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Music year 1700
The “golden period” in Antonio Stradivari's oeuvre began around 1700, when many famous violins, violas, cellos and guitars were created, including the guitar Rawlins .


  • July: Together with William Croft , Jeremiah Clarke is sworn in as a gentleman-extraordinary of the Chapel Royal in London , in order to take over the organist's position after the death of the previous incumbent Francis Pigott.
  • October: Carlo Agostino Badia marries the soprano Anna Maria Lisi, who is also employed at the Viennese court.
  • After the unexpected loss of their free tables at the Lyceum in Ohrdruf , 14-year-old Johann Sebastian Bach and his classmate Erdmann decide to continue their schooling in the particular school of the Michaeliskloster in Lüneburg . For the first time, Bach and Erdmann are listed on April 3 when the Mettengeld payments are booked . Both do not have to pay school fees, but are obliged to do their job as Mettenchor singers. In contrast to all of his siblings and his ancestors, who gave up higher education in favor of an apprenticeship as a musician, Bach opted for a higher education that qualifies for university studies.
  • Antonio Caldara was appointed Maestro di cappella da chiesa e del teatro ( Kapellmeister of the Church and Theater) in Mantua at the court of Ferdinando Carlo von Gonzaga-Nevers , the last Duke of Mantua and Montferrat and Prince of Arches . He will hold this position until 1707.
  • Arcangelo Corelli is elected for the third time in recognition of his musical merits as Guardiano (German: "Wächter" or "Head") of the instrumental department of the musicians' guild Congregazione di Santa Cecilia (later: Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia ), an office that is offered only to the most outstanding musicians of Rome. Corelli first received this award in 1681 and was re-elected in 1684.
  • William Croft gets a job at St. Anne's Church in Soho , London .
  • John Eccles is led by King William III. appointed Master of the Queen's Music . Eccles thus held the highest position available for musicians at the English court until his death in 1735.
  • Around 1700 Giuseppe Torelli introduced the music of a violin soloist with the orchestra, a groundbreaking innovation at the time.
  • An inventory of Prince Ferdinando de Medici's musical instruments mentions a fortepiano for the first time . The musical instrument invented and built by the harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori is named in the inventory as arpicembalo che fà il piano e il forte - a “harpsichord that can play softly and loudly”. The exact year of construction of this instrument is not known (it is often assumed to be 1698).

World premieres

Stage works

Hésione , tragic opera by André Campra based on the libretto by Antoine Danchet; first page of the libretto
Ballet music

Instrumental music

Orchestral music

Chamber music

  • William Corbett - Twelve Sonatas a tre for 2 violins and bc, op.1
  • Arcangelo Corelli - 12 sonatas for violin and continuo ( Sonate a violino e violone o cimbalo) , op.5 (Rome)

Keyboard music



  • Jacques Boyvin - Second Livre d'orgue contenant les huit tons à l'usage ordinaire de l'église (1689 and 1700)

Vocal music


  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
    • Missa Bruxellensis in C major (C. App. 100) for double choir (SATB), 4 trumpets, drums, 2 "cornetti", ie prong , 3 trumpets, 2 violins, violas 3 and continuo (around 1700)
    • Huc Poenitentes ( Offertorium ) in C minor (C. 46) for choir and soloists (SSATB), 2 violins, 2 violas, 3 trombones ad libitum , 3 organs, bassoon and violone (around 1700)
  • John Blow - Ode for New Year's Day


  • Johann Kuhnau - The musical quack salver (Dresden)

Instrument making

  • Antonio Stradivari produces the violins Cristiani , Taft ex Emil Heermann and Ward , the cello Cristiani, Stauffer and the guitar Rawlins.


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