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Witomin does not have a coat of arms
Witomin (Poland)
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Warmia-Masuria
Powiat : Mrągowo
Gmina : Mrągowo
Geographic location : 53 ° 59 '  N , 21 ° 20'  E Coordinates: 53 ° 58 '55 "  N , 21 ° 20' 27"  E
Residents :
Postal code : 11-700
Telephone code : (+48) 89
License plate : NMR
Economy and Transport
Street : Boże - Boża Wólka → Witomin
Rydwągi / ext. 591Gronowo
Rail route : no rail connection
Next international airport : Danzig

Witomin [ viˈtɔmin ] ( German  Friedrichsberg ) is a small town in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and belongs to the Gmina Mrągowo ( rural community Sensburg ) in the Powiat Mrągowski ( Sensburg district ).

Geographical location

Witomin is located in the heart of the Warmia-Masurian Voivodeship , 13 kilometers north of the district town of Mrągowo ( German  Sensburg ).


The Vorwerk Friedrichsberg originally consisted of a few small farms. It was founded in 1804 and until 1945 was a residential area in the municipality of Bosemb (1938 to 1945 Bussen , in Polish Boże ) in the Sensburg district in the Gumbinnen district (1905 to 1945: Allenstein district ) in the Prussian province of East Prussia . In 1905 Friedrichsberg had 20 inhabitants.

As a result of the war, the place came to Poland in 1945 with all of southern East Prussia and was given the Polish form of the name "Witomin". Today it is a town within the Gmina Mrągowo (Town Sensburg ) in mrągowo county (Kreis Sensburg ) until 1998, the Olsztyn Province (Olsztyn) , since the Warmia and Mazury belong.


Until 1945 Friedrichsberg was parish in the Protestant Church Seehesten in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union and - since 1937 - in the Catholic parish church Wilkendorf ( Polish: Wilkowo ) in what was then the Diocese of Warmia . The relationship with the church in Wilkowo still applies to Witomin, but is now in the Archdiocese of Warmia of the Polish Catholic Church . The evangelical residents orientate themselves to the parish church Mrągowo in the diocese Masuria of the Evangelical-Augsburg church in Poland .


Witomin lies at the end of a side road that leads from Boże (Bosemb , 1938 to 1945 buses) via Boża Wólka (Bosembwolka , 1938 to 1945 Dreißighuben) into the town. From Rydwągi (Rudwangen) there is also an overland road to Gronowo (Grunau) , which leads through Witomin. There is no train connection.

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