City Slickers - The big city heroes

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German title City Slickers - The big city heroes
Original title City slickers
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1991
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Ron Underwood
script Lowell Whole
Babaloo Almond
production Billy Crystal
Irby Smith
music Marc Shaiman
Thomas Richard Sharp
camera Dean Semler
cut O. Nicholas Brown

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The Golden Boys

City Slickers - The city-hero (Original Title: City Slickers ) is an American comedy film from the year 1991. The director was Ron Underwood , the writer wrote Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel . The main role was played by Billy Crystal .


Mitch Robbins is a frustrated radio station employee selling airtime for advertising . When he is supposed to tell about his work at his son's school, his ashamed son calls out that his father is the captain of a submarine . Robbins then shares his pessimistic views on life with the astonished children.

During his birthday party, Mitch hears from his friends, who include Phil Berquist, who works at a supermarket, that they want to spend their vacation playing cowboys for a few days and running a herd of cows. Robbins is supposed to visit his in-laws in Florida during this time , but his wife Barbara agrees. She wants, as she says, for Mitch to find his smile again . There is a scandal when Nancy, Berquist's young lover, shows up and he argues with his wife in front of the guests of the party.

The group of leisure cowboys includes several other city dwellers, including two brothers who produce ice cream and a dentist with his son. The group is led by veteran cowboy Curly Washburn. On his first appearance, Washburn overpowers a couple of young cowboys who are harassing a participant in the event. Robbins scoffs, his jokes offend Washburn, who unexpectedly shows up behind Robbins' back.

A short time later, Mitch causes a panic among the cows with his battery-operated, noisy coffee grinder . As a result, some cows separate from the herd. Washburn orders Robbins to come with him in search of the cows. Robbins is afraid of Washburn at first, but at night by the campfire they talk about their differences and make friends. Washburn says that a woman he saw only once has become his great love. He never tried to get to know her better.

Mitch helps give birth to a calf the next day ; the suffering mother cow is shot by Washburn out of pity. Washburn dies a little later, initially unnoticed by the others. Most of the members of the group give up. Robbins, Berquist and Furillo, however, drive the herd to the home ranch, where they are enthusiastically welcomed by the owner of the herd and all other participants on the trek. Mitch takes the calf home, much to his family's surprise. He shows his smile and promises his wife to do everything better from now on.


The German dubbing was based on a dialogue book by Frank Schröder and directed by Michael Richter on behalf of Deutsche Synchron.

actor role German speaker
Billy Crystal Mitch Robbins Joachim Tennstedt
Daniel Stern Phil Berquist Reinhard Kuhnert
Bruno Kirby Ed Furillo Hans-Jürgen Wolf
Patricia Wettig Barbara Robbins Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif
Helen Slater Bonnie Rayburn Ulrike Möckel
Jack Palance Curly Washburn Helmut Krauss
Noble Willingham Clay stone Jochen Schröder
Tracey Walter Cookie Jürgen Kluckert
Josh Mostel Barry Shalowitz Tom Deininger
David Paymer Ira Shalowitz Wilfried Herbst
Walker Brandt Kim Anke Reitzenstein
Yeardley Smith Nancy Maud Ackermann
Kyle Secor Jeff Patrick Winczewski
Jeffrey Tambor Lou, Mitch's boss Helmut Gauss
Jayne Meadows Mitch's mother Christel Merian
Bill Henderson Dr. Ben Jessup Claus Wilcke
Phill Lewis Dr. Steven Jessup Frank Schröder
Robert Costanzo Sal Morelli Leon Boden
Dean hello TR Gerald Paradise


On June 7, 1991, critic Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that the film surprised him because it was more sophisticated than he expected. He described the film as an ironic version of Red River starring John Wayne .

The lexicon of international films wrote: “The much too lengthy film elicits less comedy from the absurd situation than expected, but all the more intrusive" help in life "; all in all a moderate pleasure. "


Academy Award

Golden Globe Award

Billy Crystal also won the MTV Movie Award and the American Comedy Award . Marc Shaiman won the ASCAP Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers .


  • The film grossed approximately $ 124 million in US cinemas . It was continued with The Golden Guys in 1994 .
  • When the film was released on DVD in German-speaking countries, four minutes were added that were missing in the cinema version. This passage - a conversation between the three main actors - had to be dubbed, but none of the three original voice actors were used for this.
  • Billy Crystal's 14-year-old daughter Lindsay, now a film producer and director, plays a small supporting role as his film daughter and 11-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal as his son. It was Gyllenhaal's first film role.

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