.

Teufenbach was first mentioned in a document about 1000 years ago. The Lords of Teuffenbach had belonged to the Styrian knighthood since the 13th century. The branch of the family that remained in Teufenbach died out in the 17th century. Teuffenbach Castle was bought by Prince Schwarzenberg in 1689 . Neu-Teuffenbach Castle, which was built in the village by Balthasar von Teufenbach from 1549, is now a senior citizens' home.

Changes since 1945

On December 31, 1948, Katsch was renamed "Katsch an der Mur". On January 1st, 1968 Katsch an der Mur was incorporated into Frojach and renamed "Frojach-Katsch" a year later.

On January 1st, 2015, the communities Frojach-Katsch and Teufenbach were merged into Teufenbach-Katsch.

Population development

The population of the community grew until the 14th century, as there was a good infrastructure and high-yield agriculture. Around 1450, however, settlements began to decline and farmers began to die down, triggered by a long-lasting agricultural crisis, unfavorable climate change and epidemics such as the plague . This decline is noticeable until the 15th century. In the second half of the 19th century there was a further decline in the population, as the farmers kept increasing their land holdings and thus displacing other farmers from the area. The population has been stable since around 1900.

Culture and sights

Frojach old rectory
Vicarage Guest House JUHA in Teufenbach
See also:  List of listed objects in Teufenbach-Katsch
  • Altteufenbach Castle
  • Neu-Teuffenbach Castle (today retirement home)
  • Faßhof / Vaßhof residence
  • Catholic parish church Teufenbach hl. Margareta: with the former cemetery, wayside shrine at the cemetery
  • Pfarrhof Teufenbach and Pfarrhofstöckl (today a club of the Teuffenbach costume club)
  • Teufenbach train station
  • Railway bridge of the Murtalbahn
  • Niche shrine


The municipal council has 15 members.


  • 2015 Wilhelm Schnedl (SPÖ)
  • 2015–2019 Thomas Schuchnigg (ÖVP)
  • since October 30, 2019 Lydia Künstner-Stöckl (SPÖ)

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Teufenbach-Katsch
Blazon : "Under a red, gold-lined shield head in silver with two black bars,covered in the middle with a gold Noric belt fitting,a dragon in confused colors ."
Coats of arms: Both predecessor municipalities each had a municipal coat of arms . Due to the amalgamation of municipalities, both lost their official validity on January 1st, 2015. The new municipal coat of arms for the merged municipality took place on October 10, 2017. The coat of arms is accordingly composed of parts of the two old municipality coats of arms. On the one hand, a bronze Noric belt fitting from the Roman provincial era, which was found in the municipality, is shown in the shield above. Gold and black are the colors of the Roman-German Empire , with red the coat of arms is reminiscent of the joy of colors in Norwegian women's costumes. In addition, the dragon, which was to be found on the coat of arms of the former municipality of Teufenbach, is added to the lower shield area.


Honorary citizen

  • 1958: Josef Genta, elementary school director (honorary citizen of the Katsch community)
  • 1975: Matthias Reinmüller, Mayor of Katsch 1955–1967
  • 1975: Konrad Schuchnigg, Mayor of Frojach 1946–1968, Mayor of Frojach-Katsch 1968–1975
  • 1990: Erich Hable (1911–2001), teacher, ornithologist
  • 1990: Georg Pranckh (1926–2005), politician of the ÖVP , mayor of Frojach-Katsch 1975–1983, member of the Styrian state parliament 1970–1981, member of the national council 1983–1986
  • 1990: Franz Wallner, longtime community treasurer


  • Walter Brunner : Frojach-Katsch: Diversity and unity of the long history of a small living space. 2005.
  • Sepp Genta: Chatissa-Katsch. A contribution to the history of Katsch. 1957. (The only edition is kept in the Katsch elementary school)

Web links

Commons : Teufenbach-Katsch  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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