École normal supérieure de Lyon

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ENS Lyon
founding 1880 (Fontenay), 1882 (Saint-Cloud)
Sponsorship state
place Lyon , France
Rector Jean-François Pinton
Students 2361 (2017)
Employee 920
including professors 488 (2017, enseignants-chercheurs )
Annual budget € 130 million (2017)
Website www.ens-lyon.fr

The École normal supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon) is a French Grande École that is part of the network of Écoles normales supérieures . After the older École normal supérieure de Paris, it is considered to be the most renowned academic university in France.


ENS Lyon is the successor to ENS in Fontenay and Saint-Cloud . These universities were founded in 1880 and 1882 by the French educational reformer Jules Ferry to guarantee high quality teacher training. With the aim of decentralizing and reorganizing the ENS, ENS Lyon was founded in 1987 and located in the Gerland district of Lyon . At that time it comprised the entire scientific branch of the previous universities. The humanities part was initially formed by the École Normale Supérieure de Fontenay / Saint-Cloud , then from 2000 onwards the newly founded École normal supérieure Lettres et sciences humaines (ENS LSH), which was also located in Lyon, and finally became the ENS on January 1, 2010 Lyon attached.

Logo of the ENS Lyon 1987–2009
Logo of the ENS LSH 2000–2009


Admission to the course is highly selective and takes place via a nationwide admissions process after attending two-year preparatory classes . The students accepted in this way are given the designation élève normalien and are accepted into the civil service with a salary for a period of 10 years. In addition, students who come from universities in Germany and abroad can be admitted through an application process. The final years only include around 20–30 students in each subject.

There are five courses in the natural sciences: Mathematics, Physics / Chemistry, Geology, Biology and Computer Science. After the first year the students receive the license ( Bachelor ) and after two further years the Master . After the first year of the Master’s degree, there is the possibility of preparing for the Agrégation , an examination for the higher teaching post, for one year . The preparation for the Agrégation is offered in the four subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry as well as bio and geosciences.

After the merger with the ENS LSH on January 1, 2010, corresponding courses in literature and art, languages, humanities and social sciences were added.


The university is home to a large number of research laboratories, especially in the fields of biology (in cooperation with the Gerland Science Park), theoretical and non-linear physics and computer science.

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