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Prince Carl Palais

This page gives an overview of Stadtpalais in the urban area of Munich . On the one hand, these are residences of the city ​​nobility and, on the other hand, second homes of the country nobility . For the residences of the dukes of Bavaria and official residences of nobles in their domain such as B. Hofmarkschlösser a Hofmark see the list of castles and palaces in Munich .

Preserved palais

The palaces still preserved - some in a modified form - include:

Surname Location architect Client construction time Architectural style use image
Palais Rechberg
or Radlayers House
Hackenviertel , Hackenstrasse 7 ( location ) Jean Baptiste Métivier Auditor Johann Rudolf Wämpl 1678
remodeling in 1817
Baroque (originally)
early classical facade
1668: Property of the Rechberg family.
1848: Josef Radlayers bought a
business and residential building
Rechberg Palace
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Palais Porcia
or Portia or Porzia
Kreuzviertel , Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße  12 ( location ) Enrico Zuccalli
François de Cuvilliés
Maria Anna Katharina Countess Fugger and her husband Paul Graf Fugger 1693
remodeling 1731–1737
Baroque (originally)
Rococo (after renovation)
1731: owned by Josepha Maria Countess Morawitzky and her later husband, Prince Porcia
1819: Literary Society
1934: Bayerische Vereinsbank / HypoVereinsbank
Palais Porcia
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Spreti Palace Kreuzviertel , Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße  6 ( location ) Toerring-Jettenbach 1720 Late baroque
reconstruction after the Second World War, greatly simplified, third floor added in 1970
1726–1786: owned by the Counts of Spreti,
today an office building
Spreti Palace
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Palais Preysing Graggenau , Residenzstraße  27 ( location ) Joseph Effner Johann Maximilian IV. Emanuel von Preysing 1723-1728 Rococo 1835–1898: Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechsel-Bank,
then shops, shopping mall and practices
Palais Preysing
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Lerchenfeld Palace Hackenviertel , Damenstiftstraße 8 ( location ) Ignaz Anton Gunetzrhainer
Lerchenfeld family In 1726,
after the Second World War, only the facade was preserved and rebuilt
Rococo today: cemetery administration and municipal burial in Munich Lerchenfeld Palace
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Minucci Palace Kreuzviertel , Salvatorplatz 2 ( location ) Lorenzo Perti
Minucci family ( Original building 1675 )
It was built in 1731 as a new building or redesign of the western part of the former Theatine monastery (by L. Perti) for Ferdinand Count von Minucci in the late Baroque style.
Rococo 1731: City palace of Count Minucci. From 1893 to 2012 this was the headquarters of the Hugendubel bookstore. Then a bathroom supplier moved into the Hugendubel premises. Minucci Palace
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Palais Holnstein Kreuzviertel , Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße  7 ( location ) François de Cuvilliés the Elder Elector Karl Albrecht 1735-1737 Rococo for Franz Ludwig von Holnstein , son of the client
since 1821, seat of the Archbishop of Munich and Freising
Palais Holnstein
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Neuhaus-Preysing Palace Kreuzviertel , Prannerstraße 2 ( location ) Philipp Köglsperger based
on a design by François de Cuvilliés
Von Neuhaus family 1737: Extension of an existing property Rococo 1760: von Perfall family
1797: Counts von Preysing – Moos
from 1898: various banks
Neuhaus-Preysing Palace
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Toerring-Jettenbach Palace Graggenau , Residenzstraße  2 (at Max-Joseph-Platz ) ( location ) Ignaz Anton Gunetzrhainer Ignaz von Törring 1747-1754 Rococo (originally)
1825 Classicist extension by Leo von Klenze
1858: Extension to the east side of the Hofgraben
1836: Re-dedication to the main post office, destroyed western part (Rococo)
during World War II , not restored.
2009: Conversion to a commercial and residential building
Toerring-Jettenbach Palace
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Palais Gise Kreuzviertel , Prannerstraße 9 ( location ) Karl Albert von Lespilliez (presumed) Von Taufkirchen family 1760-1765 Rococo
(only the facade preserved)
1831: von Arco family
1837: Freiherr Friedrich August von Gise
1906: various banks and companies, used as an office building
Palais Gise
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Palais Seinsheim Kreuzviertel , Prannerstraße 7 ( location ) Joseph Franz Maria von Seinsheim 1764–1770
1809: Remodeling
1949: Reconstruction and extension
Rococo , early classicism 1984: Bavarian Association of Cities Palais Seinsheim
Prince Carl Palais Maxvorstadt , Franz-Josef-Strauss-Ring 5 ( location ) Karl von Fischer
Jean Baptiste Métivier (extension)
Pierre de Salabert 1804–1806
1827: expansion
classicism 1825: Karl von Bayern
1876: Austrian Legation
1968: Seat of the Bavarian Prime Minister for representation purposes
Prince Carl Palais
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Vorontsov Palace Hackenviertel , Herzogspitalstraße 12 ( location ) Jean Baptiste Métivier Jakob Ludwig 1807/08
1820: facade and extension
classicism 1822–1825: Iwan Illarionowitsch Voronzow-Daschkow (Russian envoy)
today: Higher Regional Court of Munich
Vorontsov Palace
Palais Montgelas Kreuzviertel , Promenadeplatz  2 ( location ) Emanuel Herigoyen Maximilian of Montgelas 1811-1813 classicism 1817–1933: Bavarian State Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1933–1945: Bavarian State Chancellery
1969: conversion and integration into the Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Palais Montgelas
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Palais Toerring-Seefeld Maxvorstadt , Karolinenplatz  4 ( location ) Karl von Fischer
reconstruction: Karl Kergl
Count of Toerring-Seefeld 1812
after 1946: reconstruction
classicism 2015: German Academy of Science and Engineering Palais Toerring-Seefeld
also Palais Hompesch
Maxvorstadt , Karolinenplatz  5 ( location ) Karl von Fischer Franz Wilhelm von Asbeck 1812 Classicism
1896: Reconstruction in the neo-baroque style
1821: Owned by the Hompesch family
around 1900: Prince Georg of Bavaria
today: Sparkassenverband Bayern
Prince Georg Palace
Leuchtenberg Palace Maxvorstadt , Odeonsplatz  4 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Eugène de Beauharnais , Duke of Leuchtenberg 1817–1821
1943/45: destroyed
1963–1967: rebuilding with reconstructed facade
classicism 1852–1933: Use by the Wittelsbach family
since 1967: Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, for State Development and Homeland
Leuchtenberg Palace
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Palais Arco Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße  10 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Maximilian von Arco-Zinneberg 1824 classicism Extension of the neighboring Palais Arco-Zinneberg Palais Arco
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Almeida Palace Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße  14 ( location ) Jean Baptiste Métivier Baroness Sophie Bayrstorff 1824 classicism today office and commercial building Almeida Palace
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Palais Eichthal Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße  12 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Simon von Eichthal 1824-1825 classicism after 1945: office and commercial building Palais Eichthal
Palais Arco-Zinneberg Maxvorstadt , Wittelsbacherplatz  1 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Maximilian von Arco-Zinneberg 1824–1825
1959/60: Reconstruction with a reconstructed facade
classicism 1928: commercial building
1960: office and commercial building
Palais Arco-Zinneberg
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Palais Moy Kreuzviertel , Brienner Straße  1 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Noble family Moy de Sons 1824/25 classicism today office and commercial building Palais Moy
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Palais Brienner Strasse 7 Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße  7 ( location ) Leo von Klenze 1825
after 1945: reconstruction and renovation
classicism Business, medical and office buildings Palais Brienner Strasse 7
Ludwig Ferdinand Palace Maxvorstadt , Wittelsbacherplatz  4 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Leo von Klenze
1878: Alfons and Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria
1825/26 classicism since 1957 headquarters of Siemens AG Ludwig Ferdinand Palace
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Dürckheim Palace Maxvorstadt , Türkenstrasse  4 ( location ) Franz Jakob Kreuter Count Friedrich Wilhelm Alfred von Dürckheim -Montmartin (1794–1879)} 1842-1844 Neo-renaissance 1855: Prussian Legation
1946–1968: State Criminal Police Office
since 1977: owned by the Bayerische Landesbank
Dürckheim Palace
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Palais Seyssel d'Aix Maxvorstadt , Kaulbachstraße  13 ( location ) Carl Reschreiter 1856
1914: redesign
Biedermeier 1874: Royal Chamberlain Edwin Graf von Seyssel d'Aix
1954: Institut français
Palais Seyssel d'Aix
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Pacelli Palace Schwabing , Georgenstraße 8 ( location ) Joseph Hölzle Joseph Hölzle 1880/81 originally neo-renaissance
1901: reconstruction in neo -baroque style
Pacelli Palace
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Bissing Palace Schwabing , Georgenstraße 10 ( location ) Joseph Hölzle
Ernst Robert Fiechter
Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing 1880/81
1902/03: remodeling
originally neo-renaissance
reconstruction in the style of reform architecture
Bissing Palace
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Bernheimer Palace Maxvorstadt , Lenbachplatz  3 ( location ) Friedrich von Thiersch Lehmann Bernheimer 1889-1891 Neo-baroque Business and office building Bernheimer House
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Crailsheim Palace Schwabing , Seestraße 20 ( location ) Josef Vasek 1891/92 Neo-renaissance Crailsheim Palace
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Berchem Palace Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße  22 ( location ) Gabriel von Seidl Cajetan Count of Berchem 1897/98 Neoclassicism today: Bayerische Landesbank Berchem Palace
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Schrenck-Notzing Palace Maxvorstadt , Max-Joseph-Straße 9 ( location ) Gabriel von Seidl Albert von Schrenck-Notzing 1904-1906 Neo-renaissance 1946: Bavarian Farmers Association Schrenck-Notzing Palace
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Arco Palace Kreuzviertel , Theatinerstraße 7, corner of Maffeistraße ( location ) Oswald Bieber
Georg Meister
Arco noble house 1908-1910 baroque Art Nouveau Commercial building Arco Palace
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Butcher's castle Bogenhausen , Ismaninger Straße 109 ( location ) Heilmann & Littmann Ernst Philipp Fleischer 1909-1923 Neo-baroque Künstlerhaus, then the seat of the Reichsfinanzhof and the Bundesfinanzhof Federal Fiscal Court
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Lost palais

During the Second World War , in particular , numerous palaces were so badly damaged that it was decided not to rebuild them. The better-known palaces that no longer exist today include:

Surname Location architect Client construction time Architectural style Gone image
Palais Hörwarth Kreuzviertel , Promenadeplatz 12 ( location ) Caspar Feichtmayr Noble family Hörwarth after 1650 Baroque Demolished in 1887 for the construction of the Parcus House
Maffei Palace Kreuzviertel , Promenadeplatz 8 ( location ) Enrico Zuccalli and Martin Gunetzrhainer originally Stürzerhaus, later owned by the Ritter von Maffei after 1685 Baroque Demolished in 1951
Palais Piosasque de Non Kreuzviertel , Theatinerstraße 16 ( location ) François de Cuvilliés the Elder Ä. Joseph Count Piosasque de Non 1726-1732 Rococo 1944 (bombed) Palais Piosasque de Non
Lotzbeck Palace Maxvorstadt , Karolinenplatz 3 ( location ) Karl von Fischer Franz Wilhelm Freiherr von Asbeck 1809
1896: reconstruction
classicism 1944 bombed
1955: canceled
Lotzbeck Palace
Herzog-Max-Palais Maxvorstadt , Ludwigstraße 13 ( location ) Leo von Klenze Duke Max Joseph in Bavaria 1828-1831 classicism 1937/38 (demolished) Herzog-Max-Palais
more pictures
Barlow Palace Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße 34 ( location ) Jean Baptiste Métivier Karl Freiherr von Lotzbeck (1828) 1828
1876: Richard Barlow
1930: NSDAP
classicism Notorious as the "Brown House" party headquarters of the NSDAP; 1945 (bombed) Barlow Palace
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Palais Schönborn-Wiesentheid Maxvorstadt , Ottostraße 19 ( location ) Franz Jakob Kreuter Damian Hugo Erwein from Schönborn-Wiesentheid 1843-1846 Neo-renaissance 1944 (bombed)
1952: dismantled and simplified
Palais Schönborn-Wiesentheid after the renovation in 1884.
Wittelsbacher Palace Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße 20, corner of Türkenstraße ( location ) Friedrich von Gärtner Maximilian II Joseph 1843-1848 Brick neo-Gothic 1944: bombed
1964: canceled
Wittelsbacher Palace
more pictures
Rosenthal Antiquariat Maxvorstadt , Brienner Straße 26 ( location ) Gustav from Cube Jacques Rosenthal 1909-1911 1944 (bombed)

Directory of all noble palaces

17th century: Palais Au (Ow), Palais Berchem I, Palais Maffei, Palais Neuhaus (Palais Perfall, Palais Preysing III), Palais Perusa I, Palais Preysing I and Palais Hörwarth (Parcus-Haus), Palais Rechberg I (Radspieler's House) , Palais Rechberg II (Castell-Haus), Palais Thürheim, Palais Törring-Seefeld, Palais Törring-Stein, Palais Wahl I (Palais Getto), Palais Waldkirch (Palais Vacchiery), Palais Wartenberg (Haslingerhaus)

18th century: Palais Fugger (Palais Portia), Palais Lamberg, Palais Spreti (Palais Wahl II), Palais Preysing II, Palais Piosasque de Non (Palais Eichthal I), Palais Lerchenfeld, Palais Minucci, Palais Kuen-Belassy, ​​Palais Holnstein ( Palais Königsfeld, Archbishop's Palace), Palais Morawitzky, Palais Fugger-Zinneberg (Old Academy, Royal Palace, Palais Birkenfeld, Cotta House), Palais Törring-Jettenbach (Törring-Palais, main post / Residenzpost), Palais Arco (Palais Gise), Palais Seinsheim, Palais Rheinstein-Tattenbach

19th century: Palais Salabert (Palais / Pavillon Royal, Prinz-Carl-Palais), Palais Woronzow, Palais Asbeck (Palais Lotzbeck), Palais Degenfeld (nunciature, »Black House«), Palais Montgelas I, Kronprinzenpalais (Palais Törring-Gutenzell , Törringpalais), Palais Hompesch (Prinz-Georg-Palais), Palais Leuchtenberg (Palais Prinz Luitpold), Palais Moy, Palais Berchem II, Palais Montgelas II, Palais Oettingen-Wallerstein, Palais Bayrstorff (Palais Almeida, Palais Bayrstorff-Almeida), Palais Mejan, Palais Eichthal II, Palais Arco-Zinneberg, Palais Ludwig Ferdinand (Palais Alfons), Wittelsbacher Palais, Palais Tascher de la Pagerie, Herzog-Max-Palais (Carl-Theodor-Palais), Palais Metivier (Palais Pallavicini, Palais Barlow , »Brown House«), Palais Dürckheim-Montmartin, Palais Schönborn-Wiesentheid, Palais Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

20th century: Palais Leopold (Queen Therese Villa), Palais Schrenck-Notzing, Villa Bechtolsheim


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