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Belgium is officially trilingual: German, French and Dutch. In addition, minority languages ​​are recognized. In this list, the German and Dutch or French or Luxembourg names of Belgian places (cities, rivers, etc.) are compared.

The places are shown with the well-known German, Dutch and French or Luxembourg names. The article only covers the German-speaking toponyms that have a name that differs from the local Dutch, French or Luxembourgish; differences between these two languages ​​are not covered by this list.

The places are arranged according to regions and provinces. Rivers are listed separately.

Due to the merging of municipalities in Belgium, many places are now part of a different municipality. In the comments, the current affiliation is noted for better orientation. The German-language name refers to the place article, if available, or alternatively to the article of the municipality to which the place is counted today.

Regions of Belgium

German Dutch French
Flanders Vlaanderen Flandre
Wallonia Wallonië Wallonia
Brussels Brussels Bruxelles

Provinces of Belgium

German Dutch French region
Antwerp Province Antwerp Anvers Flanders
Limburg Province Limburg Limbourg Flanders
East Flanders Province Oost-Vlaanderen Flandre Orientale Flanders
Flemish Brabant Province Vlaams-Brabant Brabant flamand Flanders
West Flanders Province West Flanders Flandre-Occidentale Flanders
Hainaut Province Henegouwen Hainaut Wallonia
Liege Province Luik Liège Wallonia
Province of Luxembourg (older also Lützelburg) Luxembourg Luxembourg Wallonia
Namur Province Names Namur Wallonia
Walloon Brabant Province Waals-Brabant Brabant wallon Wallonia

Places in Flanders

German Dutch French province
Antwerp (also outdated Antorf) Antwerp Anvers Antwerp
Bruges Brugge Bruges West Flanders
Drove (obsolete) Voeren Fourons Limburg
Herrenfuhren (obsolete) 's-Gravenvoeren Fouron-le-Comte Limburg
Martinsfuhren (obsolete) Sint-Martens-Voeren Fouron-Saint-Martin Limburg
Lions Leuven Louvain Flemish Brabant
Mechlin Mechelen Malines Flemish Brabant
Ostdünkirchen Oostduinkerke West Flanders
East End Ostend East End West Flanders
St. Peter's Fathers (obsolete) Sint-Pieters-Voeren Fouron-Saint-Pierre Limburg
Reemersthal Remersdaal Limburg
Seebrugge / Zeebrugge Zeebrugge Zeebruges West Flanders
Tongeren Tongeren Tongres Limburg
Ypres Ieper Ypres West Flanders

Places in the Brussels Capital Region

German Dutch French
Brussels Brussels Bruxelles
Watermal (obsolete) Watermaal Watermael

Places in Wallonia

Places in the province of Hainaut

German Dutch French Remarks
Mountains Mountains Mons Hainaut

Places in the province of Liège, including the German-speaking community

The language border between the German, Dutch and French-speaking areas runs through the province of Liège, so that there is an accumulation of toponyms in different languages. In the course of time this border has shifted a bit to the east, so that in the past there tended to be German or Dutch-speaking places, e.g. B. Welkenraedt or Bleyberg, today have a French-speaking majority.

The German place names in the nine municipalities of the German-speaking Community of Belgium are self-names and therefore not exonyms. For the sake of completeness, those communities and places with exonyms in other languages ​​are included in this list and marked with DG for “German-speaking community”. Further place names without known names in other languages ​​can be found under Category: Place in the German-speaking Community . Since the area of ​​the German-speaking Community lies entirely within the otherwise French-speaking province of Liège , the French and not the German name form is used in some maps.

Balen, Bleiberg and Welkenrath are also considered to be Low German communities .

The nine municipalities of the German-speaking Community

Adjacent to the German-speaking area, northern part

German Dutch French Walloon Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 Remarks
Altenberg (outdated) / Neutral Moresnet Neutral Moresnet Vieille Montagne (obsolete) / Moresnet neutre New Teritwere di Moresnet Kelmis (DG)
Balen (obsolete) Balen, Baelen Baelen Bailou Baelen Baelen possible facilities for German speakers
Bernau (outdated) Berne Berneau Berneau Dalhem
Bilstein (obsolete) Bilsteen Bilstain Blistin Bilstain Limbourg
Bleyberg / Bleiberg Blieberg Plombières Lead mountain Bleyberg possible facilities for German speakers
Bolbach (outdated) Bolbeek Bombaye Boûbåye Bombaye Dalhem
Daelheim (obsolete) Dolhain Limbourg
Eikschen Moresnet Chapelle ? Bleyberg
Eupen (old French Néau) Neyåw Eupen Eupen (DG)
Galbach (outdated) Jalhay Djalhe Jalhay Jalhay
Gulken / Gülke (outdated) Gulke / Geuleke Goé Goyé Goé Limbourg
Heinrichskapelle Hendriks Chapel Henri-Chapelle Hinri-Tchapele Heinrichskapelle Welkenraedt
Heverberg (obsolete) Heverberg Hèvremont Limbourg
Homburg Homburg Hombourg Homburg Bleyberg
Kelmis Kelmis La Calamine Calmène Kelmis Kelmis (DG)
Limburg on the Weser (outdated) Limburg Limbourg Limbo Limbourg Limbourg
Membach Membach Membaxh Membach Baelen
Michelshütte Baraque Michel Jalhay
Montzen Montsen Montzen Bleyberg
Steinberg (obsolete) Stembert Stimbièt Stembert Verviers
Velvish (outdated) Verviers Vervî Verviers Verviers
Weset (obsolete) Wezet Visé Vice Visé Visé
Weerst (obsolete) Weerst Warsage Warsèdje Dalhem
Welkenrath Welkenraat Welkenraedt Withered Welkenraedt Welkenraedt Facilities possible

Outside the closed German-speaking area

German French Walloon Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 Remarks
Borgworm (obsolete) Waremme Wareme Waremme Waremme Dutch: Borgworm
Triple bridges (obsolete) Trois-Ponts Troes-Ponts Trois-Ponts Trois-Ponts
Emburg (outdated) Embourg Imbourg Chaudfontaine Chaudfontaine
Frost (obsolete) Froidthere Thimister-Clermont
Groß-Richheim (obsolete) Grand Rechain Grand Rtchin Grand Rechain Herve
Klein-Richeim (obsolete) Petit-Rechain Pitit-Rtchin Petit-Rechain Verviers
Liege Liège Lîdge Liege Liege Dutch: Luik

Southern part

German French Walloon Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 Remarks
Aldringen Audrange Thommen Burg-Reuland (DG)
Amel Amblève Ambleve Amel Amel (DG)
Außenborn (outdated) Faymonville Faimonveye Faymonville Wisdom
Ausderheiden (outdated) Bruyères Wisdom
Bridges (obsolete) Pont Malmedy
Büllingen Bullange Bolindje Büllingen Büllingen (DG)
Bürnenville (outdated) Burnenville Burninveye Malmedy
Butgenbach Butgenbach Butgenbach Butgenbach (DG)
Deidesberg Thirimont Wisdom
Eibertingen Ebertange (obsolete) Amel (DG)
Engelsdorf (outdated) Ligneuville Lignouveye Bellevaux-Ligneuville Malmedy
Everscheid (outdated) Sourbrodt Wisdom
Fischvenn (obsolete) Ovifat Ôvîfa Wisdom
Gringertz (outdated) Champagne Wisdom
Grufflings Grufflange Thommen Burg-Reuland (DG)
Hedomont (obsolete) Hédômont Hedômont Malmedy
Hünningen Hunnange Büllingen (DG)
In der Bivelt (obsolete) Robertville Li Rbiveye Robertville Wisdom
In the spinning mill (obsolete) Outre-Warche Wisdom
Malmedy (older also Malmünde) Malmedy Måmdey Malmedy Malmedy Facility community for German speakers
Montenau Montegnée Amel (DG)
Mürringen Murrange Büllingen (DG)
Niedersteinbach Ondenval Wisdom
Odeler / Udelar / Udler (outdated) Oudler Burg-Reuland (DG)
Rotenberg (outdated) Bernister Malmedy
Saint Vith Saint-Vith Sint-Vi Saint Vith Saint Vith (DG)
Schoffrä (obsolete) Xhoffraix Xhofrai Malmedy
Schoenberg Schoenberg Schoenberg Saint Vith (DG)
Schönenthal (outdated) Bellevaux Belvå Bellevaux-Ligneuville Malmedy
Stablo Stavelot Ståvleu Stavelot Stavelot lux .: Staweler
Steinbach Steinbach Wisdom
Surbrot (obsolete) Sourbrodt Zôrbrôte Wisdom
Warche Bridge Pont-de-Warche Malmedy (former paper mill)
Wisdom Waimes Waime Wisdom Wisdom Facilities for German speakers
Weywertz Wévercé Wévercé Butgenbach (DG)
To the heathen (obsolete) Gueuzaine Wisdom

Places in the province of Luxembourg

The once German and traditionally Luxembourgish-speaking Areler Land with Luxembourgish place names

After the revolution of 1830 , the western part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg fell to Belgium. The eastern edge of the province, roughly along the road from Longwy (France) in the south to Bastnach in the north, was part of the Luxembourgish-speaking area. In the course of the territorial changes, the French place names became official. In particular in the communities of the Areler Land (Arel, Attert, Ibingen, Martelange, Messancy, as well as parts of Habay and Fauvillers), Luxembourgish has survived to this day, so that there are numerous toponyms in different languages. While most of the German-language terms have become obsolete due to the emancipation of Luxembourgish, the Luxembourgish terms are still used unofficially today.

In 1990 the French Community of Belgium recognized the regional languages ​​in its area, including Luxembourgish, but without taking any further action.

German Luxembourgish French Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 district Remarks
Altenhofen (outdated) Alenuewen Viville Bonnert Arel Arel
Alt-Habich (outdated) Al-Habech / Eel-Habech Habay-la-Vieille Habay-la-Vieille Habay Virton
Altsalm (outdated) Sëm Gaanglef / Zënt Gängelef Vielsalm Vielsalm Vielsalm Bastnach
Ansler (obsolete) Carrion Anlier Anlier Habay Virton
Arel Arel Arlon Arel Arel Arel Dutch: Aarlen
Arelshofen ? Arloncourt Longvilly Bastnach Bastnach
Breath (obsolete) Attem Athus Athus Ibingen Arel
Attert Atert Attert Attert Attert Arel
Bardenburg (obsolete) Badebuerg Clairefontaine Autelbas Arel Arel
Barnich Barnech Barnich Autelbas Arel Arel
Bastnach Baaschtnech Bastogne Bastnach Bastnach Bastnach Dutch: Bastenaken
Quivering Bees Bébange Habergy Messancy Arel
Beierchen Cote Rouge Tons long Arel Arel (at Bunnert)
Bettenhofen (outdated) Beetem Battincourt Halanzy Ibingen Arel
Birtz Office Boeur Tavigny Houffalize Bastnach
Binds (obsolete) Bëndelt / Bëndels Benonchamps Wardin Bastnach Bastnach
Birelhof Birelhaff (Ferme) Birel Autelbas Arel Arel
Bochholz (outdated) Boukëlz / Boukels Beho Beho Gouvy Bastnach
Borzich Borzig Bourcy Longvilly Bastnach Bastnach
Bowies (obsolete) Buawiss / Buawiess Bovigny Bovigny Gouvy Bastnach
Bunnert (obsolete) Bunnert Bonnert Bonnert Arel Arel
Boedingen Biedeg Bodange Fauvillers Fauvillers Bastnach
Burno ? Burnon Hollange Fauvillers Bastnach
Büwingen Béiwen / Béiweng Buvange Wolkrange Messancy Arel
Chantmill (obsolete) Shântmiël Chantemelle ? Étalle Virton
German Sea (also Meisch, both out of date) Däisch-Mier / Däitsch-Meesch Meix-le-Tige Meix-le-Tige Saint-Léger Virton
Deifert Déifert Differt Messancy Messancy Arel
Deyfeld (obsolete) Déiwent / Deewelt Deiffelt Beho Gouvy Bastnach
Diedenburg (outdated) Diddebuerg Thiaumont Thiaumont Attert Arel
Elcheroth (obsolete) Messed up Nobressart Nobressart Attert Arel
Emsong (outdated) Ëmsong Musson Musson Musson Virton
Esch on the hurt Esch-op-der-Huurt Aix-sur-Cloie Halanzy Ibingen Arel
Fear Lashes out Lashes out Attert Attert Arel
Feitweiler / Fauweiler, (also outdated Feiteler) Fäteler / Fetteler Fauvillers Fauvillers Fauvillers Bastnach
Frassem Eating Frassem Bonnert Arel Arel
Freilingen Frellen Freylange Heinsch Arel Arel
Gerlingen / Gellet (outdated) Gierleng Guerlange Messancy Ibingen Arel
Geylich / Geilich (outdated) Gäilech / Geilech / Gellich Gouvy Gouvy Gouvy Bastnach
Girsch (obsolete) Giisch Guirsch Guirsch Arel Arel
Gomels / Gommelshäusen Gommels Commanster Beho Vielsalm Bastnach
Greimelingen (outdated) Gréimel Grumelange Martelingen Martelingen Arel
Guldorf (outdated) Gielef Guelff Habergy Messancy Arel
Hemp (obsolete) Honerëf / Hauneref Honville Hollange Fauvillers Bastnach
Hohenfels Hauflescht / Haufelëscht Houffalize Houffalize Houffalize Bastnach
Heckbusch Heckbuus Heckbous Guirsch Arel Arel
Heischlingen (obsolete) Häischel Heinsch Heinsch Arel Arel
Heistert Heeschtert Heinstert Nobressart Attert Arel
Hearty (out of date) Häerzeg Hachy Hachy Habay Virton
Hewerdingen (outdated) Hiewerdang Habergy Habergy Messancy Arel
Holdingen (obsolete) Hueldang Halanzy Halanzy Ibingen Arel
Hollingen (obsolete) Hollen Hollange Hollange Fauvillers Bastnach
Hondelingen (obsolete) Hondeléng (Hondel) Hondelange Hondelange Messancy Arel
Hotten Had Hotte Fauvillers Fauvillers Bastnach
Ibingen Éibeng Aubange Ibingen Ibingen Arel
Katterwang Katterwang Quatre vents Hamlet near Arel (road to Bastnach)
Courteous Kordes / Kortes Courtil Bovigny Gouvy Bastnach
Lamerscher (outdated) Lomescher / Lambescher Limerlé Limerlé Gouvy Bastnach
Long water (also laser (outdated)) laser Longeau Messancy Messancy Arel
Lauterbach (outdated) Lauterbaach Lutrebois Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Bastnach Bastnach
Lautermännchen (obsolete) Läitren / Läitermännchen Lutremange Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Bastnach Bastnach
Liespelt (obsolete) Liischpelt / Leischpelt Livarchamps Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Bastnach Bastnach
Lingsweiler Lingser / longitudinal wave Longvilly Longvilly Bastnach Bastnach
Losing (obsolete) Lossich / Loseg Losange Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Bastnach Bastnach
Luchert Luchert Louchert Nobressart Attert Arel
Martelingen (obsolete) Maartel Martelange Martelingen Martelingen Arel
Wall (obsolete) ? Lean Wardin Bastnach Bastnach
Metzig (obsolete) Miezeg Messancy Messancy Messancy Arel
Moorbich (obsolete) Moorbich / Morbech Marvie Wardin Bastnach Bastnach
Munerhof (outdated) Munneref Menufontaine Fauvillers Fauvillers Bastnach
Mutzich (obsolete) Miss / Misseg Mussy-la-Ville Mussy-la-Ville Musson Virton
New Habich (obsolete) Nei-Habech Habay-la-Neuve Habay-la-Neuve Habay Virton
New pearl Neipärel / Neipiérel Neuperlé Martelingen Martelingen Arel
Niederelter (obsolete) Nidderelter Autelbas Autelbas Arel Arel
Niedlingen Néidleng Noedlange ? Messancy Arel
Nottem (obsolete) Noutem Nothomb Nothomb Attert Arel
Senior parent (obsolete) Wewelter Autelhaut Autelbas Arel Arel
Borzich Obort yourself Oubourcy Longvilly Bastnach Bastnach
Open (obsolete) Monkeys Fouches Hachy Arel Arel
Breach of revenge (obsolete) ? Traquebois ? Fauvillers Bastnach
Radelingen , Redel (outdated) Réidel Bike length Martelingen Martelingen Arel
Resingen / Ressig (outdated) Reissich Court of revenge Court of revenge Ibingen Arel
Save Savior Rettigny Cherain Gouvy Bastnach
Rodenhof Roudenhaff Rodenhoff Attert Attert Arel
Romeldingen ? Romeldange Tintange Fauvillers Bastnach
Rosenberg Rousebierg Rosenberg Arel  ? Arel Arel
Saas (obsolete) Sue Sampont Hachy Arel Arel
Saner (obsolete) Saner / Sauner Sainlez Hollange Fauvillers Bastnach
Sauerfeld (outdated) Sauerfeld Strainchamps Hollange Fauvillers Bastnach
Schadeck Schuedeck Schadeck Attert Attert Arel
Schasteljung Schättljong / Schasteljong Châtillon Châtillon Saint-Léger Virton
Schockweiler (obsolete) Schakeler Schockville Attert Attert Arel
Schoppach Schappech Schoppach Heinsch Arel Arel
Selingen (outdated) Séilen Sélange Sélange Messancy Arel
Seimerich Seimerech Seymerich Bonnert Arel Arel
Armchair Siesselech Armchair ? Arel Arel
To stand Stones To stand Autelbas Arel Arel
Steinbach Steemich / Stämech Steinbach Limerlé Gouvy Bastnach
Sterpenich Sterpenech Sterpenich Autelbas Arel Arel
Stockheim Stackem Stockem Heinsch Arel Arel
Tintingen (outdated) Tënnen Tintange Tintange Fauvillers Bastnach
Tontelingen (obsolete) Tontel Tons long Tons long Attert Arel
Törnich (outdated) Täernech Toernich Toernich Arel Arel
Törtchenweiler / Tortert (outdated) Wellertäerchen / Täertchen Villers-Tortru Étalle  ? Étalle Virton
Türpingen (outdated) Animal pen Turpange Messancy  ? Messancy Arel
Udingen Oaths Udange Toernich Arel Arel
Urth Judgment Ourthe Beho Gouvy Bastnach
Rolling Roller g Waltzing Bonnert Arel Arel
Wanen (obsolete) Wanen Vance Étalle  ? Étalle Virton
Wardig Waardéng / Wardicht Wardin Wardin Bastnach Bastnach
Was after Warnech Was after Tintange Fauvillers Bastnach
hamlet Weller Weyler Autelbas Arel Arel
Weilerbach (outdated) Wellerbaach Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Villers-la-Bonne-Eau Bastnach Bastnach
Welschbochholz (outdated) Welsch Boukëlz Moinet Longvilly Bastnach Bastnach
Wiesenbach Wiisbach Wisembach Fauvillers Fauvillers Bastnach
Wolberg Wollbierg Wolberg Autelbas Arel Arel
Wolkringen (obsolete) Woulker Wolkrange Wolkrange Messancy Arel
Zillig (outdated) Silljes / Zieljhee Saint-Léger Saint-Léger Saint-Léger Virton
? Aalmert Almeroth Nobressart Attert Arel
? Beirig / Beiricht Buret Tavigny Houffalize Bastnach
? Briecht / Briëch Bras Wardin Bastnach Bastnach
? Gäichel Gaichel Guirsch  ? Arel Arel
? Grendel Grendel Attert Attert Arel
? Leschert Lischert Thiaumont Attert Arel
? Lottert Lottert Thiaumont Attert Arel
? Luxeroth Luxeroth Attert Attert Arel
? Metzert Metzert Tons long Attert Arel
? Parrt Parette Nothomb Attert Arel
? passport post Office Attert Attert Arel
? Reires Rogery Bovigny Gouvy Bastnach
? Crease Rulles Rulles Habay Virton
? Salem Salmchâteau ? Vielsalm Bastnach
? Schätereg / Zetteree Cetturu Tavigny Houffalize Bastnach
? Tattert Tattert Thiaumont Attert Arel
? Wallesser Vlessart Anlier Léglise Neufchâteau
? Wattermol Wathermal Beho Gouvy Bastnach
? Weltrich / Weeltrich Witry Witry Léglise Neufchâteau
? Zuriss / Zürisz Cierreux Bovigny Gouvy Bastnach

Outside the Areler Land

German Luxembourgish French Walloon Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 district Remarks
Dents / bulges (obsolete) ? bouillon Bouyon bouillon bouillon Neufchâteau Dutch: Boolen (obsolete)
Fels im Ösling / Welschenfels, both out of date, rock in the Ardennes Welsch Fiels (obsolete) La Roche-en-Ardenne Li Rotche La Roche-en-Ardenne La Roche-en-Ardenne Marche-en-Famenne
Mark (obsolete) ? Marche-en-Famenne Måtche-el-Fåmene Marche-en-Famenne Marche-en-Famenne Marche-en-Famenne
Neuchâtel in Lützelburg (Luxembourg) (obsolete) ? Neufchâteau Li Tchestea Neufchâteau Neufchâteau Neufchâteau
Rödchen (obsolete) Rietjen Ruette Ruwete ( Lorraine ) Ruette Virton Virton
Rüwert Rüwert Rouvroy Rovroe-e-Gåme Rouvroy Rouvroy Virton
Thornn at Verton Latour (Belgium) Latour Virton Virton

Places in the province of Namur

German Dutch French Walloon Parish until 1976 Municipality from 1977 district Remarks
Marienburg (obsolete) ? Mariembourg Mariyambour Mariembourg Couvin Philippeville
Namür / name (outdated) Names Namur Nameur Namur Namur Namur

Rivers in Belgium

German Dutch French
Amel Amblève (river)
Göhl Geul Gueule
grain Chiers
Urt (outdated) Ourthe (river)
Scheldt Scheldt L'Escaut
Sesbach (outdated) Semois (river)
Weser / Weserbach (river) Vesder Vesdre

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