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Clifton Clagett (born December 3, 1762 in Portsmouth , New Hampshire Colony , † January 25, 1829 in Amherst , New Hampshire ) was an American politician . Between 1803 and 1805 and from 1817 to 1821 he represented the state of New Hampshire in the US House of Representatives .


After studying law and being admitted to the bar in 1787, Clifton Clagett began practicing his new profession in Litchfield . Politically, he became a member of the Federalist Party founded by Alexander Hamilton . In the congressional elections of 1802, which were held nationwide, he was elected to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC for the then newly created fifth mandate from New Hampshire . There he completed a legislative period between March 4, 1803 and March 3, 1805.

Clagett was Justice of the Peace in 1808 and probate judge in Hillsborough County from 1810 to 1812 . In 1812 he moved to Amherst. In the same year he became a judge on the Supreme Court of his state. Politically, Clagett switched to the Democratic Republican Party in those years . In 1816 he was an MP in the New Hampshire House of Representatives ; in the same year he won again the election to the US House of Representatives. There he took over on March 4, 1817, the third mandate of his state from William Hale . After a re-election in 1818, he was able to complete two consecutive terms in Congress until March 3, 1821 . During this time Florida was ceded by Spain to the United States.

After his tenure in the House of Representatives, Clifton Clagett returned to the probate court in 1823. He held this office until his death in January 1829.

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