FC Bayern Munich (women's football)

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FC Bayern Munich
(women's football)
Logo of FC Bayern Munich
Basic data
Surname FC Bayern Munich AG
Seat Munich
founding June 7, 1970
(FC Bayern München e.V.)
February 14, 2002
( FC Bayern München AG )
Colours Red White
Website fcbayern.com/de/teams/frauen
First soccer team
Head coach Jens Scheuer
Venue Grünwalder Stadium / FC Bayern Campus
Places 15,000 / 2,500
league Bundesliga
2019/20 2nd place

The women's football department of FC Bayern Munich has existed since June 7, 1970. In the early years of modern German women's football, the team was one of the greats and in 1976 won the German championship. After an eventful history, the team has been back in the Bundesliga since 2000 , to which it was a founding member. In 2012, the Munich women won the DFB Cup , in 2015 and 2016 for the second and third time the German championship.


Starting times up to the first German championship in 1976

The women's football department of FC Bayern was founded on June 7, 1970 with the note "Start in women's football at FC Bayern Munich eV". This happened three months before the repeal of the 1955 prohibition imposed by the DFB on the establishment of women's football departments. But as early as 1967, according to the FC Bayern magazine, there were 74 women who founded a women's department within the club.

After the official establishment in June 1970, a female player screening was carried out on Säbener Strasse and a first team was put together. It took until mid-1972 for the first official games, however. The first season was celebrated with the championship of the greater Munich area. The balance: 28: 0 points, 114: 2 goals. The Upper Bavarian championship title was secured in front of 1200 spectators with a 7-0 win over FC Ehekirchen . In addition to the championship games, training camps were held and international friendly games were organized, including a game against Italy , which was won 2-1.

In the following season, the women of FC Bayern won the Bavarian championship for the first time. It was the first of a total of 19 titles in a row. The final against Landshut was played in the Olympic Stadium , which was new at the time , and ended 4-2. The team was coached by Fritz Bank and the captain, Olga Schütz. In addition to Schütz, Maria Meissner was also part of the team. Meissner was instrumental in founding the women's department and would later become known as the “mother of the cups”. In the 1973 gold cup final , an unofficial German championship, the women were defeated by TuS Wörrstadt 1: 3 in Rüsselsheim .

In the 1974 German women's championship, which was officially held for the first time , Bayern failed in the group stage and only finished second behind SV Bubach-Calmesweiler . A year later they did better and reached the final for the first time. In Bad Godesberg they met Bonner SC , which was at the height of its time with players like Beverly Ranger , Anne Trabant-Haarbach and Christa Nüsser . In front of 2,337 spectators, the final was lost 2: 4.

On the way to the first German championship , only one year after the final defeat against the Bonner SC, they took revenge from that very fact. In the 1976 group stage, they defeated the Bonn women in the decisive games for a place in the semifinals with 4: 3 after the return leg. In the final, the opponent was Tennis Borussia Berlin . 3700 spectators saw a game in the Leimbach Stadium in Siegen , which went into extra time after 60 minutes. The women of FC Bayern, who with the exception of Jutta Lehner and Cornelia Doll started with the same team as in the 1975 final, took the lead twice before Rita Cygon equalized for Borussia. In the extra time it was Inge Mayerhofer and Doris Niederlöhner who made the final score 4-2 and thus the first big title in the history of the FC Bayern women. The future coach Sissy Raith emerged from the championship team . In 1977 today's manager Karin Danner joined the team as a player.

Lost finals and relegation from the Bundesliga in 1992

In 1979 and 1982 they were again in the final of the championship, but were unable to break through the supremacy of SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach , with players like Silvia Neid , and lost both times. In 1985, the "Bayern" reached a final for the championship for the last time , but were again without the hoped-for success. In 1985 Monika Schmidt played her last of five championship finals for Bayern. She is the only player to wear the jersey for the “Reds” in all five finals. From 1985 to the founding of the women's Bundesliga in 1990, the women on the way to the final for the championship failed almost exclusively at Bergisch Gladbach, TSV Siegen and FSV Frankfurt .

After two semi-finals, 1985 and 1986, the women of FC Bayern reached the DFB Cup final for the first time in 1988 . Against the TSV victories with the former Bayern player and future coach of the FCB women Sissy Raith, you had no chance. The final was lost 0: 4, Silvia Neid scored a hat trick. Only two years later they made it to the cup final again, this time against FSV Frankfurt. Even if it wasn't enough to win the cup again, the 0-1 defeat was much closer than it was in 1988 against victories. But it would take another 12 years before the FC Bayern women could receive the trophy for the first time.

At the DFB Bundestag in 1989, it was decided to introduce a two-track Bundesliga for the 1990/91 season. The best teams of the then 16 DFB member associations, after the end of the 1989/90 season, were automatically qualified for the new Bundesliga. So also the women of FC Bayern, who are therefore considered a founding member of the league. The joy of it did not last long, however. If you finished the first season in 1990/91 in fourth place in the south group, one season later you were bottom of the league and relegated from the Bundesliga to the Bayernliga.

There they ended up in second to fourth place in the following seven seasons and were no longer qualified for the DFB Cup from 1994.

Return to the Bundesliga 2000

After eight long years and on the 30th anniversary of the women's soccer department, the team was promoted to the Bundesliga again in 2000. The team won all season games in the Bayern League and prevailed 3-2 in the promotion round in the decisive game for group victory against SC Freiburg .

One of the reasons for the performance explosion was the increased budget of the FC Bayern women. Impressed by the 1999 Women's World Cup in the USA, club president Franz Beckenbauer increased the department's budget from 50,000 to 300,000 marks. The then 21-year-old Nadine Angerer , who had moved from city rivals FFC Wacker Munich to Bayern, Tanja Wörle , Petra Wimbersky and the veterans Roswitha Bindl and Bärbel Weimar contributed to the sporting success .

Bayern started the first Bundesliga season since 1990/91 with the aim of a place in midfield . The squad remained largely unchanged and only a few newcomers came to the team, including Nathalie Bischof (later coach of the second team) and Sandra de Pol . Last year's cup finalist Siegen was the opponent at the beginning and was surprisingly defeated 4-1. Newcomer Bischof equalized after the break and thus scored the first goal for Bayern in the Bundesliga since 1991. At the end of the season, the targeted midfield position was achieved with 6th place. Petra Wimbersky was the team's top scorer with 13 goals. However, Bayern lost their regular goalkeeper Nadine Angerer, who surprisingly switched to league rivals from Potsdam.

When it was founded in 1970, the women's football department belonged to FC Bayern München e. V. at. This changed in February 2002 with the outsourcing of the men's licensed player department and the women's soccer department to FC Bayern München AG . At an extraordinary general meeting on February 14, 2002, the members voted for the spin-off.

After a 4th place (2001/02) and a 5th place (2002/03), the women of FC Bayern had a difficult start to the 2003/04 season. By the end of the year there were just seven points from eight games. In August 2003 they even got under the wheels with 1: 8 at 1. FFC Frankfurt . As a result of the bad start to the season, long-time coach Peter König was dismissed at the end of the year and assistant coach Sissy Raith took over the position. After 27 points from the second half of the season, Bayern finished the season in 5th place. The return of Pavlína Ščasná was important for Bayern . The Czech left Bayern for America after scoring 14 goals in the promotion season and returned to the second half of the 2003/04 season, where she met 10 times in 14 games. Meanwhile, Austria's Nina Aigner took her place as a goalscorer, who scored 16 goals in the end, one less than in the previous season.

In the first full season under trainer Raith, the team had to cope with the departure of Simone Laudehr . In the first half of the season she was not used under Peter König, while in the second half of the season she played all games under Raith. However, an offer from FCR Duisburg moved them to change. All departures were almost exclusively compensated with young players. Nevertheless, in the end it reached a 4th place in the league and they reached a semi-final of the DFB Cup for the first time after 1990/91, where they failed 2-0 at the eventual winners from Potsdam. A year later the two of them met again at the same place. Again, the turbines had the upper hand and won 3: 1. In the league, however, things didn't go that well. In the opening game against SC Freiburg, newcomer Julia Simic scored a 1-0 lead at the age of 17 and Bayern won 3-2 in the end. But the rude awakening came in the next game. As in 2003, they went down 8-1 against FFC Frankfurt, but this time at home (the highest home defeat of the FC Bayern women in the Bundesliga to date). With 6: 2 against FFC Brauweiler Pulheim 2000 and 7: 0 against FSV Frankfurt there were also big home wins. But it didn't change a bumpy season, at the end of which the bottom line was only 8th place and thus the worst result of the season to date since relegation in 1992.

After that, stability returned to everyday life in the league. Until the departure of trainer Raith, they finished fourth in the league twice and reached the semi-finals in the cup again. Sissy Raith switched to the BFV as an association trainer in summer 2008 . As early as the winter was with Günther Wörle from TSV Crailsheim her successor obliged to allow the Trainerära Wörle founded at FCB.

With Islacker, Baunach, Roth, Eder, de Pol, Rech, Bürki, Šimić, Aigner and Nicole Banecki, Günther Wörle was able to fall back on a very talented pool of players. Added to this were the newcomers Melanie Behringer and Ivana Rudelic . Tanja Wörle returned to Munich with her father and the young Austrian Carina Wenninger came from her youth to the first team. So you were well prepared for the 2008/09 season, which soon grew into a four-way battle consisting of FC Bayern, FCR Duisburg, Turbine Potsdam and FFC Frankfurt. After Turbine and FCR drew a tie on matchday 5 and Bayern won 5-1 in Wolfsburg, they took over the top of the table for the first time, which was held until matchday 21. With a three-point lead over the Potsdam women, FC Bayern could have won the championship with a home win against FCR Duisburg. In anticipation of a championship celebration, over 3000 spectators streamed into the sports park in Aschheim and had to return home empty-handed. It was 0: 4 at the end of the game from Bayern's point of view. Inka Grings scored 0-1 with a penalty shortly before the break. Laudehr, Martini and again Gings ensured the final result and brought the Duisburgers back into the championship race. On the last day of the season there was the "heartbeat finale" . Bayern in 2nd place and Turbine in 1st were only separated by one goal. Duisburg lurked in third place, one point behind and a much better goal difference than the other two. At halftime it was goalless in all three games. Between the 52nd and 57th minute, the championship lead changed back and forth between the Brandenburgers and Bayern. In the 61st minute, Anja Mittag scored 3-0 for Potsdam against Wolfsburg and thus established the final table constellation. The women of FC Bayern gave everything against TSV Crailsheim until the end, but didn't score any more, so it stayed 3-0 here as well.

If the championship was also missed by a goal, the runner-up title meant participation in the Champions League for the first time . Due to the poor coefficient, the Bayern women first had to travel to Lithuania to contest the qualifying round there. Glasgow , Gintra Universitetas and Norchi Dinamoeli were not a big hurdle and the 19-0 win against Dinamoeli is still a record today. After the Hungarian representative Viktória FC-Szombathely had been eliminated in the round of 32, they were in the round of 16 against HSC Montpellier Final destination. After a 0-0 win in the first leg in Montpellier, everything was still open for the second leg. After a goalless 90 minutes in Munich, Hoda Lattaf ended all Bayern dreams of advancement in the 105th minute. The success in the Bundesliga from the previous year could not nearly be repeated. With seven defeats this season and 20 points behind the champions from Potsdam, it was only 4th place in the end.

Cup victory, championships and new competitor Wolfsburg

FC Bayern - VfL Wolfsburg, 2015

If the women of FCB were still in the shadow of the two "big boys" from Frankfurt and Potsdam and could not really attack them, a new big rival for the coming decade arose in their shadow: VfL Wolfsburg .

A few more years should pass before that happens. At first there was a change in the coaching bench: for health reasons, coach Günther Wörle resigned from his position after the end of the 2009/10 season. His successor was his son Thomas with a B trainer license. At the age of 28 he had to end his professional career and the women of FC Bayern became his first coaching station. When he took office, Wörle welcomed Lena Lotzen and Wimbersky, who had returned. At the same time, Islacker, Behringer, Rech and Carmen Roth left the team.

The first Bundesliga seasons under the new head coach were similar to previous years. They didn't really play for the championship, but it was usually enough for a place in the top five. In the cup it looked a little different. In the first cup season under Wörle, the team reached the semi-finals, in which they failed with 2: 4 to Turbine Potsdam. A year later, on the way to the first trophy since 1976, the team around coach Wörle did not take it easy. After a bye in the first round, the second division team from Saarbrücken was the opponent and was narrowly defeated 1-0. Against the USV Jena in the round of 16 and the SC 07 Bad Neuenahr , the players had to go into extra time or into the penalty shoot-out. Only in the semifinals against the women of HSV Hamburg did they convince with 5: 2. The opponent in the final on May 12, 2012 in Cologne's RheinEnergieStadion was 1. FFC Frankfurt. The women of FC Bayern went into the game as absolute outsiders. After a goalless draw at halftime, the American Sarah Hagen gave Bayern a 1-0 lead in the 63rd minute. Ivana Rudelic , who came on as a substitute in the 89th minute , made it 2-0 from Bayern's point of view in stoppage time. While Bayern celebrated their first trophy since 1976, the Wolfsburg women stepped out of the slipstream and secured their first runner-up.

Tini Korpela with the championship trophy, 2015

In the following two seasons, VfL Wolfsburg won its first two championship titles. For the FC Bayern women it was enough in both seasons, with a large gap to the champions, only to a 4th place. However, the defeat in the last home game on June 1, 2014 against TSG from Hoffenheim marked the last for almost 2 years and so the first championship since 1976 followed in the 2014/15 season. On May 10, 2015, the soccer players were awarded the 2: 0 win in the home game against SGS Essen for the second time and unbeaten German champions - a record that so far only FFC Frankfurt has achieved in the 2001/02 and 2006/07 seasons . For the second half of the game against VfL in February 2015, 2,721 spectators saw a 0-0 win in the Grünwalder Stadium, which meant a new record for the FC Bayern women, which is still going today.

Winning the championship meant returning to the international stage after six years of abstinence. However, these were short-lived. In the sixteenth-finals of the Women's Champions League 2015/16 , FC Bayern were unbeaten after a 2-2 draw in the second leg (first leg 1-1) against FC Twente Enschede . Undeterred by the elimination, the team in the league continued to circulate. Compared to the previous season, football was less attractive, but effective. For the first defeat of the season, and thus the first after 40 games, Saskia Bartusiak ensured in the 31st minute of the home game against FFC Frankfurt on April 17, 2016. However, it did not stop Bayern from winning the second championship title in a row. On May 1, 2016, the team was able to defend the German championship with a 5-0 home win against Bayer 04 Leverkusen on matchday 20 .

After two years of the championship, only the runner-up in 2016/17 and 2017/18 remained behind VfL Wolfsburg. Nevertheless, both seasons can be described as successful in their own way. In the Champions League season 16/17, they made it to the quarter-finals for the first time. There the opponent was PSG against Vivianne Miedema in the first leg in front of over 7,000 spectators in the Grünwalder Stadium for the 1-0 winner. The result from the first leg was not enough in the end. PSG emerged victorious from both encounters after a 4-0 win at Parc des Princes . The international trip ended one season later in the round of 32. A 0: 1 and 1: 2 against the women of Chelsea meant the end early on. In the national cup competition it went better and for the first time since 2012 the final of the DFB Cup was reached again. Along the way Bayern Munich presented in the quarterfinals on March 13, 2018 the 15: 0 win at second division side 1. FC Saarbrucken in the German Cup Competition 2017/18 a new record for a quarter-final meeting and surpassing the 12: 0 of 1. FFC Frankfurt , which they had also achieved in 2005 at 1. FC Saarbrücken in the quarter-finals of the 2005/06 DFB Cup competition . In the final, Bayern met their new rivals from Wolfsburg. After 120 goalless minutes it was the penalty shoot-out. While held Manuela Zinsberger two penalties, but in the end remained the favorite with 3: 2 the upper hand.

Just a week later, the two of them met again. The special thing about the game was that it was played in the FC Bayern Campus stadium for the first time. Until then, the stadium on Grünwalder Strasse was the exclusive home of the past few years. 2,130 spectators attended the premiere on campus with free admission. Before the game, two long-time players, Lena Lotzen and Viktoria Schnaderbeck , were bid farewell. While it was all about nothing for the Wolfsburg women - they were already established as champions - the Wörle team was still fighting for 2nd place and the associated qualification for the Champions League. VfL were defeated 2-1 and after an away win on the last matchday against FFC Frankfurt they secured the runner-up again.

The start of the 2018/19 season was perfect with a 10-1 away win at Bayer Leverkusen. It was also the highest victory for the FC Bayern women in their Bundesliga history. On the third day of the match there was a clash with VfL Wolfsburg. After a good preparation, a sovereign success in the cup against FF USV Jena , the 10: 1 against Leverkusen and a 4: 0 against MSV Duisburg , Bayern were prepared for the away game at VfL. However, they had a pitch-black day and lost 6-0 in the end. Just two weeks after the defeat, FC Bayern Munich announced that coach Thomas Wörle would not extend it beyond June 30, 2019. The timing of the press release made it seem as if the club would split up at the end of the season due to the defeat at VfL Wolfsburg, but coach Wörle made it clear that they had already agreed not to extend the contract before the season. With the beginning of the winter break, Jens Scheuer was announced as Wörle's successor.


In its history, FC Bayern women have had many different venues. Since the 2000s, games have been held alternately in Schäftlarn , the Dante stadium , the stadium on Grünwalder Strasse and the Aschheim sports park . Since the 2013/14 season , the stadium on Grünwalder Straße , which has a capacity of 15,000, has been the home of the FC Bayern women. In the 2017/18 season, the team played for the first time on May 27, 2018 in the stadium of the newly built FC Bayern Campus , the new youth performance center of FC Bayern Munich that opened in summer 2017. There they received the VfL Wolfsburg and won in the end with 2: 1. With the 2018/19 season, the department went one step further and hosted all DFB Cup and Champions League games on campus. The league game against Wolfsburg was also played there again. Due to bottlenecks at the venues in Munich, the department will play all of its home games in the campus stadium of FC Bayern Munich in the first half of 2020.


First team

Squad of the 2020/21 season

Status: 4th July 2020 (sorting by jersey number)

goal Defense midfield attack
01 Laura Benkarth GermanyGermany
22nd Maria Luisa Grohs GermanyGermany
33 Carina Schlueter GermanyGermany
02 Laura Donhauser GermanyGermany
03 Simone Boye Sørensen DenmarkDenmark
04th Kristin Demann GermanyGermany
05 Hanna Glas SwedenSweden
14th Amanda Ilestedt SwedenSweden
19th Carina Wenninger AustriaAustria
21st Simone Laudehr GermanyGermany
24 Julia Pollak GermanyGermany
27 Marina Hegering GermanyGermany
30th Carolin Simon GermanyGermany
06th Lineth Beerensteyn NetherlandsNetherlands
07th Giulia Gwinn GermanyGermany
10 Linda Dallmann GermanyGermany
12 Sydney Lohmann GermanyGermany
16 Lina Magull GermanyGermany
25th Sarah Zadrazil AustriaAustria
09 Jovana Damnjanović SerbiaSerbia
11 Lea Schüller GermanyGermany
17th Klara Bühl GermanyGermany
18th Viviane Asseyi FranceFrance
27 Gia Corley GermanyGermany
Change to the 2020/21 season

(Alphabetical order)

Accesses Departures
Viviane Asseyi ( Girondins Bordeaux ) FranceFrance
Klara Bühl ( SC Freiburg )
Hanna Glas ( Paris Saint Germain ) FranceFrance
Maria Luisa Grohs (FC Bayern Munich II)
Marina Hegering ( SGS Essen )
Julia Pollak (FC Bayern Munich II)
Lea Schüller ( SGS Essen )
Sarah Zadrazil ( 1st FFC Turbine Potsdam )
Emily Gielnik ( Vittsjö GIK )
Kathrin Hendrich ( VfL Wolfsburg )
Mandy Islacker ( 1. FC Cologne )
Melanie Leupolz ( Chelsea FC ) EnglandEngland
Nicole Rolser (end of career)
Verena Schweers (end of career)
Dominika Škorvánková ( HSC Montpellier ) FranceFrance
Jacintha Weimar ( SC Sand )

Second team


FC Bayern Munich II in August 2018

The second team first took part in the game operation in the 1990/91 season. The first year in Munich's A-class was immediately followed by promotion to the district class, which was held until 1997 when it was relegated. The immediate resurgence was followed by promotions to the Verbandsliga-Süd (2000), the Bayernliga (2001) and finally to the Regionalliga Süd (2002), the second highest division at the time. The stay in this lasted only one season, but the association cup was won 9: 3 over VfL Ehingen. The victory qualified for participation in the DFB Cup. After the team was able to defeat Jahn Calden 1-0 in a qualifying round, the first main round against 1. FC Saarbrücken was the end of the line.

As Bavarian champions 2003/04, the team was in the promotion final against Karlsruher SC and lost it at home with 1: 5. As a new Bavarian champion, a year later, no license was apparently applied for.

It was not until 2007 that it was promoted to the regional league, which at that time was already the third highest league. With 33 points from 18 games, they ended up in third place. In the following season 2008/09, among others with Carina Wenninger , the team became champions of the Regionalliga Süd and thus rose to the 2nd Bundesliga for the 2009/10 season . At the end of the season, the team was one place better than the first team of city rivals FFC Wacker Munich and avoided having to be relegated. In 2014/15 and 2017/18 they were runner-up in each case, but remained in the 2nd division due to the rule that second representatives are not allowed to move up to the women's Bundesliga .


The second team played their home games at Sportpark Aschheim . The team has been based there since the FC Bayern Campus opened .


Squad 2020/21

Status : 4th July 2020 (sorting by jersey number)

goal Defense midfield attack
42 Katharina Zirch GermanyGermany
05 Lilian Huber GermanyGermany
06th Celina Costantini GermanyGermany
20th Jana Kappes GermanyGermany
22nd Elisha Josephs GermanyGermany
Lisa Schöppl GermanyGermany
02 Laura Donhauser GermanyGermany
02 Marlene Engert GermanyGermany
04th Lea Spittka GermanyGermany
10 Anja Pfluger GermanyGermany
11 Leonie Koester GermanyGermany
12 Michelle White GermanyGermany
14th Nike Herrmann GermanyGermany
15th Anna Formanski GermanyGermany
17th Nicole Woldmann GermanyGermany
18th Annika Wohner GermanyGermany
23 Kristin Kögel GermanyGermany
37 Gia Corley GermanyGermany
Sonja Lux GermanyGermany
Cinzia Zehnder SwitzerlandSwitzerland
13 Leonie Weber GermanyGermany
37 Melissa Ugochukwu GermanyGermany
Change to the 2020/21 season

(Alphabetical order)

Accesses Departures
Sonja Lux (FC Memmingen)
Cinzia Zehnder ( FC Zurich Women )
Julia Arauner (FC Forstern) ( ) GermanyGermany
Emilie Bernhardt ( UCF Knights ) ( ) United StatesUnited States
Barbara Brecht ( SGS Essen ) ( ) GermanyGermany
Andrea Gavric (?)
Maria Luisa Grohs (promotion to the first team) ( ) GermanyGermany
Julia Pollak (promotion to the first team) ( ) GermanyGermany
Luise wine merchant (?)
Katharina Zirch (?)
Leonie Köster ( Eintracht Frankfurt )
Anja Pfluger ( 1. FC Cologne )
Celina Costantini (?)
Lea Spittka (?)
Kristin Kögel ( Bayer 04 Leverkusen )
Marlene Engert (?)
Elisa Josephs (?)

Management and trainer

Karin Danner , soccer player from 1977 to 1993 and one-time national player, has been in charge of the women's soccer department of FC Bayern Munich since 1995. After finishing his active football career in 2010, Thomas Wörle started his first coaching position at Bayern Munich. He took over the office from his father Günther Wörle , who looked after the first team in the 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons. Thomas Wörle led the women's football team twice to the championship and once to win the DFB Cup. On December 19, 2018, FC Bayern announced that Jens Scheuer would be Thomas Wörle's successor for the 2019/20 season. The team manager is the former player Bianca Rech .

Coach history

Season statistics

season league space S. U N Gates Points DFB Cup UEFA Women's Cup /
Champions League
Most successful goalscorer Average audience
1990/91 Bundesliga South 4th 7th 6th 5 21:14 20:16 Semifinals not carried out
1991/92 Bundesliga South 11. 2 5 13 14:32 9:31 2nd round not carried out
1992/93 Bayern League 2. 57:19 28: 8 2nd round not carried out
1993/94 Bayern League 3. 26:19 22:14 2nd round not carried out
1994/95 Bayern League 2. 32:14 25:11 not qualified not carried out
1995/96 Bayern League 3. 31:33 21st not qualified not carried out
1996/97 Bayern League 4th 16:22 12 not qualified not carried out
1997/98 Bayern League 4th 10:16 10 not qualified not carried out
1998/99 Bayern League 2. 58:29 32 not qualified not carried out
1999/00 Bayern League 1. 18th 0 0 128: 8 54 not qualified not carried out
2000/01 Bundesliga 6th 10 3 9 45:52 33 Quarter finals not carried out Petra Wimbersky (13) 189
2001/02 Bundesliga 4th 12 4th 6th 59:38 40 Round of 16 not qualified Pavlína Ščasná (14) 157
2002/03 Bundesliga 5. 11 4th 7th 45:32 37 Quarter finals not qualified Nina Aigner (17) 144
2003/04 Bundesliga 5. 10 4th 8th 46:36 34 2nd round not qualified Nina Aigner (16) 193
2004/05 Bundesliga 4th 10 3 9 39:37 33 Semifinals not qualified Pavlína Ščasná (10) 139
2005/06 Bundesliga 8th. 8th 3 11 41:48 27 Semifinals not qualified Pavlína Ščasná (7) 305
2006/07 Bundesliga 4th 12 2 8th 35:29 38 Round of 16 not qualified Nina Aigner (15) 680
2007/08 Bundesliga 4th 12 2 8th 53:38 38 Semifinals not qualified Nina Aigner (15) 650
2008/09 Bundesliga 2. 17th 3 2 69:22 54 Quarter finals not qualified Nina Aigner (17) 676
2009/10 Bundesliga 4th 12 3 7th 42:35 39 Round of 16 Round of 16 Vanessa Bürki (9) 396
2010/11 Bundesliga 5. 11 2 9 43:36 35 Semifinals not qualified Petra Wimbersky (9) 478
2011/12 Bundesliga 6th 8th 4th 10 29:38 28 winner not qualified Sarah Hagen (5) 540
2012/13 Bundesliga 4th 14th 1 7th 49:24 43 Semifinals not qualified Lena Lotzen (14) 340
2013/14 Bundesliga 4th 11 6th 5 49:27 39 Round of 16 not qualified Sarah Hagen (13) 832
2014/15 Bundesliga 1. 17th 5 0 56: 07 56 Quarter finals not qualified Katie Stengel (9) 1,227
2015/16 Bundesliga 1. 18th 3 1 47: 08 57 Semifinals Round of 16 Vivianne Miedema (14) 1,460
2016/17 Bundesliga 2. 17th 1 4th 36:15 52 Quarter finals Quarter finals Vivianne Miedema (14) 755
2017/18 Bundesliga 2. 17th 2 3 62:15 53 final Round of 16 Fridolina Rolfö (9) 689
2018/19 Bundesliga 2. 17th 4th 1 75:18 55 Semifinals Semifinals Sara Däbritz (13) 669
2019/20 Bundesliga 2. 17th 3 2 60:14 54 Round of 16 Quarter finals Jovana Damnjanović (11) 630

Note: Playing times highlighted in green indicate the ascent.

Club-internal top scores in the Bundesliga


  • Most Bundesliga victories in one season: 18 in 22 games (2015/16 season)
  • Fewest Bundesliga victories in one season: 2 in 20 games (1991/92 season)


  • Most Bundesliga defeats in one season: 13 in 20 games (1991/92 season)
  • Fewest Bundesliga defeats in one season: 0 in 22 games (2014/15 season)


  • Most points in one season: 57 in 22 games (2015/16 season)
  • Fewest points in a season: 9 in 20 games (1991/92 season)


  • Most goals scored in one season: 75 in 22 games (2018/19 season)
  • Fewest goals scored in one season: 14 in 20 games (1991/92 season)
  • Most goals scored in one season: 52 in 22 games (2000/01 season)
  • Fewest goals scored in one season: 7 in 22 games (2014/15 season)


  • 40 point games (June 8, 2014 to April 17, 2016) unbeaten

European Cup balance sheet

season competition round opponent total To Back
2009/10 UEFA Women's Champions League qualification ScotlandScotland Glasgow City FC 5: 2 5: 2 (N)
GeorgiaGeorgia Norchi Dinamoeli 19: 0 19: 0 (N)
LithuaniaLithuania Gintra Universitetas 8-0 8: 0 (A)
Round of 16 HungaryHungary Viktória FC-Szombathely 9: 2 5: 0 (A) 4: 2 (H)
Round of 16 FranceFrance HSC Montpellier 0: 1 0: 0 (A) 0: 1 a.d. (H)
2015/16 UEFA Women's Champions League Round of 16 NetherlandsNetherlands FC Twente Enschede (a)3: 3 ( a ) 1: 1 (A) 2: 2 (H)
2016/17 UEFA Women's Champions League Round of 16 ScotlandScotland Hibernian Edinburgh 10: 1 6: 0 (A) 4: 1 (H)
Round of 16 RussiaRussia FK Rossiyanka 8-0 4: 0 (H) 4: 0 (A)
Quarter finals FranceFrance Paris Saint-Germain 1: 4 1: 0 (H) 0: 4 (A)
2017/18 UEFA Women's Champions League Round of 16 EnglandEngland Chelsea LFC (a)2: 2 ( a ) 0: 1 (A) 2: 1 (H)
2018/19 UEFA Women's Champions League Round of 16 SerbiaSerbia ŽFK Spartak Subotica 11: 0 7: 0 (A) 4: 0 (H)
Round of 16 SwitzerlandSwitzerland FC Zurich women 5-0 2: 0 (A) 3: 0 (H)
Quarter finals Czech RepublicCzech Republic Slavia Prague 6: 2 1: 1 (A) 5: 1 (H)
Semifinals SpainSpain FC Barcelona 0: 2 0: 1 (H) 0: 1 (A)
2019/20 UEFA Women's Champions League Round of 16 SwedenSweden Kopparbergs / Gothenburg FC (a)2: 2 ( a ) 2: 1 (A) 0: 1 (H)
Round of 16 KazakhstanKazakhstan BIIK Kazygurt 7-0 5: 0 (A) 2: 0 (H)
Quarter finals FranceFrance Olympique Lyon 1: 2 1: 2 (N)
Legend: (H) - home game, (A) - away game, (N) - neutral place, (a) - away goal rule , (i. E.) - on penalties , (n. V.) - after extra time

Overall record : 30 games, 19 wins, 4 draws, 7 defeats, 97:23 goals (goal difference +74)

The top scorers in the European Cup are (as of August 22, 2020) Vanessa Bürki (eleven goals), Vivianne Miedema (eight), Julia Simic , Katharina Würmseer (seven each), Mandy Islacker (six), Melanie Behringer , Magdalena Mayr , Melanie Leupolz , Lina Magull , Jill Roord (four each), Jovana Damnjanović , Lisa Evans and Fridolina Rolfö (three each). Nicole Banecki , Lineth Beerensteyn , Sara Däbritz , Anna Gerhardt , Bianca Rech , Nicole Rolser , Dominika Škorvánková and Carina Wenninger scored two goals, and one goal each was scored by Nina Aigner , Katharina Baunach , Kristin Demann , Emily Gielnik , Stefanie van der Gragt , Nora Holstad Berge , Gina Lewandowski , Stefanie Mirlach , Sandra de Pol , Carolin Simon and Lucie Voňková , plus two own goals.

U17 youth team


The team of the U17 juniors was founded in 1985 and currently plays in the B-Juniorinnen-Bundesliga Season South . The Bavarian youngsters reached the final of the German championship five times, but lost three times (2000, 2006, 2008) against 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam and in 2007 against FCR 2001 Duisburg . With a 3-1 final win against FSV Gütersloh , the first junior championship was finally won in 2013 . The following year the championship was won again 1-0 against 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam. That was the name of the opponent on June 17, 2017, who was defeated 2-1 at Sportpark Aschheim with two goals from Verena Wieder and secured the third championship title for Bayern's youngsters.

The team after
winning the 2017 championship


The U17 youth team played their home games at Sportpark Aschheim . Since the opening of the FC Bayern Campus , the team has been playing in the new stadium in the youth performance center .


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