Alf (TV series)

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Television series
German title ALF
Original title ALF
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1986-1990
length 24 minutes
Episodes 102 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Sitcom
idea Paul Fusco
Tom Patchett
music Alf Clausen
First broadcast September 22, 1986 ( USA ) on NBC
first broadcast
January 5th, 1988 on ZDF

ALF is a 102-part American sitcom . The focus is on an alien of the same name who crash-lands in a spaceship in the Tanner family's garage and is then kept hidden from the authorities and neighbors. The meaning of the abbreviation ALF is mentioned in the first episode: engl. A lien L ife F orm or in the German translation " A ußerirdische L provide the per f orm".

Broadcast Notes and Reruns

In the United States, the series was first broadcast on September 22, 1986 with great success on NBC . After four seasons, the last episode The Decision (original title: Consider Me Gone) ran on March 24, 1990 on American television. In Germany , the ZDF broadcast a total of 100 episodes from the beginning of 1988 to the spring of 1991. The two episodes of the double episode Tonight, Tonight , in which Alf is moderating Johnny Carson's Tonight Show , have only been released subtitled on DVD on June 25, 2010 in Germany as part of the third season.

This was followed by two cartoon series for children as well as a feature film by Alf.

The series is regularly repeated on German-speaking television on various channels.


The main character of the series is the alien Gordon Shumway , mostly just called Alf , from the planet Melmac .

After his spaceship crashes into the garage of the Tanner family, an average American family, he stays with the family and is hidden from the public. The Tanners, consisting of father Willie, mother Kate, the two children Lynn (16-20 years) and Brian (6-10 years) and later the youngest child Eric, live in a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles , California . Alf's favorite pastimes are eating, watching TV, and lounging.

Occasionally, new characters are introduced into the series, which Alf eventually gets to know. However, he is always hidden from the neighbors of the Tanners for fear that they might not keep the secret of his existence.

Alf has a particularly good relationship with the boy next door Jake (“In Denmark we would almost be called fiancé”, “not quite like a brother, more than a friend”). Jake is the nephew of the Ochmoneks, a married couple who live in the immediate vicinity of the Tanners. At every possible and impossible opportunity Raquel and Trevor Ochmonek show up at the Tanners to borrow or scrounge something. Most of the time, the Tanners struggle to hide Alf from them in time. The saying “Alf! In the kitchen! ” Or “ ... under the kitchen table! ” Has become a running gag .

Willie's younger brother Neal (still called Rodney in Season 1) and Alf are very likeable to each other, but Neal often has to suffer from the bad habits of the alien. Kate's mother Dorothy, on the other hand, doesn't like Alf; the aversion is mutual. Bill Daily , known as Roger from The Adorable Jeannie series, played the role of the psychiatrist Larry, a friend of Willie's. He tries to resolve the entanglements in Tanner's family life that were created by Alf's escapades.

Alf likes to make phone calls and has almost all important personalities on the line, from the TV presenter to the president, which often has far-reaching consequences that Willie usually takes on himself to protect Alf. Willie has been arrested or briefly detained for this reason. In addition, Alf orders mountains of useless goods by phone, the payment of which regularly drives the Tanners into financial difficulties. At times he trades in securities and cosmetics or takes part in TV talk shows with extremely controversial points of view.

Over time, the anarchic element of the series declined or was lifted by moralizing episode endings. The end of the series was kept open. Alf is discovered by the US authorities while trying to be picked up by a spaceship and is caught in the last scene. This closes the series without any indication of a continuation. The last episode was originally planned by the scriptwriter as a cliffhanger double episode, which should conclude the fourth season and start the fifth season. The suspense should connect the two seasons. The originally planned fifth season of Alf was no longer produced by NBC, as the series was canceled after the fourth season due to recently falling ratings. A one-time special episode that was promised to break up the plot was not realized either. This ends the series in the open end of half a double episode.

The later film ties in here and takes place without the Tanner family, while Alf is under the supervision of the US military.


Gordon Shumway alias Alf (born October 28, 1756) is the main protagonist of the series and the two animation series ALF - Memories of Melmac and Alf in Wonderland. It comes from the planet Melmac, which was destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe. He was born as the eldest child of Bob and Flo Shumway, but just like his two younger siblings Curtis and Augie as a legitimate child, which was considered immoral on Melmac.

The name "Alf" he receives from Willie: When the Crashed unconscious on the living room of the family Tanner is, thinks Willie, "it's a Alf, an alien life form" ( English alien life form ).

According to his own information, he is 95 cm tall and has several stomachs (depending on the information there are two to eight, although he also has spare stomachs that open if necessary) and four fingers on each hand. His coat is reddish-brown in color (depending on the sequence, sienna brown, ocher or orange). He has no special skills, but can imitate voices. He is rhetorical and seldom at a loss for a pointed remark. Occasionally he acts selfishly, other times he is very concerned about the welfare of the family members, means well, but then does the wrong thing. In addition, his behavior always causes irritation when he confuses the holiday customs on Melmac with the holiday customs on Earth. For example, he saws up the Tanner's Christmas tree, because this was so common on Melmac. His favorite food is cats (including pressed cat juice), which are said to be a delicacy on Melmac. So he tries again and again to catch Lucky, the cat of the Tanner family, but he never succeeds.

Since there is a great danger that he will be discovered by the authorities and then locked up in a laboratory for research purposes, Alf is constantly hidden by the Tanners. Only a selected group of people, who expand in the course of the series, are allowed to see it. He suffers a lot from his loneliness, so the Tanner family has to call a psychologist for help several times.

His great love is Rhonda. She and Alf's friends Skip and Rick Fusterman also escaped the explosion of their home planet. Twice she tries in vain to pick up Alf from the earth. The first time Alf waives a return to her in favor of his life with the Tanner family, on the second attempt in the last episode he is picked up by the Alien Task Force just before his friends can take him on board.

William Francis " Willie " Tanner is the loyal father of the Tanner family. He went to college, where he met his future wife, Kate, and studied social science. He works as a civil servant with the Los Angeles Social Services Department. In the course of the series he gets a promotion, later a managerial position at the social welfare office in San Diego, but he does not like this job and he goes back to his old job.

Willie is a calm, educated, and versatile man. As a young adult he hitchhiked through the country as a hobo for some time and took jobs as a temporary waiter, where he met the young Linda Evans (September 2nd, journey through the night ). During his sociology studies at UCLA , like his future wife Kate, he was a supporter of the hippie movement and attended the legendary Woodstock Festival with her (3.10, A hippie named Willie ). He is a hobby tinkerer, radio amateur , runs a model railway system in his garage (see e.g. in 2.9., Journey through the night ), plays the piano and is interested in art and theater. The only one who really pulls him out of the reserve is Alf, so he gets angry on occasion. The main points of conflict are disorder (Willie is very pedantic) and Alf's useless purchases, which he usually handles with Willie's credit card.

Nevertheless, he is the main reference person for Alf and very concerned about him.

Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner is the mother of the Tanner family. She went to college, where she met her future husband Willie, and studied art history there. At the beginning of the series she is a housewife because she stopped working because of her children. In the course of the third season, when Willie is not allowed to work due to a strike, she looks for a job as a real estate agent again and keeps it during the time she becomes pregnant with her third child Eric. Kate and Alf have a lot of differences over the course of the series. Kate admits in the first season, after it looks as if Alf would leave the Tanner family again after he was able to establish contact with his friends and they want to pick him up, that she had "mixed feelings" about him. Kate is a conscientious housewife and doesn't like it when you talk to anyone about running the household. That's why she clashes with her mother Dorothy in the first season. Kate is calm but occasionally sarcastic.

Lynn Tanner is the oldest child in the Tanner family. At the beginning of the series, she is a 16 year old student. She later goes to college and has some orientation difficulties there because she cannot choose a major. After being torn between art history and the social sciences, she finally postponed this decision. Lynn is calm and polite. At first she is a typical teenager with different desires, such as: B. own car, own phone etc., and meets regularly with guys. At the beginning of the series, she shows almost unlimited solidarity and understanding with Alf. In the first season Alf even falls a little in love with her and is initially disappointed that Lynn does not reciprocate his feelings. But both finally clarify with each other that it is better to remain friends. Over the course of the series, she clashes with him again and again, especially when he interferes in her affairs against her will. With one exception, in which there is more than a week of radio silence, the two of them get along again and again because they like each other.

Brian Tanner is the second oldest child in the Tanner family. At the beginning of the series he is six years old and a student. Brian is polite and friendly and is very fond of Alf. Alf is also caring and helpful towards him. He tries to help Brian when he is beaten up, or supports him successfully when he has stage fright before a school performance and does not want to perform.

Eric Tanner is the youngest child in the Tanner family and was born towards the end of season three. Alf has a positive effect on the baby. So he always manages, for example, to make the little one laugh, to calm him down or to help with the obligatory "peasantry".

Neal Tanner is Willie's younger brother who appeared last season when he lived with his RV for a while on the Tanner's property after his wife Marguarete left him. At the time of his marriage, Neal was self-employed with a door business, which he gave up after the divorce in order to start a completely new life. After a while he finds a new apartment and gets a job as a caretaker from the landlady, although he is technically clumsy. Alf doesn't like him at first, as he is hidden by the Tanners at the beginning, but later they decide to introduce the two of them because Alf is angry about living in the attic for such a long period of time. Both get on well and, after Alf and Willie get into an argument, Alf even moves in with him. However, after a short time Neal is so overwhelmed with Alf, who is behaving inconsiderately, that he finally asks him to move out again. In the further course of the fourth season, Neal's wife Marguarete also appears. Both fall in love again and drive to Las Vegas to remarry there. With Alf's help, however, Neal finally realizes that after everything that has happened, he no longer loves Marguerete. But both decide to stay friends.

Dorothy Halligan is Kate's mother. The relationship between the two is initially strained after Dorothy has lived with the Tanners for a long time, as Kate believes she is considered a bad housewife. One night, Alf provokes a meeting with Dorothy. At first Dorothy is afraid of him, later she shows him very openly her dislike and is offensive. Since Alf didn't fall on his mouth either, they both exchange verbal blows at various encounters. Alf can't help but comment when a conversation in the series turns to Kate's mother. Nevertheless, Alf tries to help Dorothy by pretending to be able to contact her deceased husband in the afterlife, who is then supposed to comfort her. However, this goes wrong and Dorothy notices the scam. It is more effective that Alf brings her together with Whizzer Deaver, whom she later marries, in the course of the series.

Whizzer Deaver is the partner and future husband of Kate's mother Dorothy. He is a jazz musician and plays the clarinet. Dorothy is scratchy towards him at first, although she likes him. She's not over the death of her first husband yet. Thanks to Alf's help, they both get together and get married. Whizzer and Alf only meet once when Whizzer wants to get a beer and, without Willie preventing it, runs into the kitchen, where Alf is hiding. Whizzer is fascinated at first, but both do not really feel sympathy for each other because Whizzer feels annoyed by Alf.

Trevor Ochmonek is the somewhat quirky neighbor of the Tanners. On the one hand, Trevor is helpful, for example he often lends his car to Willie. On the other hand, he is also intrusive and often visits the Tanners because of any trivialities, sits down at the table when the family is at dinner and helps himself without being asked. The Tanners have to hide Alf from the Ochmoneks. It remains unclear whether he is employed or retired. He took part as an aviator in the Korean War (1.26, The Stowaway ), where he was injured by shrapnel fire and retired from active service. At first he lived with his wife Raquel in New York City before they moved to Los Angeles because of the rampant crime in the "Big Apple". The two stand out because of their rather tasteless clothes; their household is rather chaotic and not as well-ordered as the somewhat narrow-minded Tanners.

Raquel Ochmonek is Trevor's wife. She is also helpful, but often only because she wants to satisfy her curiosity. Alf must also be hidden from her. Once the two of them meet for a short time, Raquel reacts in panic, distributes leaflets and wants to inform the authorities. Finally, with the help of television, she is made believable that Alf has left earth again.

Jake Ochmonek is Trevor and Raquel's nephew. He lives with them because his father is in prison. Jake also has a tendency to get on the wrong track at the beginning. When he breaks into the Tanners' garage one night and tries to steal their telescope, he meets Alf, of whom he is initially very afraid. When the two get to know each other and Alf asks him not to tell anyone about him, they both eventually become friends. As he has manual skills, he regularly repairs electrical appliances or cars.

Jody is Alf's girlfriend. He met her on a radio show over the phone because he felt very lonely. Both would very much like to meet, which is very difficult due to the fact that Alf is not allowed to show himself in public. He finally travels to her, disguised in Willie's hat and coat, with Lynn's help. Since Jody is blind, she does not know that Alf is an alien and just wonders why Alf is so small and always wears the same "old sweater". During the course of the second season, Jody, who had to leave her apartment, moved in with the Tanners for a short time. Alf is so happy about it that he doesn't want to let her go anymore and keeps disappearing the newspapers with apartment advertisements, which Willie prevents. After Jody has found an apartment, Alf moves in with her to help her at the beginning. However, since this degenerates into a lot of chaos in the end, Jody asks him to undress again, since he has helped her enough now. Jody shows up one last time at a surprise party for Alf at the Tanner's house.

Dr. Larry Dykstra is a psychiatrist and a good friend of Willie's. Willie looks for him after he feels completely overwhelmed by Alf. Both are introduced to each other over a meal. Larry often advises the Tanner family on psychological issues with Alf, for example when Alf orders a ventriloquist doll and begins to outsource parts of his personality to this doll.

Episode list


In addition to the animated series Alf - Memories of Melmac ( ALF: The Animated Series , 1987) and Alf im Märchenland ( ALF Tales , 1988), the television film Alf - Der Film (Project: ALF) was produced in 1996 , which was released as a feature film in Germany. The film continues the storyline of the series, which ended with a cliffhanger in the final episode of the fourth season . However, the Tanner family does not appear in the film because the actors in the series were no longer available and the roles were not replaced, which is an important point of reference to the television series. This is considered to be one reason why the film is not very popular among fans of the series today and also received mostly mediocre reviews.

In addition, several radio plays were released in Germany that had no counterpart within the television series, so they can be viewed as an extension or offshoot of the same. On the one hand, there is the three-part series ALF: Bedtime stories in which Alf describes earlier experiences with his grandmother. On the other hand, several stories appeared in Remus-Verlag, which are told by Tommi Piper as Alf and during his time play with the Tanners ( Alf falls into the house , Alf in the holiday camp , Alf plays detective , Super-Alf ).

In addition, a total of five books written by Rainer Büttner were published in Germany , the individual chapters of which summarized the episodes of the series.

Alf experienced the first revival in 2002 in commercials for an American telephone operator, in which he appeared with well-known American actors. In 2004 Alf was seen in the United States with his own talk show (ALF's Hit Talk Show) .

In 2012 there were reports that Sony Pictures was planning a remake as a feature film in which ALF should be seen as a computer-animated character. However, nothing has been heard from this project since then.

In August 2018, Warner Bros. Television announced that it was working on a remake of the series, but in November of that year it was announced that the project would be discontinued after no interested party was found.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Stuck on Earth
  DE 28 06/13/1988 (11 weeks)
Hello Alf, this is Rhonda (Tommi Piper sings Alf)
  DE 43 05/08/1989 (12 weeks)

In 1988 the song Stuck On Earth hit the charts.

Alf's German voice actor was able to use the popularity of the series to publish music tracks with Alf's German voice. In addition to official publications under the title Tommi Piper singt ALF , the song House Party by "FLA (The Voice: Tommi Piper )" was created, in which Alf's name is deliberately left out (excerpt: "Hello, here is ... here is ... well, you know." who <typical Alf laugh> ").

The titles of the episodes are all names of pieces of music in the English original.

Alf's technology and synchronization

If Alf can be seen completely and is walking around, he was portrayed by the short actor Michu Meszaros in a corresponding costume. Usually only ALF's upper body can be seen as it is a hand puppet. It was controlled by three puppeteers: Paul Fusco, producer of the series, controlled the left hand and mouth and is Alf's voice in the American original. The other two puppeteers controlled the other hand and facial expression. The scenes in which the doll or costume were used can be kept apart, as the heads, for example, have slightly different proportions. As the series progressed, the use of the full-body costume was abandoned more and more because it quickly became unbearably hot because of the studio lights inside the costume.

Due to the complicated technical requirements, the series consists almost exclusively of interior scenes; the shooting for this took place in the studios of today's Sony Pictures Entertainment (until the takeover by Sony in 1989: Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc. ) in Culver City , Los Angeles County . The real template for the Tanners' house, an L-shaped Tudor- style building erected in 1926 (which can only be seen from the outside in the subtitles) was in Brentwood , 708, Moreno Avenue until it was demolished in 2012 .

While it is common in the USA to record sitcoms produced for television live in front of an audience, Alf was accompanied by canned laughs , as no audience could be present for the filming. On the one hand, this is due to the elaborate stage construction, because there had to be space everywhere for the puppeteers, who also had to constantly change their position. On the other hand, it was because Alf's inventor did not want the Alf illusion to be destroyed. Alf also appeared several times as a guest in US American late-night programs without the puppeteers being seen by the audience present. Such a way of working could not have been implemented for a sitcom.

The dialogues were translated from English by Siegfried Rabe for German television. Care was taken to replace TV programs and people unknown in Germany with known ones. For example, some episodes of the German dubbed version mention “ Professor Brinkmann ” for doctors from US series unknown there.

The series became popular with German-speaking audiences when Tommi Piper was cast as the voice of Alf. Piper, who had been working as an actor and voice actor for a long time, achieved enormous popularity when it was first broadcast. In the French dubbed version, Roger Carel took over the voice of Alf, who was already popular in France as the original voice from the film adaptations of the Asterix comics . His voice gives the scenes a completely different atmosphere than in the German version with Piper's much younger and more anarchic voice, whose overall character comes very close to that of Paul Fusco , Alf's original English voice.

Surname role actor Voice actor
Alf (Gordon Shumway) Alien from the planet Melmac Paul Fusco (puppeteer, Alf's original voice)
Lisa Buckley and Bob Fappiano (puppeteer)
Michu Meszaros (actor for full body recordings )
Tommi Piper (Alf's German dubbing voice)
Kai Wulff (DVD dubbing)
Willie Francis Tanner Family man and social worker Max Wright Niels Clausnitzer
Kate Tanner Willie's wife Anne Schedeen Helga Trümper
Lynn Tanner Kate and Willie's daughter Andrea Elson Madeleine Stolze (episode 1–52)
Christin Marquitan (episode 53–102)
Brian Tanner Kate and Willie's oldest son Benji Gregory Dirk Meyer
Eric Tanner Kate and Willie's youngest son Charles Nickerson
Trevor Ochmonek Tanner's neighbor John LaMotta Norbert Gastell
Raquel Ochmonek Tanner's neighbor Liz Sheridan Marianne Wischmann
Jake Ochmonek Son of Trevor's brother Josh Blake Manou Lubowski
Neal Tanner Willie's brother Jim J. Bullock Christian Tramitz
Dorothy Halligan Kate's mother Anne Meara Ingeborg Lapsien
Whizzer Deaver Kate's mother's husband Paul Dooley Manfred Erdmann
Jody Alf's blind friend Andrea Covell Anita Höfer
Susanne von Medvey
Dr. Larry Dykstra psychologist Bill Daily Harald Dietl
Alexander Allerson

Guest appearances

Throughout the series there have been guest appearances of famous actors, such as Marcia Wallace , who later became the original voice of the Simpsons -Figur Edna Krabappel as Brian's elementary school teacher , Mrs. Lyman in 01.22 ( stage for asparagus tips ) and 1.24 ( Brian's finest hour ), Elisha Cook as Willie's Uncle Albert in ep.2.16, Anne Ramsey as Ethel Buttonwood in ep.2.20 (An Adversary on Four Legs), Ted Raimi as Julius , an undertaker in 4.13, The Hawaiian Party , Casey Kasem as himself in 4.14, Once Upon a Time a comedian , Fran Drescher in the role of Roxanne , Brian's future wife, a Mafia girl in 4.18, Blinding prospects , Dan Castellaneta , the later original voice of Homer Simpson as Steve Michaels , manager of a group with questionable environmental policy in 4.21, The Environmentalist .

Notable is episode 2.02, Ripe for the Island , a crossover episode with Gilligan's Island , in which the stars of the 1960s sitcom appear in their respective roles: Bob Denver as Gilligan , Alan Hale junior as skipper , Russell Johnson as professor and Dawn Wells as Mary Ann Summers .

Correspondingly, Alf had a guest appearance in the satirical film Donald Trump's The Art Of The Deal: The Movie from Funny or Die from 2016. There Alf u. a. as a guest at the wedding of Donald Trump (played by Johnny Depp ) and Ivana Trump (played by Michaela Watkins ) in 1977, 9 years before the series premiere. Paul Fusco played Alf again and took over his voice. His wife Linda , who was the technical advisor for the series, also operated the doll.

Radio plays

At the same time as the television broadcast, Karussell released radio play cassettes with the original synchronization. The laughs were removed and background music and a speaker were used to describe the television picture in certain situations. In addition, some dialogues are missing. A total of 43 cassettes and two cassettes under the title "Christmas with ALF" appeared in the radio play series. However, two episodes of the third and eight episodes of the fourth season were not implemented as a radio play. Thus 90 of the 100 episodes broadcast in Germany were published as a radio play. With 45 cassettes, ALF is the most extensive radio play version of original TV recordings to date.

Radio play index

The consequences are not available as a radio play:

season 3

  • Mother thief
  • The tramp

Season 4

  • Mr. Universe
  • The marriage fraud
  • In the cotton frenzy
  • Brother neal
  • May I make known  ...
  • Everything for the cat'
  • Uninvited guests
  • Men's economy

In 2005, Karussell released another four CDs with a total of eight episodes of the series, with no order being followed.

CD 1

  • Hello, here I am
  • The night the pizza came

CD 2

  • The Hawaii Party
  • Once upon a time there was a comedian

CD 3

  • In the last minute
  • Genius and madness

CD 4

  • Moving joys
  • The decision

Several episodes of the animated series Alf - Memories of Melmac were also released in a radio play version. Independently of the television series, three radio play cassettes with bedtime stories were also produced , in which Alf (as spoken by Tommi Piper in the television series) tells of his childhood experiences with his grandmother.

Publication on VHS and DVD

In the late 1980s, several episodes appeared on VHS tapes . The release of the series on DVD was long delayed in Germany; mainly due to copyright disputes with the theme music. However, this could be solved and it can now be heard in the original version on the DVDs.

Warner Home Video released all four seasons on DVD between 2009 and 2010. The unabridged original master tapes from the USA were used. In the first season, however, a scene from All In Confidence , in which the Chipmunks played the song Christmas Don't Be Late, is missing and the second box only contains the episode Ready for the Island in a version shortened by 2 minutes . Furthermore, the opening credits of this episode differ from the usual opening credits by a slightly shortened version including a slightly modified title melody.

Some scenes can be seen for the first time in Germany: The long episode Gestatten, mein Name ist Schlegel was cut into two parts by ZDF in 1988 for broadcast in its own evening program and a short summary was inserted at the beginning of the second part. For the additional time of the summary, scenes had to be removed from other places; these were therefore not synchronized. These scenes were re-dubbed with other speakers on DVD, which contains the original long version of the episode. However, scenes were also provided with a new synchronization that were already available in the ZDF version with the original speakers, as they were flashbacks from earlier episodes. In the two-parter Auf Verbrecherjagd a short sequence in which Alf announces the continuation in the next week was also missing. Also here was re-synchronized; again partly sentences that already existed with the original speakers.

In the United States - in contrast to Germany - the series was only released in a heavily shortened syndication version on DVD, which caused great indignation among fans. The publisher justifies the cuts with the quality of the original film material , which is too poor for a DVD release, and the high costs for the restoration. In Canada, on the other hand, a special DVD called The ALF Files was released , which contains three of the five double episodes unabridged and in perfect picture and sound, including the Johnny Carson double episode, which was never seen in Germany. There is also an audio commentary with Paul Fusco and Alf on the DVD.

The Alf film was released on DVD in 1999.

Similar works

The idea of ​​adding an alien to a typical American family also appears in the animated series American Dad (since 2005). There the Smith family takes in the alien Roger after he saved the life of the family man Stan in Area 51 .

Even before Alf , there were comedy series with a similar theme: In Mein Unkel vom Mars (1963 to 1966) an alien lives with a journalist and in Mork vom Ork (1978 to 1982) with a young woman. In Steven Spielberg's film ET - The Extra-Terrestrial from 1982, a family also hides an alien from the authorities. In the film Howard (1986), a young woman takes on an alien duck.


  • The inhabitants of Melmac be in a sequence as melmacer , in a different Melmacianer referred. Such inconsistencies appear more often in the series: In the episode The Exterminator and the Cockroach , Brian names the cockroach after Willie's brother Rodney; later this is introduced under the name Neal (in A Journey through the Night , Willie tells Alf that his parents have two children, so they must be the same person). In one episode, Kate mentions that she was an only child, and in a later episode, she recounts that Willie was with her sister before her.
  • During the close-up of Benji Gregory in the opening credits of the first two seasons of the series, you can briefly see the end of the stage setting on the left edge of the picture.
  • From 1996 to 2004, Alf played a role in the Gremlins Invasion theme ride in Warner Bros. Movie World (now Movie Park Germany ). Before the actual journey, the guests were shown a film of an Alf episode; Then the cinema was attacked by Gremlins , with the help of Alf, who appeared several times as an animatronic while driving , apparently a way out of the studio was sought.
  • In the computer game XCOM: Enemy Unknown , station commander Bradford mentions a report that a spaceship has crashed in the backyard of a middle-class family named "Tanner" and that the XCOM team will take care of this matter.
  • The Düsseldorf rock band Ochmoneks was named after the neighbor couple the Tanners, Raquel and Trevor Ochmonek.
  • As with some other US series such as B. Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural were the episode titles in the English original named after well-known pop and rock songs. This was not adopted in the German dubbing.
  • According to the seventh episode of the third season ("The Mysterious Stranger - Part 1"), the Tanners live on 167 Hamdale Avenue (which is actually neither in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles, nor in Los Angeles itself). In addition, 555-7787 is mentioned as their telephone number in this episode .


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