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Basque Country Autonomous CommunitySpain
Coat of arms of the province of Bizkaia
coat of arms
Flag of the Province of Vizcaya
Basque name : Bizkaia
[[{{{Language2}}} e language | {{{language2}}} er name]]: Vizcaya
Basic data
Autonomous Community : Basque Country Autonomous Community
Capital : Bilbao
Official languages : Spanish , Basque
Area : 2,217 km²
Residents : 1,152,651 (Jan 1, 2019)
Population density : 519.91 inhabitants / km²
ISO 3166-2 : ES-BI
Website :
Location of the Province of Vizcaya
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The province of Bizkaia ( Basque Bizkaia , Spanish Vizcaya ) is one of the three provinces of the Basque Country Autonomous Region in Spain . Bizkaia extends over 2,217.28 km². The population density is 520 inhabitants per square kilometer. The capital of the province is Bilbao (Basque Bilbo ). Former license plate was BI , zip code is 48xxx.


Division of the Basque Country
(in a broader sense):
  • Basque Country Autonomous Region
  • Autonomous Region of Navarre
  • French Basque Country
  • Coastline in Biscay

    The province of Bizkaia is located on the north coast of the Iberian Peninsula .

    It borders on Cantabria in the northwest , the province of Burgos in the southwest , Araba / Álava in the south and Gipuzkoa / Guipúzcoa in the east . The land border with the other provinces is 167 km long, the coastline to the Bay of Biscay , for which the Basque province is named, is 80 km; the province also includes some small, uninhabited islands such as B. Aketze . The highest point is Mount Gorbea at 1,480 m.

    The climate is maritime with cool summers and mild winters. As in the other regions on the north coast of Spain, the annual rainfall is quite high.


    The islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on the Biscay coast between Bermeo and Bakio

    In addition to the international trading port in Bilbao, there are also the well-known fishing ports of Armintza, Bermeo , Elantxobe, Getxo , Lekeitio , Mundaka , Ondarroa , Plentzia, Portugalete , Santurtzi and Zierbana on the coast of the province of Bizkaia .

    Largest communities

    As of January 1, 2019

    local community Spanish name Residents
    Bilbo Bilbao 346,843
    Barakaldo Baracaldo 100,881
    Getxo Guecho 77,946
    Portugalete Portugalete 45,766
    Santurtzi Santurce 45,853
    Basauri Basauri 40,589
    Leioa Lejona 31,795
    Galdakao Galdácano 29,326
    Sestao Sestao 27,296
    Durango Durango 29,791
    Erandio Erandio 24,350
    Amorebieta-Etxano Amorebieta-Echano 19,339
    Bermeo Bermeo 16,765
    Mungia Munguía 17,691
    Gernika-Lumo Guernica y Luno 17,016
    Ermua Ermua 15,880
    Sopelana Sopelana 13,878
    Arrigorriaga Arrigorriaga 12,160
    Trapagaran Valle de Trápaga 11,985
    Echévarri Echévarri 11,563

    Population development of the province


    In the Middle Ages, Bizkaia was a sovereign part of the Kingdom of Asturias and, from the 11th century, Castile . The Lords of Biscay, who initially referred to themselves as "Counts and Sovereigns of Biscay" ( Conde y Soberano de Vizcaya ), were among the most powerful nobles in the country, especially since they were also entrusted with the office of Alférez Mayor (royal standard bearer) of Castile for a long time which was usually associated with the office of commander of the royal army. The connection of the family (which later took the name Haro ) in the middle of the 14th century with a branch line of the ruling house of Burgundy-Ivrea , which had inherited the property of the house of Lara , was established for the Castilian kings Alfonso XI. and Peter the Cruel ( Pedro el Cruel ) became a permanent threat: the last members of the count's family were among the victims who were murdered during Peter's reign. Biskaya came to a not blood-related cousin who was also the wife of Henry of Trastamara , whereby Biskaya fell to the royal family after Henry had won the throne in 1369.

    Lords of Biscay

    • Iñigo López Ezquerra, 1042 Count and Sovereign of Biscay, † probably 1077
    • Lope Iñíguez, his son, 1077–93 Count and sovereign of Biscay
    • Diego López, † 1124, his son, 1093–1124 Count and sovereign of Biscay
    • Lope Díaz, † 1170, his son, 1124–1170 Count of Haro , sovereign of Biscay
    • Diego López el Bueno, † 1214, his son, 1170–1214 Count of Haro, sovereign of Biscay
    • Lope Díaz de Haro, called Cabeza Brava , † 1236, his son, 1214–36 sovereign of Biscay
    • Diego López de Haro, † 1254, his son, 1236–54 sovereign of Biscay
    • Lope Díaz de Haro, † 1288, his son, 1254–88 sovereign of Biscay
    • Diego López de Haro, † 1288/92, his son, sovereign of Biscay
    • Diego López de Haro, † 1310, brother of Lope Diáz, 1288–1310 sovereign of Biscay
    • María Díaz de Haro, † 1342, daughter of Lope Díaz, 1310–42 sovereign of Biscay; ⚭ Juan, Infante of Castile, X 1319, Lord of Valencia de Campos ( House of Burgundy-Ivrea )
    • Juan of Castile, called el Tuerto , † murdered 1326, their son, 1319–26 Lord of Biscay
    • María Díaz de Haro, † 1351, his daughter, mistress of Biscay; ⚭ 1331
    • Juan Núñez de Lara, † 1350, lord of Lara and Biskaya, son of Ferdinand II. De la Cerda
    • Nuño Díaz de Haro, † 1352, their son, Lord of Lara and Biskaya
    • Juana Núñez de Lara, † murdered in 1359, daughter of Juan Núñez de Lara, mistress of Lara and Biscay; ⚭ Tello Bastard of Castile , Lord of Aguilar de Campoo and Castañeda , † 1370
    • Isabel Núñez de Lara, † murdered 1361, her sister, mistress of Lara and Biscay; ⚭ 1354 Juan, Infante of Aragon, Lord of Elche , † murdered in 1358
    • Juana Manuel of Castile, † 1381, her daughter, mistress of Lara and Biscay; ⚭ 1350 Heinrich (Enrique) II , 1369/79 King of Castile
    • John I (Juan) , † 1390, son of Juana Manuel and Heinrich II. Of Castile, 1371 Lord of Lara and Biscay, 1379 King of Castile and León
    • Ferdinand I (Fernando) , † 1416, his son, Lord of Lara and Biscay, 1412 King of Aragon etc. (Biscay falls back to Castile)
    • Isabella I (Isabel la Católica) , † 1504, his daughter, 1474 Queen of Castile etc., mistress of Biscay
    • ...


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    Individual evidence

    1. Cifras oficiales de población resultantes de la revisión del Padrón municipal a 1 de enero . Population statistics from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (population update).