TSV Schwaben Augsburg

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TSV Schwaben Augsburg
Logo of TSV Schwaben Augsburg
Basic data
Surname Gymnastics and Sports Club 1847
Schwaben Augsburg e. V.
Seat Augsburg , Bavaria
founding 1847
Colours purple-white
president Hans-Peter Pleitner
Website tsv-schwaben-augsburg.de
First soccer team
Head coach vacant
Venue Ernst Lehner Stadium
Places 5,000
league Bayernliga (women)
Bayernliga Süd (men)
2018/19 5th place (women)
12th place (men)

The TSV Schwaben Augsburg is a sports club based in Augsburg with departments for badminton , basketball , boxing , figure skating , Fistball , fencing , football , hockey , canoeing , athletics , tennis , table tennis , gymnastics and winter sports .


The Augsburg Gymnastics Club was founded in 1847, but soon had to deal with considerable difficulties. During the revolution of 1848/49 he was threatened with dissolution by the government of the Kingdom of Bavaria . With the resignation of some members of the TSV, the MTV (Men's Gymnastics Club) Schwaben Augsburg was created in 1863 , but this was reintegrated in 1868. The same thing happened again in 1889 and 1919. The football department of TV 1847 Augsburg was established in 1907.

The club was also able to survive the First World War relatively well. From March 29, 1919, the team played under the name Schwaben Augsburg . In 1922 the South German Cup was won. In the course of the clean divorce in 1924 u. a. the football department of the gymnastics club and became independent under the name SV Schwaben Augsburg, after a merger that took place shortly thereafter, the club was called SSV Schwaben Augsburg. When the National Socialists came to power, however, the independence was initially over; together with other Augsburg clubs, they had to merge in 1941 to form the new large club TSV Schwaben Augsburg. Meanwhile, you were first class as a member of the Gauliga Bayern and Südbayern 1933–35 and 1937–45. The forced marriage broke up again after the war and the athletes and gymnasts decided to continue their clubs independently.

As a member of the Oberliga Süd 1945–52, 1954–57 and 1961–63, Schwaben Augsburg belonged to the top division. The best placement was rank 5 in the Oberliga 1946. In 1958, the Swabians slipped through relegation from the II. Division to the third division , but managed to return to the II. Division in the 1960/61 season and there as a newcomer the march through Oberliga together with local rivals BC. After the introduction of the Bundesliga in 1963, the Swabians were assigned to the Regionalliga Süd and held this class until 1969.

On July 15, 1969, the licensed players department joined forces with local rivals BC Augsburg to form FC Augsburg in order to bundle forces in Augsburg football. The TSV Schwaben, however, continued to provide an amateur team, but committed themselves according to the statutes to exclude a future promotion to the professional area. After all, in 1981 they made the leap into the then highest amateur class, the Bayern League . After that, the Swabians led the existence of an elevator team between the Bayern and Landesliga , with the better (ie Bayernliga) years 1981-84, 1988-90, 1991/92, 1998-2001 and 2002/03 being. In 2007 the team was relegated to the regional league (6th league) and had to cope with another severe blow with the death of long-time head of department Josef Schmucker. Schmucker, who headed the football division for 37 years, died of a heart attack on the night of December 5, 2007. During the long term of office, his name became a national synonym for TSV Schwaben and was inextricably linked to the successes of the Swabians in recent decades. In the 2007/08 season the class could not be held again, which meant the fall in the district league (then 8th league). In addition, the 2nd team from the district class had to be canceled before the start of the 2008/09 season.

On June 7, 2009, TSV Schwaben succeeded in immediately returning to the regional league Swabia with a 1-0 win in a relegation game against TSV Dinkelscherben. After the division reform for the 2012/13 season, the team was classified in the seventh-class regional league Schwaben Süd. There they rose to the state league in 2016 and from there to the Bayern league in 2017.




Well-known athletes

Women's soccer

In 1971, Fritz Lindwurrm founded a women's soccer department at TSV Schwaben. Initially, the team included friends of active people, work colleagues and their friends. FX Krah and Adalbert Kraus led the training. The first game on April 17, 1971 against FC Hochzoll was won 2-0. After several promotions and relegations, the Augsburg women were promoted to the association league in 1988, which was the top division at the time. After a year the descent followed, but this was made up for by the immediate resurgence. After the runner-up in 1993, the Bavarian championship followed in 1996 and 1997. In the promotion round to the Bundesliga you failed both times. In the following years, the team occupied only places in the midfield and in 2002, relegation to the regional league had to be accepted. After the direct re-promotion, the team was able to hold for two years, until 2005 followed by relegation. In the 2005/06 season, the team around the new coach Markus Thrämer made it back to the Bayern League four game days before the end of the season. In the same year they won the title "Master of Masters" in the BFV championship tournament in Oberding . The promoted team surprised with a march in the 2006/07 Bayern League season. The team reached third place and qualified for the re-established Regionalliga Süd , from which it was relegated again in the 2008/09 season. In 2011 he was promoted back to the regional league. Five years later, the Augsburg women were runner-up behind the second team of SC Sand . In 2018, the Swabians were relegated to the Bayern League again.

Indoor soccer

Since winning the title in 2008, TSV Schwaben's women's football team has been the record champion of the Swabian indoor championships ahead of local rivals TSV Pfersee Augsburg .


The women's football department of TSV Schwaben is also known for its youth work and is considered to be the leader in Bavarian Swabia . The B-juniors succeeded for the season 2013/14 promotion to the B-Juniors Bundesliga , where they now compete in the Season South.


The traditional venue for TSV Schwaben was Schwabenplatz between Altes Postweg and Haunstetter Straße ( former location ). In the mid-1960s, the space had to be given up for a new vocational school, among other things. From 1951 to 1965 TSV Schwaben shared the Rosenaustadion with BC Augsburg , then moved to the south sports facility on Stauffenbergstrasse, where the Ernst-Lehner-Stadion was inaugurated in 1996 . This is a typical athletics facility, on one long side of which a covered grandstand with purple-colored seat shells has been built. The name is reminiscent of the German national player Ernst Lehner , who participated in the World Cup in 1934 and 1938 , who played 55 of his 65 international matches for Swabian Augsburg and is in second place in the list of record national players of the first half of the 20th century, behind Paul Janes from Düsseldorf . The attendance record dates from May 1, 2007, when around 4,000 spectators wanted to see the women's Bundesliga match between FC Bayern Munich and 1. FFC Frankfurt .

Success in other sports

There were national championship titles for the basketball (women), boxing, fistball and athletics departments, international championships also for the fencers, including Olympic gold in foil for Heidi Schmid in 1960 . Particularly outstanding are the successes in canoeing and kayaking ( see: Kanu Schwaben Augsburg ), where Augsburg has a privileged position with the ice canal as the location of the competition route for the 1972 Summer Olympics . The Olympic gold medals of Elisabeth Micheler in 1992 , Oliver Fix in 1996 and Alexander Grimm in 2008 , both in the slalom kayak single, should be mentioned here. The athlete Roland Wegner made a name for himself in exotic sports such as running upstairs and backwards .

The basketball players of TSV Schwaben Augsburg were among the twenty founding members of the basketball league ( BBL ) of the German Basketball Federation ( DBB ) in 1966 . In the first season of the Bundesliga, head coach Tonko Sarcevic and US player Dwight Lory reached fifth place in the south group of the league. At the end of the following season, the 1967/68 season, they were relegated from the two-part BBL . The best known player of the former Bundesliga club was Gerhard Ritter, who was used by the DBB in the B and A national teams and was one of the fifty players on the Kartak list who were nominated by the DBB in October 1968 for its '1972 Olympic squad'.

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