Wolfram von Eschenbach Prize

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The Wolfram von Eschenbach Prize is a culture award from the Middle Franconia district .

The Bavarian district of Middle Franconia annually awards a prize "in recognition of significant cultural work" to personalities who are connected to Franconia through birth, life or work . The name giver for the award is the poet Wolfram von Eschenbach . The prize has been endowed with 15,000 euros since 2009, before that with 10,000 euros.

There are also three prizes for young artists, each worth 5,000 euros.

Culture award winner of the district of Middle Franconia

Award winner of the Middle Franconia district


The jury consists of:


  • District Middle Franconia, Middle Franconia Foundation “Nature-Culture-Structure” (publisher): 20 years of the Wolfram-von-Eschenbach Prize 1980–2000. 2nd Edition. Hercynia, Ansbach 2001.

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