List of ancient scholars and archaeologists

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This page contains a list of important ancient scholars and archaeologists with details of their nationality and dates of life. It takes into account the following fields of activity: Ancient Egypt, Middle East and Central Asia, Arabia, North Africa, classical antiquity, "marginal peoples" such as Celts, Germanic peoples and Scythians as well as the continuation of classical antiquity in the Byzantine Empire , the Middle Ages and the entire prehistory and Early history (including paleoanthropology ).

Research travelers, amateurs, autodidacts, amateurs , patrons and other people who have made a contribution to research in the field - and not infrequently carried out basic work - are placed in front of the main sections and not classified under the actual scientists. Especially for the period of the 18th and 19th centuries, when the sciences developed, the boundaries are often fluid and cannot always be drawn precisely.

Evolution - prehistory, prehistory and early history

Paleogeneticists (molecular archaeologists)


See the list of well-known paleoanthropologists

Prehistorians / prehistoric archaeologists

See list of known prehistorians

Egyptology and ancient oriental studies

Egyptologists / Sudan archaeologists / Coptologists

See list of well-known Egyptologists

Ancient orientalists / Assyriologists

See list of well-known ancient orientalists

Near Eastern archaeologists

See the list of well-known Near Eastern archaeologists


Biblical Archeology / Archeology of the Levant

Old America

Old Americanists

See list of well-known old Americanists

Classical antiquity

Classical Philologists / Classical Philologists / Latinists / Graecists

See List of Classical Philologists and Category: Classical Philologist

Ancient historian

See list of well-known ancient historians


See list of well-known mycenologists

Religious historian (ancient)

See list of known researchers on ancient religions

Patrists (Ancient Church History)

See list of known patristicians

Legal historian (antiquity)

Philosophy historian (ancient)

See list of well-known researchers on ancient philosophy

Classical archaeologists

See List of Known Classical Archaeologists

Building researcher, building historian

See list of well-known building researchers

Provincial Roman Archaeologists

See the list of known Roman provincial archaeologists


See list of famous etruscologists



See Celtology

Christian archaeologists

See list of known Christian archaeologists


See list of well-known epigraphers


See list of well-known numismatists


See list of well-known papyrologists

Byzantinists / Byzantine Archaeologists

See list of known Byzantinists

middle Ages

Medieval archaeologists

See list of famous medieval archaeologists

Islam archaeologists

Latin Philologists of the Middle Ages and Modern Times

see category: Middle Latin Philologist

Special archeologies

Archeology of the Modern Age / Historical Archeology

Oriental archaeologists

(excluding Near Eastern archaeologists, see corresponding list)

Underwater and marine archaeologists


Music archaeologists

Industrial and mining archaeologists

Experimental archaeologists

Archaeozoologists / Archaeobiologists / Osteologists

Archaeometallurgists and archaeometrists

Aerial archaeologists

- Satellite archeology specialization:

Archaeological computer scientist

Palynologists / paleobotanists / pollen analysts



Ethnologist / ethnologist

See list of ethnologists


Individual evidence

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