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James Farrington (born October 1, 1791 in Conway , Carroll County , New Hampshire , †  October 29, 1859 in Rochester , New Hampshire) was an American politician . Between 1837 and 1839 he represented the state of New Hampshire in the US House of Representatives .


James Farrington attended the public schools of his home country and then until 1814 the Fryeburg Academy in Maine . After studying medicine and becoming a doctor, he began practicing in Rochester in 1818 in his new profession.

Farrington became a member of the Democratic Party . Between 1828 and 1831 he was an MP in the New Hampshire House of Representatives . In 1836 he was a member of the State Senate . In the congressional elections of 1836, which were held nationwide, he was elected to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC for a second mandate from New Hampshire . There he took over from Robert Burns on March 4, 1837 . Until March 3, 1839, however, he only served one legislative period in Congress .

After serving in the House of Representatives, Farrington returned to work as a doctor. In 1845 he became the curator of the New Hampshire Mental Hospital. Farrington was also involved in founding Rochester Bank , of which he would remain President until his death in 1859.

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