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The Itzquelle at the foot of the Bleßberg

The Itzquelle at the foot of the Bleßberg

Water code EN : 2416
location Germany
River system Rhine
Drain over Main  → Rhine  → North Sea
source at the foot of the Bleßberg above the village of Stelzen
50 ° 26 ′ 35 ″  N , 10 ° 59 ′ 29 ″  E
Source height 673  m above sea level NN
muzzle below Rattelsdorf in the Main Coordinates: 49 ° 58 '59 "  N , 10 ° 52' 5"  E 49 ° 58 '59 "  N , 10 ° 52' 5"  E
Mouth height 235  m above sea level NN
Height difference 438 m
Bottom slope approx. 5.5 ‰
length approx. 80 km
Catchment area 1029 km²
Discharge at the Schenkenau gauge (91.4% of the catchment area)
A Eo : 940.59 km²
Location: 20.64 km above the mouth
NNQ (1976)
MNQ 1968–2009
MQ 1968–2009
Mq 1968–2009
MHQ 1968–2009
HHQ (1967)
780 l / s
2.08 m³ / s
9.33 m³ / s
9.9 l / (s km²)
86.2 m³ / s
230 m³ / s
A Eo : 1029 km²
at the mouth
9.7 m³ / s
9.4 l / (s km²)
Reservoirs flowed through Froschgrundsee
Navigable No

The Itz is a right tributary of the Main in southern Thuringia and Upper Franconia . According to the Bavarian Water Act (BayWG), it is a first-order body of water .


The Itztal lies in the sandstone Keuper , Rhät , Lias and Dogger and, together with the surrounding hills, forms the Itz-Baunach hill country of the south-west German step country . The river is deeply deepened into the rock, its valley floor falls from 673  m above sea level. NN at 438 m to 235  m above sea level. NN . The meadow landscape is a cultural landscape in which the grassland dominates and which shapes the image of the Upper Mainland. The Itztal between Coburg and Baunach (14.5 km² FFH area ) as well as the Itz- Baunach -Aue with an area of ​​123 km² are specially protected landscape protection areas that are characterized by regular flooding. Meadows with rare and threatened species are characteristic of them . In the case of the animals, there are beavers , bullheads , light blue-colored buttonheads and dark blue-colored buttonheads , while the plants are alder and ash species . Almost a quarter of the floodplains are under nature protection .

River course

The river is about 80 kilometers long and has a 1029 square kilometers catchment area. It rises northeast of Eisfeld in the Thuringian Slate Mountains at 673  m above sea level. NN at the foot of the Bleßberg in Stelzen in the Hildburghausen district .

The town of Schalkau is located on the river in the upper Itztal . Immediately after the state border, it is dammed up to the Froschgrundsee in Bavaria to protect against flooding . Then the Itz flows through the Froschgrund between Schönstädt and Oberwohlsbach and the cities of Rödental and Coburg . Further down the fertile lower Itzgrund , it floods the valley again and again when the water is high. Below Rattelsdorf , the Itz flows into the Main between Breitengüßbach and Baunach .


The tributaries are among others


The Itz is the namesake of a Main Franconian dialect , Itzgründischen , which is spoken in the valleys of the Itz and its tributaries.

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