Löhne Railway Station (Westphalia)

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Löhne (Westf) railway station
Löhne (Westf) train station .jpg
Location in the network Crossing station
Platform tracks 6 (formerly 8)
abbreviation HL
IBNR 8000233
Price range 4th
opening 1847, reception building 1855,
new building 1860/61,
new building 1916
Profile on Bahnhof.de Loehne__Westf_
City / municipality Wages
country North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
Coordinates 52 ° 11 '50 "  N , 8 ° 42' 47"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 11 '50 "  N , 8 ° 42' 47"  E
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Railway stations in North Rhine-Westphalia
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The wages (Westphalia) Station - just wages (Westphalia)  - is the train station of the city of wages in the northeastern North Rhine-Westphalia . It is on the Hamm – Minden railway line , which is part of the Magistrale projected by Friedrich Harkort from Berlin via Hanover to Cologne .

In Löhne, the railway line branches off via Osnabrück to Rheine (part of the Hanoverian West Railway to Emden ) and the railway line via Hameln to Elze (and on to Hildesheim), as a result of which the station was an important rail hub in northwest Germany for a long time as a transfer and marshalling station .


Until the middle of the 20th century , the station was a hub in passenger, but above all in freight traffic in north-west Germany. This is where the lines of the Cologne-Mindener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (opened in 1847), the Royal Hanover State Railways (opened in 1855) and the Hanover-Altenbekener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (Löhne-Hildesheim- Vienenburg , opened in 1875) meet.

For many years long-distance trains crossed here from Berlin via Hanover and Cologne to Paris and from Amsterdam via Osnabrück and Hildesheim to Central Germany. The extensive railway systems were built with numerous tunnels and overpasses in such a way that the two main lines could be crossed without crossing. Today, an independent operator is Hamm-Minden railway and the railway Elze wages and the Löhne-Rheine railway possible. Individual trips on the Weser Railway to Bünde make use of this option and are reminiscent of the formerly important main connection.

The former marshalling yard has been demolished, but a use of the abandoned area has not yet been found, so that the passengers here are presented with a not very attractive gravel landscape. The location of the site is generally viewed as difficult to use, as it is between the railway lines to Bielefeld and Osnabrück and is therefore difficult to access. In May 2017, the planning committee of the city of Löhne unanimously decided to apply for participation in the NRW area pool in order to determine which development opportunities the fallow area offers for commercial settlements or other uses. This is a project by the NRW railway area development company .

His former meaning has lost the station today and is only a regional station of Category 4 .

The station building with an exterior made of exposed brick was sold in 2013 in private hands. With the newly founded association "Löhne umstieg - Der Bahnhof eV", the owners are campaigning for a sustainable concept for the use of the station building. After re-opening of the sanitary facilities in the station already events were in the old waiting room of the first class instead. The association is also planning to found a cooperative and to move shops into the station concourse, such as a bakery and a bookstore.


The following regional express and regional train lines operate in local rail passenger transport :

line Line course Tact operator
RE 6 (RRX) Rhein-Weser-Express :
Cologne / Bonn Airport  - Cologne Messe / Deutz  - Cologne Central Station  - Dormagen  - Neuss Central Station  - Düsseldorf Central Station  - Düsseldorf Airport  - Duisburg Central Station  - Mülheim (Ruhr) Central Station  - Essen Central Station  - Wattenscheid  - Bochum Central Station  - Dortmund Central Station  - Kamen  - Hamm (Westf) Hbf  - Heessen  - Ahlen (Westf)  - Neubeckum  - Oelde  - Rheda-Wiedenbrück  - Gütersloh Hbf  - Bielefeld Hbf  - Herford  - Löhne (Westf)  - Bad Oeynhausen  - Porta Westfalica  - Minden (Westf)
stop in Cologne Exhibition Center / Deutz only in the early morning hours
Status: timetable change December 2019
60 min National Express
RE 60 Ems-Leine-Express :
Rheine  - Hörstel  - Ibbenbueren-Esch  - Ibbenbueren  - Ibbenbueren-Laggenbeck  - Osnabrück old town  - Osnabrück central station  - Melle  - Bünde  - Kirchlengern  - Löhne (Westphalia)  - Bad Oeynhausen  - Porta Westfalica  - Minden (Westphalia)  - Bückeburg  - Stadthagen  - Haste (Han)  - Wunstorf  - Hannover Hbf  - Lehrte  - Hämelerwald  - Vöhrum  - Peine  - Vechelde  - Braunschweig Hbf
Status: December 2015 timetable change
120 min Westfalenbahn
RE 70 Weser-Leine-Express :
Bielefeld Hbf  - Herford  - Löhne (Westphalia)  - Bad Oeynhausen  - Porta Westfalica  - Minden (Westphalia)  - Bückeburg  - Stadthagen  - Haste  - Wunstorf  - Hannover Hbf  - Lehrte  - Hämelerwald  - Vöhrum  - Peine  - Vechelde  - Braunschweig Hbf
Status: timetable change December 2017
120 min Westfalenbahn
RB 77 Weser Railway :
Bünde (Westf)  - Kirchlengern  - Löhne (Westphalia)  - Bad Oeynhausen Süd  - Vlotho  - Rinteln  - Hessisch Oldendorf  - Hameln  - Coppenbrügge  - Voldagsen  - Osterwald  - Elze (Han)  - Nordstemmen  - Emmerke  - Hildesheim Hbf
Status: December timetable change 2018
60 min (HVZ; otherwise only Löhne – Hildesheim)
120 min (Bünde – Löhne)
RE 78 Porta-Express :
Nienburg (Weser)  - Leese - Stolzenau  - Petershagen - Lahde  - Minden (Westphalia)  - Porta Westfalica  - Bad Oeynhausen  - Löhne (Westphalia)  - Herford  - Bielefeld Hbf
Status: timetable change December 2015
120 min Eurobahn

The regional Westphalian tariff (via the OWL transport association ) and the NRW tariff apply to all local public transport . The Lower Saxony ticket is also valid on regional trains to Lower Saxony .


WestfalenBahn multiple unit at Löhne (Westf) station in December 2015
track Length in m Height in cm use
8th 320 55 Train stops at construction sites, diversions and track changes
9 320 55 Trains in the direction of Rheine (RE 60)
10 385 55 Trains in the direction of Bünde (RB 77)
11 402 55 Trains in the direction of Cologne / Bonn Airport (RE 6) and Bielefeld (RE 70 and RE 78)
12 420 55 Trains in the direction of Minden (RE 6), Braunschweig (RE 70) and Nienburg / Weser (RE 78)
13 420 55 Trains in the direction of Braunschweig (RE 60) and Hildesheim (RB 77)

In the south there is a former platform with tracks 14 and 15, which is no longer accessible today and no longer has continuous tracks.

Bus routes in Löhne

Line number Line route operator Note
425 Remarque-Platz / train station - Löhne-Ort - Hiddenhausen-Schweicheln - Herford Ostwestfalen-Lippe bus
430 Remarque-Platz / train station - Gohfeld - Bad Oeynhausen WeserWerreBus
431 Remarque-Platz / train station - Ulenburg - Mennighüffen - Halstern WeserWerreBus Dial-a-bus
432 Remarque-Platz / train station - Löhne-Ort WeserWerreBus
435 Herford - Wittel - Vlotho-Exter WeserWerreBus Dial-a-bus
437 Remarque-Platz / train station - Ostscheid - Besebruch - Gohfeld WeserWerreBus
438 Remarque-Platz / Bahnhof - Löhne-Bahnhof - Wittel - Gohfeld WeserWerreBus
439 Bischofshagen - Wittel - Gohfeld WeserWerreBus School bus traffic
462 Remarque-Platz / train station - Obernbeck - Kirchlengern Bus company Stoffregen
615 Remarque-Platz / train station - Mennighüffen - Hüllhorst MKB mill circuit bus


There was a depot to the west of the freight yard. It was disbanded in 1984. The former roundhouse is partly still there.

Service facilities in the train station

Main entrance of the train station Löhne (Westf)

The station has a private ticket agency , a kiosk operated by a taxi company and a local branch of the railway welfare organization . In addition, a new P + R car park was opened in 2011 on the south side of the station . The Bahnpost building , which had been vacant for years, was demolished for this purpose . Two new parking areas were also built to the west of the station building on Bünder Straße.

In the future there are plans to build a bike station with 200 spaces for bicycles and e-bikes and an integrated bicycle workshop in the old baggage tunnel of the train station .

Works of art

Horst Bohatschek: "Four Elements"
Heinrich Vollmer: "Every second"

The lead glazing of the windows above the main entrance comes from the artist Horst Bohatschek and bears the title "Four Elements". The commissioned work was inaugurated on April 26, 1991 after the waiting hall had been renovated . The mural painting "Seconds to the clock" around the station clock was designed by the painter Heinrich Vollmer.


The station achieved literary significance in Erich Maria Remarque's work “ Nothing New in the West ”: During a drill in the barracks in preparation for the First World War , soldiers have to crawl under their beds when given the command to “change wages”. The station forecourt with the central bus station has therefore been called "Erich-Maria-Remarque-Platz" since the redesign in the 1990s.

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  • Garrelt Riepelmeier: Löhne (Westf) train station. A railway junction through the ages . Hövelhof 2003, ISBN 3-937189-02-5 .

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