Justus Christian Braun (Company)

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Justus Christian Braun
Nuremberg Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Machine Factory vorm. Justus Christian Braun AG
Justus Christian Braun-Premier-Werke AG

legal form Corporation
founding 1845
resolution 1919
Seat Nuremberg , Germany
management Justus Christian Braun
Branch Fire extinguishing equipment manufacturers , automobile manufacturers

The Justus Christian Braun foundry was founded in Nuremberg in 1845 and specialized in fire extinguishers from around 1860. The Nuremberg fire extinguishing equipment and machine factory went out of it . Justus Christian Braun AG (1890-1911) and Justus Christian Braun-Premier-Werke AG (1911-1919), which were also active in vehicle construction. This makes Braun one of the origins of FAUN-Werke , from which today's companies Tadano FAUN GmbH in Lauf an der Pegnitz and FAUN Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Osterholz-Scharmbeck emerged.

Horse-drawn hand pressure syringe from 1865 by Justus Christian Braun
Serafine manager of the professional fire brigade Nuremberg
Balance manager of the Unterfarrnbach volunteer fire brigade (exhibit from the Nuremberg Fire Brigade Museum)


Justus Christian Braun (February 28, 1814 - May 18, 1878) founded a red foundry in Nuremberg in 1845 . The company originally produced all kinds of brass castings, including bells. Around 1860 began to specialize in fire extinguishers (fire engines), with which Braun soon achieved great success.

1890 Braun's sons Christian Sigmund and Johann Friedrich Emanuel converted the grown family business under the company Nuremberg Feuerlöschgeräte- and machine shop front. Justus Christian Braun changed into a stock corporation .

From 1906 engine-powered fire engines and other commercial vehicles were built. In 1909 the insolvent Maurer Union was taken over, and passenger cars have also been on offer since then. In 1911, the company got into financial difficulties and was only able to get on with the entry of the British bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer The Premier Cycle Company Ltd., which has a branch in Nuremberg-Doos . be saved, it originated Justus Christian Braun-Premier-Werke AG .

The company had to file for bankruptcy as early as 1913 and was managed by a bankruptcy administrator until the end of the First World War . The end of 1913 was an essential part of the company to the Nuremberg Feuerlöschgeräte-, Automobillastwagen- and vehicle factory Karl Schmidt sold the 1917 with the vehicle factory Ansbach AG to F ahrzeugfabriken A nsbach u nd N ürnberg AG , since 1920 short FAUN-Werke AG , merged .


In addition to fire extinguishers, fire engines and other commercial vehicles, passenger cars were also manufactured from 1909. Initially, the friction-wheel wagons taken over by the Maurer Union continued to be built for about a year.

In 1911 the company brought out large cars of its own design under the name Kaiserwagen . There was a 6/18 hp type (1500 cm³, 18 hp / 3.2 kW) with a four-cylinder engine and a 70-hp Phaeton with a six-cylinder engine . The numbers, however, remained low.

In 1913 a small car appeared , the Premier 4/12 PS . Its four-cylinder engine produced 12 hp (8.8 kW) with a displacement of 1.0 l and powered the rear wheels via a three-speed gearbox. The car reached a top speed of 70 km / h and cost 3,565 marks .


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