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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Braunichswalde
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Braunichswalde highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 48 '  N , 12 ° 13'  E

Basic data
State : Thuringia
County : Greiz
Management Community : Wish village / Elster
Height : 325 m above sea level NHN
Area : 5.21 km 2
Residents: 607 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 117 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 07580
Area code : 036608
License plate : GRZ, ZR
Community key : 16 0 76 009
Address of the
municipal administration:
Hauptstrasse 35 A
07580 Braunichswalde
Mayor : Heinz Klügel ( CDU )
Location of the community Braunichswalde in the district of Greiz
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Braunichswalde is a municipality in the Thuringian district of Greiz . Administratively, it belongs to the Wünschendorf / Elster administrative community .


Geographical location

Braunichswalde belongs to the Ronneburg arable and mining area and is located on the Fuchsbach , a small tributary of the White Elster . The nearest towns are Berga / Elster (7 km southwest), Ronneburg (8 km north) and Crimmitschau (12 km east).

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities are Gauern , Linda b. Weida , Rückersdorf and Seelingstädt in the district of Greiz and the town of Crimmitschau in the Saxon district of Zwickau . The latter town only indirectly borders the town of Blankenhain with the town of Großpillingsdorf .

Community structure

The only sub-community of Braunichswalde is Vogelgesang .


Braunichswalde was first mentioned in 1307 as "Villa Brunswalde". The Angerdorf belonged to Sachsen-Altenburg until 1918 and was part of the Ronneburg district office since 1900 . In 1922 it went to the district of Gera . From 1950 to 1990 the place was strongly influenced by uranium mining by SDAG Wismut , but extensive measures were carried out afterwards that made the village more attractive again and in 1998 led to the award of the silver plaque in the national competition Our village should become more beautiful . On December 4, 1952, the place belonging to the Schmölln district came to the Werdau district , but on July 1, 1958, it became part of the Gera-Land district , just like Vogelgesang, which had belonged to the Werdau district since July 25, 1952. The current district was incorporated on January 1, 1960.


Braunichswalde belongs to the diocese of Dresden-Meißen .

In Braunichswalde there is an Evangelical Lutheran Church, an Evangelical Methodist Church and an Adventist Church.


On January 1, 1960 Vogelgesang was incorporated into Braunichswalde.

Population development

In 1933 Braunichswalde had 674 inhabitants and Vogelgesang had 129 inhabitants. In 1939 there were 669 and 143 inhabitants respectively. From 1995 to 2001 Braunichswalde was able to follow the general trend of population immigration to rural areas and thus increase its population. The redesign of a single-family housing estate ( Sonnenland ) and the filling of existing building gaps played a major role in this . The rural exodus has increased again in recent years .

Development of the population (as of December 31st) :

  • 1994: 664
  • 1995: 655
  • 1996: 673
  • 1997: 678
  • 1998: 689
  • 1999: 709
  • 2000: 714
  • 2001: 715
  • 2002: 712
  • 2003: 708
  • 2004: 708
  • 2005: 689
  • 2006: 676
  • 2007: 678
  • 2008: 665
  • 2009: 645
  • 2010: 625
  • 2011: 617
  • 2012: 601
  • 2013: 611
  • 2014: 610
  • 2015: 607
  • 2016: 606
  • 2017: 610
  • 2018: 595
  • 2019: 607
Data source: Thuringian State Office for Statistics

Of the 665 inhabitants at the end of 2008, 343 were male and 322 female.


Municipal council

Since the local elections on May 25, 2014, the municipal council has consisted of eight CDU members. As in the previous election in 2009, they were already determined by majority vote. The turnout was 73.6%, which is a decrease of 1.0% compared to 2009.


In the 2004 mayoral election, Heinz Klügel received 57.1% of the votes from the CDU, while his opponent Mathias Kretzschmar (independent) received 42.9%. The re-election took place on June 6, 2010 with 96.1% of the votes and a turnout of 58.6%.

coat of arms

The tree at the top right stands for the former two-stemmed beech of the Braunichswalde district, the bird at the bottom left for the Vogelgesang district. The walls in the other two quarters show the typical local use of green stone .

Evangelical village church Braunichswalde

Culture and sights

Regular events

Braunichswalde is characterized by its lively club life. This can be recognized, among other things, by the fact that most of the festivals in Braunichswalde are organized and hosted by the clubs. The following festivals are held annually by the clubs:

event Day organizer
Easter fire Holy Saturday Braunichswalde volunteer fire department
Witch fire April, 30th Volunteer fire brigade birdsong
Set maypole 1st of May Braunichswalde volunteer fire department
Whitsun tournament Pentecost Sports club Braunichswalde
Pyramid Festival 1 Advent Braunichswalde volunteer fire department

Economy and Infrastructure


Village square with a fountain

The state road L 1081 leads from Ronneburg to Werdau through the Vogelgesang district . The community has two bus stops , which are served on weekdays by Regionalverkehr Gera (RVG) and the private bus company Piehler on lines 212 Gera – Friedmannsdorf and 213 Gera – Werdau – Zwickau. Since the end of the passenger train service on the Wünschendorf – Werdau connection , the nearest passenger station is in Ronneburg, eight kilometers away. The Wismut works railway runs through Braunichswalde and is still used daily by sand trains. At the time of uranium ore traffic, the Braunichswalde station was the works station for processing plant 102 in Seelingstädt and the transfer station from the Wismut works railway to the Deutsche Reichsbahn .

Established businesses

The local economy is shaped by small to medium-sized companies . In the early 1990s the community were with the 6.3 hectares in the south industrial park morning sun created new commercial space.

Public facilities

The day care center "Anne Frank" was established in 1958 and the building was renovated in 1995.

Web links

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