Saxon State Ministry of Justice and Democracy, Europe and Equality

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Saxon State Ministry of Justice and Democracy, Europe and Equality
- SMJ -

Coat of arms of the Free State of Saxony
State level country
position Supreme state authority
Headquarters Dresden
Authority management Katja Meier ( Greens ), Minister of State
Budget volume 808.11 million euros (2016)
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Ministry building

The Saxon State Ministry of Justice and Democracy, Europe and equality - SMJ - is the Justice Department , a State Supreme Authority of the Free State of Saxony , located in the state capital Dresden . In the fifth electoral term of the state parliament (2009–2014) its competence was expanded to include the area of Europe , so that it was designated as the Saxon State Ministry of Justice and for Europe . Then it was again called the Saxon State Ministry of Justice until 2019 .


The ministry is located at Hospitalstrasse 7 in Dresden's Innerer Neustadt between Albertplatz , Carolaplatz and Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and currently forms the north-eastern end of the government district . The south-eastern side facade is on Erich-Ponto- Strasse, to the northwest is the former building trade school at Paul-Schwarze- Strasse 2. Opposite the inner courtyard is the Dresden Main State Archives .

The justice ministry building was built in 1894 according to plans by Max Isidor Krause as a royal district court in the neo-renaissance style. It served as the seat of the Justice Ministry for the first time from 1926 until its dissolution in 1934. Largely spared from the destruction of World War II, the Soviet headquarters used the building from 1945 until it moved out in 1992. The Federal Property Office took it over and transferred it in 1993 the Saxon state government, which wanted to use it again for the Ministry of Justice after renovation. Since there would not have been enough space even with economical spatial planning, the plan was to acquire the neighboring building at Paul-Schwarze-Straße 2, which is about the same old, and to connect it with a bridge. Different room heights, planning uncertainties as well as costs and completion dates that could not be estimated have allowed this plan to be deviated from. It was therefore decided in 1994 to add two narrow new buildings to the rear of the building between the central building and the side gables, symmetrically to the facade. These should stand out from the listed, 100-year-old building, but harmonize with it optically. Further boundaries created trees in the inner courtyard that were worth preserving, as well as the expansion of the main state archive that was only planned at the time. Renovation and new construction took place from January 1995 to December 1996, in January 1997 the Ministry of Justice moved in. The official inauguration took place on February 13, 1997, the 52nd anniversary of the most devastating air raids on Dresden .

Since benzaldehyde and naphthalene were found in the building in 2016 , the renovation is expected to begin in late 2020 or early 2021 .

Minister of State

Since December 20, 2019, it has been headed by the Minister of State for Justice and for Democracy, Europe and Equality Katja Meier ( Alliance 90 / The Greens ). Mathias Weilandt and Gesine Märtens stand by her side as state secretaries . The previous state secretaries were Andrea Franke and Wilfried Bernhardt .


Responsibilities of the Ministry

  • Federal and state constitution
  • Constitutional Court of the Free State of Saxony
  • Representation of the Free State of Saxony before the Federal Constitutional Court and the Saxon Constitutional Court
  • Fundamental questions of state church law and fundamental contractual relationships between the state and the churches and other religious communities under public law
  • Handling of intergovernmental matters relating to the administration of justice
  • Elaboration of draft laws, unless other ministries of state are responsible
  • Legal appraisal of draft laws, in particular matters relating to the standards review committee (chairmanship, cooperation with the Saxon State Chancellery and the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior)
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment issues
  • Legal adjustment and legal simplification
  • Correction of SED injustices unless other state ministries are responsible
  • Legal issues regarding the activities of the former Ministry of State Security / Office for National Security
  • Matters of popular legislation
  • Organization and supervision in the field of ordinary jurisdiction, administrative jurisdiction, financial jurisdiction, social jurisdiction, labor jurisdiction, disciplinary jurisdiction and the public prosecutor's office
  • Affairs of lawyers and notaries
  • Land registry
  • Organization and supervision in the area of ​​the penal system, probation assistance and judicial assistance
  • Mercy cases (unless the Saxon State Chancellery or other departments are responsible)
  • Examination and training of junior lawyers and candidates for careers in ordinary jurisdiction, in specialized jurisdiction, in disciplinary jurisdiction and in the public prosecutor's office as well as for careers in the area of ​​penitentiary services, probation assistance and judicial assistance
  • Training of the judiciary
  • Schools in the administration of justice and the penal system

organization structure

The Saxon State Ministry of Justice is divided into four departments and 18 subordinate units .

Department Designation / responsibilities
I. Personnel, budget and organization
II Public law, training, advanced training and state justice examination office
III Criminal and civil law, information technology in the judiciary
IV Correctional justice, social justice services, judicial structures
presentation Designation / responsibilities
I 1 Personnel matters of the judges, the officials of LG 2, 2. EE and employees of the same value
I 2 Principle of personnel, court organization
I 3 Organization, internal service, personnel matters of the officials of LG 1, LG 2, 1. EE and employees of the SMJus of equal value
I 4 household
II 1 First legal examination and second state legal examination, legal training, recognition. jurist. Test, proficiency test of lawyers from EU member states
II 2 Constitutional law, procedural law in the specialist public law jurisdictions, data protection law, deregulation
II 3 Standard review, administrative law, legal adjustment
II 4 Basic and advanced training in the judiciary (without penal system), international contacts of the judiciary, legal studies
III 1 Criminal u. Criminal procedural law, execution of penalties and measures, legal assistance in criminal matters, administrative offense law, public prosecutor's offices, mercy proceedings
III 2 Civil procedural law, legal assistance in civil matters, lawyers 'and notaries' affairs
III 3 Substantive civil law, questions of property, obligation and property law related to unification
III 4 Information technology in the judiciary
III 5 E case file
IV 1 Personnel and organizational matters of the penal system
IV 2 Construction and real estate matters of the judiciary (including the penal system), security in the penal system
IV 3 Comprehensible fundamental questions, standard-setting in enforcement matters, complaints
IV 4 Household, enforceable labor and economic management, location planning, enforcement controlling, statistics
IV 5 Prison design, transition management, social services in the judiciary, basic and advanced training for the penal system

Predecessor authority

From 1831 to 1934 and from 1945 to 1949 there was a Ministry of Justice in Saxony.

The ministers of the previous authority:

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