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秋田 県
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Basic data
Administrative headquarters : Akita
Region : Tōhoku
Main island : Honshu
Area : 11,637.52  km²
Water content: 0.7  %
Residents : 965,927
(October 1, 2019)
Population density : 83 inhabitants per km²
Counties : 6th
Municipalities : 25th
ISO 3166-2 : JP-05
Governor : Norihisa Satake
Website: www.pref.akita.lg.jp
Prefecture flag :
Akita Prefecture Flag
Prefecture tree : Akita crescent fir
Prefecture flower : Petasites japonicus
Vogel prefecture : Copper pheasant
Fish prefecture : Arctoscopus japonicus
Prefecture song : Akita-kenminka
("Song of the Citizens of Akita")

The Akita prefecture ( Jap. 秋田県 , Akita-ken ) is a prefecture of Japan . It is located in the Tōhoku region on the island of Honshū . The seat of the prefecture administration is the city of the same name Akita .


Akita is located in the north of the island of Honshu with the Sea of ​​Japan to the west. Akita is bordered by Aomori Prefecture to the north, Iwate Prefecture to the east, Miyagi Prefecture to the southeast, and Yamagata Prefecture to the south .

The summer is relatively pleasant and cool compared to other countries. From the end of November on it thunders very often. The winter months are characterized by strong winds from Siberia.


Akita is a predominantly rural prefecture, in whose lower-lying areas large-scale rice cultivation shapes the landscape. The Sake -Fabrication occupies an important place. In addition to the prefecture capital Akita, Daisen is an important economic center. There are regional fishing ports on the coast around the Oga peninsula and in southern Kisakata. In the north and in the mountain regions, forestry plays an important role.


Group strengths in the prefecture parliament
(as of 2019)
A total of 43 seats
  • LDP : 26
  • Mirai ("future"): 8
  • SDP : 4
  • Tsugi no sedai ni tsunagu kai ("Association that connects with the next generation"; with KDP ): 2
  • 3 parliamentary groups with 1 member each , including Kōmeitō and KPJ : 3

Akita Governor is Norihisa Satake , previously Mayor of Akita City . He replaced Sukeshiro Terata after the 2009 gubernatorial election and was last re-elected for a third term in 2017 with a two-thirds majority. In the prefectural parliament, which was reduced to 43 members in 2015, the Liberal Democratic Party still holds an absolute majority with 24 seats after the elections in April 2019 , while the Social Democratic Party (SDP) won two seats, none more than one.

For the lower house of the national parliament Akita is divided into three constituencies , in the upper house two members represent the prefecture. Namely, the Akitas delegation elected directly after the elections in 2016 , 2017 and 2019 consists of (as of August 2019):

  • in the lower house
    • for the 1st constituency, which consists only of the prefecture capital: Hiroyuki Togashi (LDP, 3rd term)
    • for the 2nd constituency in the north: Katsutoshi Kaneda (LDP, 4th term, previously twelve years for Akita in the Senate)
    • for the 3rd constituency in the southeast: Nobuhide Minorikawa (LDP, 5th term)
  • in the upper house
    • until 2022: Hiroo Ishii (LDP, 2nd term)
    • until 2025: Shizuka Terata (non-party elected for the center-left opposition, 1st term of office), as the wife of the lower house representative Manabu Terata (non-party / KDP parliamentary group; proportional representation Tōhoku) the daughter-in-law of Sukeshiro Terata.


There are hot springs ( onsen ) near Lake Tazawa , which are a popular travel destination in Japan. There are some seasonal festivals ( Matsuri ) that give a glimpse into rural and traditional Japan.

Kakunodate (today: Semboku ) is a beautiful old town with many well-preserved samurai houses.

Administrative division

Since 2006 there are still 25 parishes in Akita: 13 -shi (independent cities; or by Japanese officials into English and then translated into German without regard to the Japanese context or the Prussian roots: "big cities"), 9 -machi / -chō ([historical district] cities) and 3 -mura (villages / village communities).

When today's community forms were introduced in 1889, the previously more than 1000 chō / son (towns and villages in the country, but in larger settlements districts) from the nine districts ( -gun ) of Akita were merged into 237 communities, including Akita-shi as the first and until 1940 the only independent city. In the Great Shōwa Territorial Reform of the 1950s, the number of parishes dropped from over 200 to 72, in the Great Heisei Territorial Reform of the 2000s from 69 to 25.

List of parishes in Akita (since 2006)
( lat. , Hepburn )
( jap. )
Circle (- gun ) Area
(January 1, 2020)
Population (
October 1, 2019)
(without prefix & check digit)
Official English
( seat of the prefecture administration , "core city" )
秋田 市 - 906.07 km² 306.178 201 Akita City
Noshiro- shi 能 代 市 - 426.95 km² 50,842 202 Noshiro City
Yokote- shi 横 手 市 - 692.8 km² 86,499 203 Yokote City
Ōdate -shi 大 館 市 - 913.22 km² 70.085 204 Odate City
Oga- shi 男 鹿 市 - 241.09 km² 25,634 206 Oga City
Yuzawa-shi 湯 沢 市 - 790.91 km² 42,887 207 Yuzawa City
Kazuno- shi 鹿角 市 - 707.52 km² 29,727 209 Kazuno City
Yuri-Honjō-shi 由 利 本 荘 市 - 1,209.59 km² 75,417 210 Yurihonjo City
Katagami-shi 潟 上市 - 97.72 km² 31,923 211 Katagami City
Daisen-shi 大仙 市 - 866.79 km² 77,886 212 Daisen City
Kita-Akita- shi 北 秋田 市 - 1,152.76 km² 30,555 213 Kitaakita City
Nikaho- shi に か ほ 市 - 241.13 km² 23,602 214 Nikaho City
Senboku -shi 仙 北市 - 1,093.56 km² 25.305 215 Senboku City
Kosaka-machi 小 坂 町 Kazuno 201.7 km² 4843 303 Kazuno Town
Kami-koani-mura 上 小 阿仁 村 Daycare Akita 256.72 km² 2098 327 Kamikoani Village
Fujisato-machi 藤 里 町 Yamamoto 282.13 km² 3004 346 Fujisato Town
Mitane-cho 三種 町 Yamamoto 247.98 km² 15,534 348 Fujisato Town
Happo-cho 八 峰 町 Yamamoto 234.14 km² 6653 349 Happo Town
Gojōme-machi 五 城 目 町 Minami-Akita 214.92 km² 8522 361 Gojome Town
Hachirogata-machi 八郎 潟 町 Minami-Akita 17 km² 5636 363 Hachirogata Town
Ikawa-machi 井 川 町 Minami-Akita 47.95 km² 4604 366 Hachirogata Town
Ōgata-mura 大 潟 村 Minami-Akita 170.11 km² 4604 368 Ogata Village
Misato-cho 美 郷 町 Senboku 168.32 km² 19.006 434 Misato Town
Ugo-machi 羽 後 町 Ogachi 230.78 km² 13,988 463 Ugo Town
Higashi-Naruse-mura 東 成 瀬 村 Ogachi 203.69 km² 2500 464 HigashinaruseVillage
Akita-ken 秋田 県 11,637.52 km² 965.927 000 Akita Prefecture

Biggest places

local community Resident
October 1, 2000
October 1, 2006
Akita 336,646 331.834
Yokote 109.004 102,548
Daisen 98,326 92,295
Yurihonjō 92,843 88,594
Ōdate 86,288 81,714
Yuzawa 58.504 54,489
Noshiro 65,237 62,287
Kitaakita 42,050 39,441


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Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 39 ° 42 '  N , 140 ° 16'  E