Mazda R360

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Sales designation: R360
Production period: 1960-1969
Class : Microcar
Body versions : Coupe
Engines: Otto engine :
0.36 liters (12 kW)
Length: 2980 mm
Width: 1290 mm
Height: 1290 mm
Wheelbase : 1760 mm
Empty weight : 380 kg
successor Mazda Chantez

The Mazda R360 was a coupe by Toyo Kogyo , now Mazda , and Mazda's first car model. The model, which is part of the Japanese kei car class, was presented in 1960. The price of the R360 was initially 300,000 yen and was thus lower than the Subaru 360 of the then main competitor Subaru . The Mazda B360 , which appeared in 1961, was derived from the R360 . The R360 was powered by an air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke engine with 356 cm³ and hanging valves , which produced 12 kW (16 hp) and originally came from the three-wheeled Mazda T series . This was sitting in the rear and drove through a four-speed gearbox the rear wheels. Unique in the small car class, there was also an optional two-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter . Mazda thus established its reputation in Japan for manufacturing vehicles for the disabled. The car was only a two-seater, so it had a disadvantage. Therefore, from 1962 there was the four-seater Mazda Carol P360 , as a 3-door and the Carol P600 as a 5-door sedan based on the R360. Although interest in the R360 waned, it was still produced, mainly for disabled drivers, until 1969 and the (Carol) P360 until 1970. The total production of the R360 was 65,737 units. It was not until 1972 that Mazda offered a kei car again with the Mazda Chantez .

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