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Walter is a male given name , a form of Walther shortened by the "h" . The family name Walter is derived from this first name .

Origin and meaning

The name Walter , like Harald , of the same meaning , is made up of the word stems walt ( Old High German : waltan , 'rule') and Heer (Old High German: heri , Combat Association).


The name Walter was one of the ten most frequently given first names for boys in Germany from the mid-1890s to the mid-1920s, and in the first years of the 20th century it was often number one in the frequency statistics. Its popularity gradually declined in the 1930s and 1940s, and then sharply decreased from the mid-1950s. Today hardly any children are called Walter.


  • Danish: Valder, Valter, Valther, Walder, Walther
  • German: Walther, Wolter
    • Old High German: Walthari, Waltheri
    • Low German: Wolter
    • Bavarian: Woidda
    • Swiss German: Walti, Wale, Wali, Walo, Wädi, Wädu
  • English: Walt, Walter
  • Estonian: Valter
  • Finnish: Valter, Valtteri
  • French: Gauthier , Gautier , Gaucher
  • Italian: Gualtiero, Walter, Valter, Valtiero
  • Latin: Gualterius, Gualtherus
  • Latvian: Valters
  • Dutch: Wout, Wouter
  • Norwegian: Valtar, Valtare, Valter
  • Polish: Walter
  • Portuguese: Guálter, Gualtério, Valter
  • Romansh: Valtier
  • Russian: Valter
  • Swedish: Valle, Valter, Volter
  • Spanish: Gutierre, Gualtierre, Galtero
  • Hungarian: Valter, Valti, Valtika, Valkó
  • ?: Waldo

Name days

  • Valter:
  • Valtteri: January 29 (Finland)
  • Volter: January 29 (Finland, Sweden)
  • Walter:

Name bearer

Single name

First name


  • Walter Arendt (1925–2005), German trade unionist and politician, Federal Minister


  • Walter Barnes (1918–1998), American actor and professional football player
  • Walter Becker (1950–2017), American musician
  • Walter Benjamin (1892–1940), German philosopher
  • Walter Berry (1929–2000), Austrian chamber singer
  • Walter Bonatti (1930–2011), Italian alpinist and author
  • Walter Boveri (1865–1924), Swiss-German industrialist and co-founder of the electrical engineering company BBC
  • Walter Brack (1880–1919), German swimmer
  • Walter Bruch (1908–1990), German electrical engineer and television pioneer (PAL color television system)
  • Walter Buser (1926–2019), Swiss Federal Chancellor and legal scholar


  • Walter Percy Chrysler (1875–1940), American automobile pioneer and founder of the Chrysler Corporation
  • Walter Cramer (1886–1944), German textile entrepreneur and resistance fighter against National Socialism






  • Walter Haefner (1910–2012), Swiss entrepreneur
  • Walter Hallstein (1901–1982), German lawyer, university professor and politician (CDU), first chairman of the EEC commission
  • Walter Hamelehle (1912–1946), German motorcycle racing driver
  • Walter Handley (1902-1941), British motorcycle and automobile racer, see Wal Handley
  • Walter Rudolf Hess (1881–1973), Swiss physiologist and Nobel Prize winner in medicine
  • Walter Hirche (* 1941), German politician (FDP)
  • Walter Homolka (* 1964), German rabbi and university professor




  • Walter Legge (1906–1979), British classical music producer and founder of the Philharmonia Orchestra
  • Walter Leistikow (1865–1908), German painter and graphic artist of German impressionism
  • Walter Lübcke (1953-2019), German politician (CDU)
  • Walter von Lucadou (* 1945), German psychologist and physicist




  • Walter Oberste (* 1933), German sprinter
  • Walter Oehmichen (1901–1977), German actor and director; Founder of the "Augsburger Puppenkiste"
  • Walter Oesau (1913–1944), German air force officer
  • Walter Ohm (1915–1997), German radio play and theater director
  • Walter Ophey (1882–1930), German painter and graphic artist



  • Walter Queißner (1921–1997), German long-distance runner and sports official




  • Walter Thielsch (1950–2011), German graphic designer, musician, singer, songwriter, writer, filmmaker and photographer
  • Walter Thurnherr (* 1963), Swiss diplomat and senior civil servant (CVP); Chancellor of Switzerland since 2016
  • Walter Trout (* 1951), American composer, guitarist and singer
  • Walter Tyler († 1381), English peasant leader, see Wat Tyler


  • Walter Ulbrich (1910–1991), German television and film producer
  • Walter Ulbricht (1893–1973), German politician, Chairman of the State Council of the GDR 1960–73
  • Walter Unterweger (* 1976), Austrian doctor; Participant in the second German Big Brother season


  • Walter Veith (* 1949), South African zoologist, creationist and Adventist
  • Walter Vogel (* 1967), Austrian theologian, educator and author



Short form "Walt"

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