List of members of the Saarland Landtag (12th electoral term)

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Distribution of seats during the 12th legislative period

The Landtag of Saarland for the twelfth legislative period was on 5. September 1999 to five years chosen . It had 51 seats, 26 of which belonged to the CDU and 25 to the SPD .


Member of the state parliament Political party Constituency Remarks
Monika Bachmann CDU Saarlouis constituency
Kerstin Backes-Ternig CDU Neunkirchen constituency (Resigned from office on July 31, 2001)
Gerd Bauer CDU Saarbrücken constituency (Resigned from office on September 16, 2001)
Monika Beck CDU Country list (Mandate resigned)
Günter Becker CDU Neunkirchen constituency (moved up on October 4, 1999 for Karl Rauber )
Franz-Josef Berg CDU Saarlouis constituency (Resignation from office on March 19, 2004)
Albrecht Feibel CDU Neunkirchen constituency (Resigned from office on November 19, 1999)
Willi Gehring CDU Saarbrücken constituency
Anita Girst CDU Saarbrücken constituency
Peter Hans CDU Neunkirchen constituency
Anke Heimes CDU Neunkirchen constituency (moved up on November 20, 1999 for Albrecht Feibel )
Günter Heinrich CDU Country list (moved up on December 4, 1999 for Daniela Schlegel-Friedrich )
Thomas Hellbrück CDU Saarlouis constituency
Georg Jungmann CDU Saarlouis constituency
Martin Karren CDU Saarbrücken constituency
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer CDU Saarbrücken constituency
Helma Kuhn-Theis CDU Saarlouis constituency
Hans Ley CDU Neunkirchen constituency
Klaus Meiser CDU Country list
Peter Müller CDU Country list
Annelie Paulus CDU Saarlouis constituency (moved up on March 20, 2004 for Franz-Josef Berg )
Jürgen Presser CDU Country list
Karl Rauber CDU Neunkirchen constituency (mandate resigned)
Gisela Rink CDU Saarbrücken constituency
Ulrich Schacht CDU Country list (moved up on December 4, 1999 for Monika Beck )
Gaby Schäfer CDU Neunkirchen constituency
Hermann-Josef Scharf CDU Neunkirchen constituency (moved up on August 1, 2001 for Kerstin Backes-Ternig )
Daniela Schlegel-Friedrich CDU Country list (Mandate resigned)
Kurt Schoenen CDU Saarlouis constituency
Jürgen Schreier CDU Saarlouis constituency
Stephan Toscani CDU Neunkirchen constituency
Alfons Vogtel CDU Neunkirchen constituency
Bernd Wegner CDU Saarbrücken constituency (on September 17, 2001 moved up for Gerd Bauer )
İkbal Berber SPD Saarbrücken constituency
Pure brown SPD Saarbrücken constituency
Ulrich Commerçon SPD Saarbrücken constituency (on October 15, 1999 moved up for Reinhard Klektiven )
Irmtraud Engeldinger SPD Saarlouis constituency
Gerhard Geisen SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Peter Gillo SPD Saarbrücken constituency
Roland Henz SPD Saarlouis constituency
Cornelia Hoffmann-Bethscheider SPD Country list
Roswitha Hollinger SPD Saarbrücken constituency
Reinhold Jost SPD Saarlouis constituency
Reinhard Klektiven SPD Saarbrücken constituency (Mandate resigned)
Gisela Kolb SPD Neunkirchen constituency (moved up on December 24, 1999 for Marie-Luise Kuhn )
Marie-Luise Kuhn SPD Neunkirchen constituency († December 12, 1999)
Armin Lang SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Hans Albert Lauer SPD Country list
Karin Lawall SPD Saarbrücken constituency
Heiko Maas SPD Country list
Heidrun Möller SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Stefan Pauluhn SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Isolde Ries SPD Country list
Petra Scherer SPD Saarlouis constituency
Volker Schmidt SPD Country list
Hans Georg Stritter SPD Saarlouis constituency
Rainer Tabillion SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Erika Ternes SPD Saarlouis constituency
Reinhold Wirtz SPD Neunkirchen constituency
Rüdiger Zakrzewski SPD Neunkirchen constituency

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