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The district of Neuss (until 1913 district of Neuss ) existed from 1816 to 1929 as a district in the administrative district of Düsseldorf in the Rhine province . The seat of the district administration and the most important city was Neuss . With the exception of the municipality of Heerdt, which was added to Düsseldorf in 1909, the municipalities belonging to the district are all in today's Rhine district of Neuss and belong to the cities and municipalities of Neuss, Dormagen , Grevenbroich , Kaarst , Korschenbroich , Meerbusch and Rommerskirchen .

Administrative history

The Neuss district was formed in 1816 from the area of ​​the cantons Neuss and Dormagen, which were established during the French era . The district was divided into fifteen mayorships , the successors of the Mairien established in the French era . In 1845, the municipal code for the Rhine Province gave all places that had their own households the status of a municipality. Neuss, the only town in the district, has been subject to the Rhenish Town Code since 1856 . In 1870 the Gohr community moved from the mayor's office in Nettesheim to the mayor's office in Nievenheim. Since then, the circle has been structured as follows:

Mayorry Communities
Buderich Buderich
Büttgen Büttgen
Dormagen Dormagen , Hackenbroich
Glehn Glehn
Grefrath Grefrath
Grimlinghausen Grimlinghausen , Uedesheim
Heerdt Heerdt
Holzheim Holzheim
Kaarst Kaarst
Nice home Frixheim-Anstel , Nettesheim-Butzheim
Neuss Neuss (city)
Nievenheim Gohr , Nievenheim , Straberg
Norf Norf , Rosellen
Rommerskirchen Rommerskirchen
Zons Zons

On April 1, 1909, Heerdt left the Neuss district and was incorporated into the city of Düsseldorf. The city of Neuss formed its own urban district on April 1, 1913 . Since then, the Neuss district has been known as the Neuss district . On August 1, 1929, the district was dissolved and the county Grevenbroich to district Grevenbroich-Neuss combined. At the same time Grimlinghausen and Uedesheim were incorporated into the city of Neuss.

Population development

year Residents
1816 27,454
1835 32,527
1871 43,930
1880 48,591
1890 54,588
1900 64,090
1910 70,354
1925 38,412

The district administrators


  • Bert Pütz: Nor pa, Norpe, Norf. Norf 1974

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