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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
Coláiste na Tríonóide, Baile Átha Cliath
founding 1592
Sponsorship state
place Dublin , Ireland
president Patrick Prendergast
Students 17,500 (2016/17)
Employee 2,676
Annual budget € 385.2 million (2016/17)
Networks CLUSTER , CG , LERU
Regent House

The Trinity College Dublin ( Irish Coláiste na Tríonóide, Baile Átha Cliath ) is a prestigious university in the Irish capital Dublin . The university was founded in 1592 on the model of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and should also have a federal character. Unlike in these, however, with the Trinity College only a constituent college of the University of Dublin was established; it should not be confused with University College Dublin , which is part of the National University of Ireland , or Dublin City University , the former National Institute for Higher Education. The college has two so-called sibling colleges: St. John's College at Cambridge University and Oriel College at Oxford University . The university is the oldest in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world. The college is a member of the Coimbra Group - a network of partly leading European universities founded in 1985.

Long Room, Old Library

Trinity College Dublin is consistently ranked as the best university in Ireland, one of the leading universities in Europe and in the top 100 worldwide. Since January 2017 Trinity College Dublin has been a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), a consortium of leading European research universities that have a major influence on EU research policy.

The downtown historic campus is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and attracts many tourists who want to see the old library and the Book of Kells , the most famous medieval manuscript in the world.


Famous alumni of the university include Nobel Prize winners Samuel Beckett , Ernest Walton, and William C. Campbell , writers Oscar Wilde , Bram Stoker and Jonathan Swift , political philosopher Edmund Burke, and mathematician William Rowan Hamilton .

Trinity College
Cricket Ground Dublin
Science Gallery
Ussher Library, Trinity College Dublin


The college was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I as the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity ("University of the Holy and Unified Trinity") for Protestant students. It was originally built outside of Dublin's city walls. The college was founded primarily to secure the Tudor monarchy in Ireland. Although Catholics and people of different faiths had been allowed to attend the college since 1793, individual restrictions for these groups of people were in place until 1873. Among other things, only Protestants were allowed to work as professors at the college up to this point. In addition, from 1871 to 1970 the Catholic Church in Ireland did not allow its followers to attend Trinity College without permission.

The university's traditional coat of arms shows the Bible, lion, castle and harp.

Due to the historically close ties with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge , former Trinity College Dublin students, if they continue to study or work at one of these two elite English universities after graduating, can also obtain their degree from Trinity College Dublin again from one of Oxbridge -Universities issued (incorporation). These three universities are also the only universities whose graduates can convert their Bachelor of Arts degree into a Master of Arts without having to have completed a Master's degree. Graduates can apply for such a conversion of their degree six or seven years after their first enrollment.

Sights on the site

The college is located in the middle of the city center on what is known as College Green and is considered one of Dublin's greatest tourist attractions. It is opposite the former Irish Parliament. The site covers 190,000 m 2 . On campus there is a sports center, two sports fields, tennis courts, a science gallery, a chapel, student dormitories and a large number of institutes and libraries. Forbes voted the campus one of the world's most beautiful.

Old Library (Long Room)

The main attraction is the old library, built in 1732, which not only contains 200,000 old texts , but also the famous Book of Kells , but also Ireland's oldest harp . The Long Room is also spectacular - a room almost 65 meters long in which the most valuable books are stored. It belongs to the University Library and is therefore due to the existing legislation for legal deposit one of the largest research libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland . Trinity College Library has a collection of more than 6 million copies and is growing as the university is legally entitled to receive at least one copy of every book published in the UK or Ireland.

One of the main attractions is the Book of Kells , which has been a World Heritage Document since 2011 and is considered the most famous medieval manuscript in the world.


The 30 meter high bell tower ( campanile ) dates from 1853. It was built by Sir Charles Lanyon, the architect of Queen's University in Belfast. It forms the center of the campus area. A superstitious tradition at the university is that any student who crosses the tower while the bell is ringing will fail the exam.


The chapel is in Parliament Square (the main square of the college). It was designed by Sir William Chambers, who in turn was the architect of George III. , designed and built in 1798. It was the first university chapel in the republic to be used across denominations. The chapel has been ecumenical since 1970 and has since been used for celebrations for Catholic college members. In addition to the Anglican chaplain (known as the Dean of Residence) there are two Catholic and one Methodist chaplain.

Exam hall

The examination hall was completed in 1791 according to plans by Sir William Chambers . The examination hall is also adjacent to Parliament Square.

More Attractions

  • Statues of Edmund Burkes and Oliver Goldsmith at the main entrance
  • Dining room from 1761
  • Rectorate from 1760
  • Douglas Hyde Gallery (contemporary art)
  • Berkeley Library
  • The green spaces Fellows' Square, New Square and Library Square
  • The Pav, the university's own pub. This is one of the cheapest pints in town. The pub is very busy, especially on weekends, and there are often live concerts.


Trinity College Dublin is considered the best university in Ireland, one of the leading universities in Europe and one of the top universities in the world. In 2009, Trinity College Dublin was ranked 43rd worldwide, 13th in Europe and 3rd in the EU among non-British universities in the QS World University Ranking .

Since then, the university has fallen in rankings due to cuts in the treasury as a result of the Irish economic and financial crisis. However, the university remains among the top 100 universities in the world and Ireland's leading university. In 2015, the university was ranked 78th worldwide in the QS World University Ranking, 71st in 2014 and 61st in 2013.

In 2015, the Princeton Review ranked Trinity College's undergraduate education one of the world's best. In terms of research, Trinity College was ranked 48th worldwide and 9th in Europe in 2014.

'Sphere Within Sphere' artwork by Arnoldo Pomodoro in front of the Museum Building

The university is among the 100 best universities in the world in 16 subject areas and in the top 1% in 18 subject areas. In 2011, Trinity College was ranked 15th worldwide and 5th in Europe in the field of mathematics and achieved the best result worldwide in the citation category. In history, the university ranks 33rd worldwide (13th in Europe), 28th place worldwide (6th in Europe) in English language and literature, 31st place worldwide (7th in Europe) in nursing, 39th place worldwide (13th in Europe) in modern languages ​​and 48th place worldwide (16th in Europe) in biology. According to QS, Trinity College Dublin ranks 31st in the world in political science (8th in Europe) and was classified as the third-best political department in the world in another ranking, which also takes into account the size of the academic departments.

Trinity Business School, currently under construction for more than 80 million euros in a new center, is Ireland's leading business school and is listed in the world's top 30. The university's management master's program was named the best in Europe in 2017. Trinity's full-time and part-time MBAs are ranked fifth best of their kind in Western Europe by Eduniversal, ahead of Oxford and Cambridge. The university’s Finance Master’s program was ranked 40th worldwide by QS in 2018. According to the Pitchbook Universities Report 2015-2016, Trinity College Dublin produces more entrepreneurs than any other university in Europe.

With students from more than 120 different countries and an international student and research staff share of 26% and 39%, the college is very international and ranks 22nd worldwide in university rankings in the “International Outlook” area. Students can study as part of their studies at one of the college's more than 300 partner universities, including top European universities and leading universities from other continents (e.g. Columbia University, University of California, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Georgetown University, New York University, McGill University, University of Toronto, National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, Peking University).

From the 2018/2019 academic year, Trinity College will be offering double degrees with Columbia University in New York City. Students spend the first two years of study in Dublin and the last two years in New York and will earn degrees from both universities.

students life


Campus in winter
Announcement of the university's scholarship holders

Student life at the college is organized in societies. In 2016 there were 120 different companies of different sizes. The oldest society at the university and the oldest student society in the world is the Philosophical Society (The Phil), founded in 1683. Former members of the "Phil" are the Nobel Laureate Ernest Walton , Nobel Prize Laureate Samuel Beckett , Dracula author Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde . In the past 400 years this society has won numerous speakers as speakers, more recently Angela Merkel , Joe Biden , John McCain , Hugh Laurie , Helen Mirren , Bono , Oliver Stone , Alex Ferguson and Jimmy Wales . Speakers such as James Joyce , Friedrich Engels and Alexis de Tocqueville have appeared in the past centuries . The Society's honorary patrons include numerous Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, actors, and intellectuals including Al Pacino , Desmond Tutu , Sir Christopher Lee , Stephen Fry , Paul Krugman , Joseph Stiglitz , Joseph Nye, and John Mearsheimer .

Another well-known society is the Historical Society (The Hist), which was founded in 1770. Weekly debates are at the heart of society. "The Hist" was founded by the political philosopher Edmund Burke . Since then, the members of the society have included the Irish revolutionaries Theobald Wolfe Tone , Thomas and Robert Emmet , the Dracula author Bram Stoker and the first President of Ireland Douglas Hyde . Over the course of time, the society has been able to attract numerous prominent personalities to participate, such as Winston Churchill , Ted Kennedy , Gordon Brown , Ralph Fiennes , Clement Attlee , John Major , Nobel Peace Prize Laureate John Hume , Nobel Prize Laureate Jeffrey Sachs , William Butler Yeats , Noam Chomsky , José Manuel Barroso and Ben Kingsley .

Sports clubs

The college has 50 sports clubs. The oldest clubs include the Cricket Club (founded in 1835), the Arms Club (founded in 1840) and the Rugby Club (founded in 1854), which is known as the second oldest documented rugby club in the world and plays in the first Irish club league.

Campanile with Graduates Memorial Building (GMB), which is used by student societies.

Trinity Ball

Another special feature is the annual Trinity Ball with around 7,000 participants. It is considered to be the largest private party in Europe. In 2009 the ball was held for the 50th time. The ball is a festival in the tradition of a festival on the university campus, but the participants are obliged to wear strict evening attire. In the past, numerous musicians have always been won over for the concerts. In recent years, Calvin Harris , The Kooks , Imagine Dragons , Bastille , Years and Years , Basement Jaxx , Example , Jessie J , Duke Dumont , Ellie Goulding and Jeff Buckley have appeared alongside many other artists .


Old library

Well-known university professors

  • James MacCullagh (1809–1847), Mathematics and Physics
  • Erwin Schrödinger (1887–1961), physics
  • Maciej Klimek (~ 1943–1953), mathematics
  • Mary McAleese (* 1951), President of the Republic of Ireland from 1997 to 2011, Jura
  • Mary Robinson (* 1944), President of the Republic of Ireland from 1990 to 1997, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997 to 2002, 2014: UN Special Envoy for Climate Change, Jura
  • Terry Pratchett (1948-2015), fantasy writer, English
Front Square
Book of Kells

Well-known students

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