University of Lyon

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University of Lyon
founding 1995
Sponsorship state
place Lyon , France
president Khaled Bouabdallah
Students 120,000
Professors 5500
University library

The University of Lyon (French Université de Lyon , Pôle Universitaire de Lyon (PUL) ; English Lyon University , University of Lyon ) is a network of universities in Lyon ( France ).


15 universities and grandes écoles together form the University of Lyon. They unite 100,200 out of a total of around 120,000 students in the greater Lyon area, 5500 researchers and professors and 510 research laboratories.


The University improves the public image of Lyon's research, exploits and strengthens its contribution to local economic development by publishing the Isotopes magazine on current research developments in Lyons. She also coordinates technology transfer and operates a website on research and innovation.

The university also promotes the integration of students into the city through appropriate information and services. It provides a contact point ( Com'Et ) for information on student life and cultural offers. The new students are welcomed specially. It also distributes information brochures, owns databases and guarantees health care and support for the physically handicapped.

The university develops and communicates the science, technology and corporate culture and takes on the coordination of the annual Fête de la Science (national festival of science in October) for the Rhône-Alpes region .


The University of Lyon was founded in 1995 under the name Pôle Universitaire de Lyon .

In 2017, the university association received an award as part of the French excellence initiative IDEX.

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