2010 Chinese Grand Prix

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Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg 2010 Chinese Grand Prix
Racing data
4th of 19 races in the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship
Route profile
Surname: VII Chinese Grand Prix
Date: April 18, 2010
Place: Shanghai
Course: Shanghai International Circuit
Length: 305.066 km in 56 laps of 5.451 km

Weather: rain
Spectator: ~ 121,500
Pole position
Driver: GermanyGermany Sebastian Vettel AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault
Time: 1: 34.558 min
Fastest lap
Driver: United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes
Time: 1: 42.061 min (lap 13)
First: United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jenson Button United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes
Second: United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes
Third: GermanyGermany Nico Rosberg GermanyGermany Mercedes

The 2010 Chinese Grand Prix took place on April 18 at the Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai and was the fourth race of the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship .



After the Malaysian Grand Prix , Felipe Massa led the drivers' standings with two points ahead of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel . Ferrari led the constructors' championship with ten points ahead of McLaren-Mercedes and with 15 points ahead of Red Bull-Renault .

With Rubens Barrichello , Alonso, Michael Schumacher , Lewis Hamilton and Vettel (once each), five former winners competed in this Grand Prix.


In the first free practice, Jenson Button was the fastest driver ahead of Nico Rosberg and his teammate Hamilton. During the training session, Sébastien Buemis had a curious accident in which both front wheel suspensions broke off when braking for the hairpin. Without steering, Buemi initially drove uncontrollably against the lane boundary and finally came to a standstill in the gravel bed, where he left the car unharmed. In the second free practice, Hamilton was again a McLaren driver in the lead. Rosberg and Button followed in second and third place. In the third free practice session on Saturday morning, Mark Webber posted the fastest lap ahead of Hamilton and Vettel.


In the first section of qualifying, Hamilton posted the fastest lap. The HRT , Virgin and Lotus pilots as well as Liuzzi were eliminated. In the second segment, Hamilton maintained the top position. The Sauber , Williams and Toro Rosso pilots, as well as Petrow, were eliminated. In the end, last year's winner Vettel secured pole position in the third section in front of his team-mates Webber and Alonso.


Rain showers had been announced in advance for the Chinese Grand Prix. However, it only rained lightly at the start and with the exception of Timo Glock , who chose intermediates , all the drivers started on slicks . Since Glock stopped at the start of the introductory lap, no one was told how promising his strategy would have been. Since his Virgin lost pressure in the valve drive system due to an air leak, he could not continue the race later.

Fernando Alonso initially took the lead with a jump start

Alonso had the best start at the front of the field and took the lead from third place. Vettel, who started the race from pole position, also lost another place and fell back to third place. Webber stayed in second place. The safety car had to go out on the track after the first lap. Liuzzi spun and collided with Buemi and Kamui Kobayashi . The race was over for all three drivers immediately. In the safety car phase, the drivers decided on different strategies. While most of the pilots switched to intermediate tires, Rosberg, Button, Robert Kubica , Petrow, Pedro de la Rosa and Heikki Kovalainen kept dry tires .

After the restart, Rosberg was able to maintain the lead. While the Mercedes driver achieved the fastest lap on slicks, Alonso was given a drive-through penalty because his good start was due to an early start. Before he could cancel the penalty, however, he came back to the pits to change tires and switched back from intermediates to slicks. Over the next few laps, all drivers switched back to slicks. The big profiteers were therefore the pilots who had not changed.

After seven laps, de la Rosa, who was fourth at the time, had to give up the race with a technical problem. Lucas di Grassi , who gave up the race after driving eight laps, caused another retirement. The clutch on his Virgin had to be changed before the race, but the newly installed clutch did not work properly either and forced him to give up. In the twelfth round there was a duel between Adrian Sutil , Vettel and Hamilton. The Briton managed to pass both pilots at once and take seventh place. After the overtaking maneuver, Hamilton was the driver with the fastest racing laps. While Vettel and Webber were able to pass Sutil, Hamilton caught up with Schumacher, who placed fifth. After he couldn't get past the German at first, the two dueled on the straight in front of the hairpin. Schumacher tried to defend the position, but had no chance and Hamilton improved to fifth place. One lap later, the Mercedes driver lost another position to Vettel.

Fernando Alonso in front of Felipe Massa in the Ferrari box

In the 19th lap there was a change in leadership at the top. Button took over the leadership from Rosberg. After the overtaking maneuver, it started raining again and this time all drivers decided to switch to intermediate tires. Although the leading trio, which was completed by Kubica, retained their clear lead over the pursuers during the pit stop, there was a safety car phase because Alguersuari had lost parts of his front wing on the track. At the restart, Button kept the lead over Rosberg. In the middle part of the field, however, there were some position shifts. The most conspicuous was Hamilton, who first overtook Schumacher and one lap later Petrow and finally passed Kubica and drove up to third place.

While Jarno Trulli had to give up his race in the pits, there was a duel for second place between Rosberg and Hamilton. However, there was no overtaking maneuver on the track, as the drivers came back to the pits to change tires for fresh intermediates. Hamilton had the better strategy and took second place from Rosberg. Together with Button, who was the undisputed leader in the race, the McLaren were able to take the lead.

A little later Jaime Alguersuari (front) was overtaken by Vitaly Petrow and Felipe Massa

While the first two positions seemed distributed, Alguersuari, who was eighth, lost three positions within two laps and had to let Petrow, Massa and Sutil by. Further ahead, a duel for third place developed between Rosberg and Alonso, and a duel for fifth position between Kubica and Vettel. However, by the end of the race there should not be any more shifts in the first six positions. In midfield, Petrow continued to apply pressure and improved to seventh place with overtaking maneuvers against Schumacher and Webber. Schumacher also lost another place to his former team-mate Massa and took the last point in tenth.

Button won his second race of the season ahead of his teammates Hamilton and Rosberg. In addition, Button took the lead in the Drivers' World Championship from Massa, who dropped to sixth place. Rosberg took second place. There was also a change at the top among the designers and McLaren-Mercedes took over the top position from Ferrari.

There were a total of 67 pit stops during the race. The last time there was a similar number of pit stops was the legendary rain race in Donington Park , the 1993 European Grand Prix .

With Jenson Button another driver won for the seventh time in a row.

Registration list

team No. driver chassis engine tires
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 01 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jenson Button McLaren MP4-25 Mercedes-Benz 2.4 V8 B.
02 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
GermanyGermany Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team 03 GermanyGermany Michael sSchumacher Mercedes MGP W01 Mercedes-Benz 2.4 V8 B.
04th GermanyGermany Nico Rosberg
AustriaAustria Red Bull Racing 05 GermanyGermany Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB6 Renault 2.4 V8 B.
06th AustraliaAustralia Mark Webber
ItalyItaly Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 07th BrazilBrazil Felipe Massa Ferrari F10 Ferrari 2.4 V8 B.
08th SpainSpain Fernando Alonso
United KingdomUnited Kingdom AT&T Williams 09 BrazilBrazil Rubens Barrichello Williams FW32 Cosworth 2.4 V8 B.
10 GermanyGermany Nico Hulkenberg
FranceFrance Renault F1 Team 11 PolandPoland Robert Kubica Renault R30 Renault 2.4 V8 B.
12 RussiaRussia Vitaly Petrov
IndiaIndia Force India F1 Team 14th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Paul di Resta Force India VJM03 Mercedes-Benz 2.4 V8 B.
GermanyGermany Adrian Sutil
15th ItalyItaly Vitantonio Liuzzi
ItalyItaly Scuderia Toro Rosso 16 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sébastien Buemi Toro Rosso STR5 Ferrari 2.4 V8 B.
17th SpainSpain Jaime Alguersuari
MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Racing 18th ItalyItaly Jarno Trulli Lotus T127 Cosworth 2.4 V8 B.
19th FinlandFinland Heikki Kovalainen
SpainSpain HRT F1 team 20th IndiaIndia Karun Chandhok HRT F110 Cosworth 2.4 V8 B.
21st BrazilBrazil Bruno Senna
SwitzerlandSwitzerland BMW Sauber F1 Team 22nd SpainSpain Pedro de la Rosa Clean C29 Ferrari 2.4 V8 B.
23 JapanJapan Kamui Kobayashi
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Racing 24 GermanyGermany Timo Glock Virgin VR-01 Cosworth 2.4 V8 B.
25th BrazilBrazil Lucas di Grassi
  1. a b Di Resta drove the Force India with the number 14 in the first free practice. Sutil then took over the vehicle for the rest of the race weekend.



Item driver constructor Q1 Q2 Q3 begin
01 GermanyGermany Sebastian Vettel AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault 1: 36.317 1: 35.280 1: 34.558 01
02 AustraliaAustralia Mark Webber AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault 1: 35.978 1: 35,100 1: 34.806 02
03 SpainSpain Fernando Alonso ItalyItaly Ferrari 1: 35.987 1: 35.235 1: 34.913 03
04th GermanyGermany Nico Rosberg GermanyGermany Mercedes 1: 34.952 1: 35.134 1: 34.923 04th
05 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jenson Button United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes 1: 36.122 1: 35.443 1: 34.979 05
06th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes 1: 34.641 1: 34.928 1: 35.034 06th
07th BrazilBrazil Felipe Massa ItalyItaly Ferrari 1: 36.076 1: 35.290 1: 35.180 07th
08th PolandPoland Robert Kubica FranceFrance Renault 1: 36.348 1: 35.550 1: 35.364 08th
09 GermanyGermany Michael sSchumacher GermanyGermany Mercedes 1: 36.484 1: 35.715 1: 35.646 09
10 GermanyGermany Adrian Sutil IndiaIndia Force India-Mercedes 1: 36.671 1: 35.665 1: 35.963 10
11 BrazilBrazil Rubens Barrichello United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Cosworth 1: 36.664 1: 35.748 - 11
12 SpainSpain Jaime Alguersuari ItalyItaly Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1: 36.618 1: 36.047 - 12
13 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sébastien Buemi ItalyItaly Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1: 36.793 1: 36.149 - 13
14th RussiaRussia Vitaly Petrov FranceFrance Renault 1: 37.031 1: 36.311 - 14th
15th JapanJapan Kamui Kobayashi SwitzerlandSwitzerland Clean Ferrari 1: 37.044 1: 36.422 - 15th
16 GermanyGermany Nico Hulkenberg United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Cosworth 1: 37.049 1: 36.647 - 16
17th SpainSpain Pedro de la Rosa SwitzerlandSwitzerland Clean Ferrari 1: 37.050 1: 37.020 - 17th
18th ItalyItaly Vitantonio Liuzzi IndiaIndia Force India-Mercedes 1: 37.161 - - 18th
19th GermanyGermany Timo Glock United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Cosworth 1: 39.278 - - 19th
20th ItalyItaly Jarno Trulli MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Cosworth 1: 39.399 - - 20th
21st FinlandFinland Heikki Kovalainen MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Cosworth 1: 39.520 - - 21st
22nd BrazilBrazil Lucas di Grassi United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Cosworth 1: 39.783 - - 22nd
23 BrazilBrazil Bruno Senna SpainSpain HRT-Cosworth 1: 40.469 - - 23
24 IndiaIndia Karun Chandhok SpainSpain HRT-Cosworth 1: 40.578 - - 24


Item driver constructor Round Stops time begin Fastest lap
01 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jenson Button United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes 56 2 1: 46: 42,163 05 1: 42.886 (14th)
02 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes 56 4th + 1.530 06th 1: 42.061 (13.)
03 GermanyGermany Nico Rosberg GermanyGermany Mercedes 56 2 + 9.484 04th 1: 43.245 (14th)
04th SpainSpain Fernando Alonso ItalyItaly Ferrari 56 5 + 11.869 03 1: 44.134 (14.)
05 PolandPoland Robert Kubica FranceFrance Renault 56 2 + 22.213 08th 1: 43.630 (14th)
06th GermanyGermany Sebastian Vettel AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault 56 4th + 33.310 01 1: 42.358 (14th)
07th RussiaRussia Vitaly Petrov FranceFrance Renault 56 2 + 47,600 14th 1: 43.801 (14.)
08th AustraliaAustralia Mark Webber AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault 56 4th + 52.172 02 1: 42.609 (14.)
09 BrazilBrazil Felipe Massa ItalyItaly Ferrari 56 4th + 57.796 07th 1: 44.594 (14th)
10 GermanyGermany Michael sSchumacher GermanyGermany Mercedes 56 4th +1: 01.749 09 1: 44.298 (14th)
11 GermanyGermany Adrian Sutil IndiaIndia Force India-Mercedes 56 4th +1: 02.874 10 1: 44.364 (14th)
12 BrazilBrazil Rubens Barrichello United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Cosworth 56 4th +1: 03.665 11 1: 45.559 (17.)
13 SpainSpain Jaime Alguersuari ItalyItaly Toro Rosso-Ferrari 56 6th +1: 11.416 12 1: 43.755 (14th)
14th FinlandFinland Heikki Kovalainen MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Cosworth 55 2 + 1 lap 21st 1: 47.141 (14th)
15th GermanyGermany Nico Hulkenberg United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Cosworth 55 6th + 1 lap 16 1: 44,549 (13.)
16 BrazilBrazil Bruno Senna SpainSpain HRT-Cosworth 54 4th + 2 rounds 23 1: 48.216 (16.)
17th IndiaIndia Karun Chandhok SpainSpain HRT-Cosworth 52 4th + 4 rounds box 1: 48.788 (15.)
- ItalyItaly Jarno Trulli MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Cosworth 26th 4th DNF 20th 1: 49.675 (14th)
- BrazilBrazil Lucas di Grassi United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Cosworth 08th 0 DNF 22nd 1: 53.185 ( 07.)
- SpainSpain Pedro de la Rosa SwitzerlandSwitzerland Clean Ferrari 07th 0 DNF 17th 1: 47.739 ( 06.)
- SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sébastien Buemi ItalyItaly Toro Rosso-Ferrari 00 0 DNF 13 -
- JapanJapan Kamui Kobayashi SwitzerlandSwitzerland Clean Ferrari 00 0 DNF 15th -
- ItalyItaly Vitantonio Liuzzi IndiaIndia Force India-Mercedes 00 0 DNF 18th -
  GermanyGermany Timo Glock 1 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Cosworth - - DNS 19th -

1 Timo Glock stopped at the start of the formation lap because his Virgin lost pressure in the valve drive system due to an air leak.

World Cup stands after the race

The first ten of the race got 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point (s) respectively.

Driver ranking

Item driver constructor Points
01 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 60
02 GermanyGermany Nico Rosberg Mercedes 50
03 SpainSpain Fernando Alonso Ferrari 49
04th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 49
05 GermanyGermany Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 45
06th BrazilBrazil Felipe Massa Ferrari 41
07th PolandPoland Robert Kubica Renault 40
08th AustraliaAustralia Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 28
09 GermanyGermany Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 10
10 GermanyGermany Michael sSchumacher Mercedes 10
11 ItalyItaly Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes 8th
12 RussiaRussia Vitaly Petrov Renault 6th
Item driver constructor Points
13 BrazilBrazil Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth 5
14th SpainSpain Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari 2
15th GermanyGermany Nico Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth 1
16 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sébastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari 0
17th SpainSpain Pedro de la Rosa Clean Ferrari 0
18th FinlandFinland Heikki Kovalainen Lotus Cosworth 0
19th IndiaIndia Karun Chandhok HRT-Cosworth 0
20th BrazilBrazil Lucas di Grassi Virgin Cosworth 0
21st BrazilBrazil Bruno Senna HRT-Cosworth 0
22nd ItalyItaly Jarno Trulli Lotus Cosworth 0
- GermanyGermany Timo Glock Virgin Cosworth 0
- JapanJapan Kamui Kobayashi Clean Ferrari 0

Constructors' championship

Item constructor Points
01 United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren-Mercedes 109
02 ItalyItaly Ferrari 90
03 AustriaAustria Red Bull-Renault 73
04th GermanyGermany Mercedes 60
05 FranceFrance Renault 46
06th IndiaIndia Force India-Mercedes 18th
Item constructor Points
07th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Cosworth 6th
08th ItalyItaly Toro Rosso-Ferrari 2
09 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Clean Ferrari 0
10 MalaysiaMalaysia Lotus Cosworth 0
11 SpainSpain HRT-Cosworth 0
12 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Virgin Cosworth 0

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