École des hautes études commerciales de Paris

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HEC Paris
motto Apprendre à oser ( learn German to dare )
founding 1881
place Jouy-en-Josas , France
management Peter Todd
Students 3500
Networks CEMS
Website www.hec.edu

The HEC Paris or École des hautes études commerciales Paris is a French university that offers various courses in business administration and corporate management and is considered one of the leading management universities in the world. The Grande école , which is highly selective in the allocation of university places , is financed and administered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP).

MSc courses

The HEC offers various economics courses following a bachelor's degree. In Germany, the Msc courses at HEC are not considered to be equivalent to a domestic master’s degree. The term "master" is not protected in France and can be used without using the national master's degree. This means that the HEC MSc courses do not entitle you to receive BAföG benefits in accordance with Section 5 (4) BAföG.

Overview of the courses

MSc in Management

The MSc in Management is designed as a grande école degree. In the 18-month study program, which is aimed at students with a previous bachelor's degree from all disciplines, basic business and economics knowledge is primarily taught. The program enables students to enter the second year of the grande école degree directly in the form of an additional selection process. A six-month internship during the course is compulsory, so that the entire program duration is usually two years. In the final year of study, students specialize in a specific area such as marketing, tax and legal strategies , finance, business formation and management, economics, or strategic management. A number of cooperation programs offer the possibility of acquiring a double degree in addition to the HEC MSc in Management with another university, such as MIT , the Technical University of Munich or the FU Berlin .

MSc in International Business

In contrast to the MSc in Management, the MSc in International Business (HEC MIB) study program is aimed exclusively at students with a bachelor's degree in an economic discipline. The 12-month program gives you the opportunity to deepen the knowledge you have already acquired from the respective Bachelor programs and to specialize in certain areas. In addition, a 16-week internship is required after graduation.

The HEC MIB gives selected students the additional option of acquiring a double master’s degree through the international university alliance CEMS . In this case, in addition to studying at HEC Paris, the students spend another term at a CEMS partner university for which they have previously applied via the HEC selection process. After completing their studies, the students are awarded both the HEC MSc in International Business and the CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS MIM). The CEMS MIM is currently rated by the Financial Times as the best management master's degree in the world.

MSc in International Finance

The MSc in International Finance (HEC MIF) is a special degree in which financial academic knowledge is to be deepened. In the first semester, the program is divided into a business track for students with prior knowledge of business administration and an accelerated track for students with a non-specialist background. In the second semester, it is possible to choose from a variety of elective subjects. In addition to the HEC MIF, certificates can be acquired in certain subject areas at the end of the course. A 16-week internship at the end of the lectures is a prerequisite for obtaining the degree. The program lasts for a total of 12 months.

MSc in Strategic Management

The MSc in Strategic Management provides students with strategic management skills and is primarily geared towards careers in strategy consulting, investment banking or venture capital funds. It is a 12-month program that is completed entirely in English. A university degree in an economics subject is typical for admission, but graduates from areas such as engineering, law or health sciences can also apply. At the end of the course, you can either acquire an additional certificate or complete a so-called company project.

MSc in Management & Public Policy (double degree)

The double degree in MSc Management (Grande école) & Public Policy is awarded together with the Free University of Berlin. In the first year of study, students acquire basic knowledge of business administration with a wide range of specialization options, and in the second year they study administrative and political science (public policy) at the Free University of Berlin. The Franco-German Master’s degree qualifies students for a subsequent career in business and politics.

MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation

The MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation is a study program launched for the first time in 2010, in which, above all, sustainable business is deepened. The course strengthens the sustainable mainstay of the HEC and deals with economic aspects of climate change, circular economy and the use of resources.

Additional information on the MSc courses


Almost all of the French students interested in a HEC study place attended special preparatory courses (known as classe préparatoire ) before applying to the HEC . On average, around 16,000 students complete the preparation program for the HEC Master, also known as prépa HEC , which is intended to prepare for the university's competitive selection process through intensive academic training.

For a rule of two years, students undertake to devote at least 58 hours per week to preparatory work for admission to the Master’s program. The material taught mainly covers the subject areas of mathematics, economics, history of economics, philosophy, literature, English and one other foreign language.

In 2009, 380 of the 4,193 original applicants were offered a Masters course at HEC, which corresponds to an acceptance rate of 9%. With 374 acceptances, almost all of the selected students accepted the offered study place. For the MSc in Management program, the contrast ratio between applicants and study place offers is even stronger: In 2009 there were only 50 acceptances for a study place out of 1079 applications. Many of the accepted applicants already have a master's degree from another university.

The international admissions department (Service des admissions internationales) has the task of recruiting foreign students for the HEC Grande école course and the courses of some other grandes écoles. The HEC selects from applicants who must have obtained at least a Bachelor / Bachelor degree outside of France. The selection is based on three criteria, a written application, an interview and the GMAT test or the French TAGE-MAGE. The average GMAT score of directly admitted students in 2008 was 720 and the average TAGE-MAGE score was 440.

Applicants accepted in this way begin in the second year of the Grande école program and at the end receive a Master of Science in Management from the HEC. In France, however, this is not a state master’s degree, but a degree from the Conférence des grandes écoles .


The strongest recruiting companies include McKinsey & Company , Boston Consulting Group , Roland Berger Strategy Consultants , Bain & Company , Barclays , Goldman Sachs , JP Morgan , Morgan Stanley , Deutsche Bank and various industrial companies. More than half of the graduates of the HEC MSc programs switch to management consulting and finance after completing their studies. In February 2007, according to an analysis by the university, around 2/3 of the graduating class from 2006 were working within France. The average starting salary of graduates working in France was around 47,000 euros, while for alumni working outside France it was an average of 69,000 euros.

Executive Education

In addition to the scientific master’s degree programs, the HEC offers a range of degrees for people with previous professional experience. These include


The university's MBA program was launched in 1969, making the HEC one of the first business schools in Europe to offer such a degree. It tries to differentiate itself from other MBA curricula in a special way by offering a bilingual teaching option, a special study structure and MBA tournaments organized by students.

Through cooperation with international universities, students also have a range of exchange and double degree options available.

In 2016, the HEC MBA was ranked 15th worldwide by the Financial Times.


The HEC Executive MBA (EMBA) is a program for executives with at least eight years of professional experience. It is intended to prepare the students for higher management functions. In addition to Paris, the program takes place at various study locations, including Beijing (China) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). Other partner universities in the 16-month study program are NYU and UCLA in the USA and Nihon University in Japan.

Trium Global Executive MBA

The Trium Global Executive MBA is a joint program of HEC (France), LSE (Great Britain) and NYU (USA). The 16-month program is currently run by the Financial Times and Whitefield Consulting as the second best Global EMBA program in the world. It takes place in a total of six modules at five locations around the world.

Accreditation and rankings

HEC Paris is one of the leading management universities in the world. Since 2005, the HEC has been recognized as the best European business school in the international Financial Times Ranking ; the master’s degree offered by the university was the best in the world from 2007–2009, but has since been replaced by the University of St. Gallen . In the area of executive education, the HEC 2011 ranks first worldwide and relegated Harvard Business School to second place. In the same year, the HEC Finance program was rated the best finance master in the world.

The university is three times accredited by EQUIS , AACSB and AMBA .

The university and its graduates have produced a large number of well-known personalities in business and politics, including the former French President François Hollande , several incumbent French ministers and the current WTO General Director Pascal Lamy . HEC Paris currently has the highest number of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies of any university in Europe and the fourth highest number worldwide.

Ranking 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Business school
FT - European Business Schools 1. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. 1.
THE - F500 CEOs Alma Mater Index 5. - - - 3. - -
QS - World University Rankings (Business & Management Studies) - - 13. 14th 12. 12. 11.
Master in Management (GE-MiM) for FT / Master in Strategic Management for QS and The Economist
FT - Master in Management 4th 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2.
QS - Masters in Management - - - - - 1. 1.
The Economist - Masters in Management - - - - 1. - 1.
MSc in International Finance
FT - Masters in Finance Pre-Experience 1. 1. 1. 1. 2. 1. -
QS - Masters in Finance - - - - - 3. 2.
QS - Full Time MBA - - - - - 3. 7th
FT - Global MBA 21st 21st 16. 15th 20th 21st 19th
Forbes - International MBAs - - - - 4th - 2.
The Economist - MBA 8th. 4th 5. 9. 15th 13. 3.
Executive Education
FT - Executive MBA (Trium HEC / LSE / NYU) 4th 1. 3. 3. 5. 2. -
FT - Executive MBA (EMBA HEC) - - - - - 6th 1.
FT - Executive Education - Customized 2. 2. 2. 2. 7th 5. 3.
FT - Executive Education - Open 7th 3. 2. 8th. 12. 14th 11.


The campus is about 20 km south of Paris and covers around 100 hectares , including several soccer fields and a rugby field. There are also three other well-known Grandes écoles in the vicinity : the École polytechnique , the École Centrale Paris and the Supélec .

Literature and films


Henri de Castries (H76), former CEO of Axa
Baudouin Prot (H72), former CEO of BNP Paribas
Louis Gallois (H66), former CEO of EADS
Stéphane Richard (H83), CEO of Orange
Jean-Paul Agon (H78), CEO of L'Oréal
Hubert Joly (H81), CEO of Best Buy
Francis Bouygues (H51), founder of Bouygues
Marc Houalla CEO of ENAC
François-Henri Pinault , CEO of Kering
Jean-Dominique Senard , CEO of Michelin
Jacques Richier , CEO of Allianz France
Gilles Schnepp , former CEO of Legrand

François Hollande (H75), former President of France
Dominique Strauss-Kahn (H71), French Minister of Finance (1997–1999), Secretary General of the International Monetary Fund (2007–2011)
Pascal Lamy (H69), former Director General of the WHO
Amélie de Montchalin , French State Secretary

Honorary graduates

In addition to regular alumni, HEC Paris also awarded honorary degrees to the following well-known personalities :.

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