École pratique des hautes études

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The École pratique des hautes études ( EPHE ) is an institution for advanced studies in Paris , but not a university in the classical sense.

The EPHE was founded on July 31, 1868 by a decree of the French minister of education Victor Duruy and is one of the grandes écoles . The main idea was to prepare the students for research by participating in the practice of research. No diplomas were requested or awarded.

Today students ( étudiants ) can acquire diplomas, but if they have sufficient knowledge, they can still study as an auditeur (listener) by arrangement .

In 1886 the 5th section for “sciences religieuses” was founded. This was a politically controversial decision as the Sorbonne's Catholic theology faculty was closed at the same time . One of the teachers was Sylvain Lévi , from whom the young Marcel Mauss learned Sanskrit . From 1901 Mauss himself taught at the section.

In 1975 her 6th department, founded in 1947, became independent as the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (at which the Annales School of History had its center).

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