Nathan car

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Nathan car
legal form k. A.
founding May 24, 1923
resolution 1924
Seat Potsdam - Babelsberg , Germany
management Fritz Nathan
Number of employees 20 to 50
Branch Automobile manufacturer

Nathan-Wagen was a German manufacturer of automobiles .

Company history

Fritz Nathan, who previously worked for Lindcar , founded the company on May 24, 1923. The company's headquarters were at Wilhelmstrasse 29/33 in Potsdam - Babelsberg . In the same year the production of automobiles began. The brand name was Nawa . In 1924, Nowa-Werke AG was founded together with a new partner .


The vehicles were similar to the models Nathan had met at Lindcar. The smaller model was the 4/12 hp . There was also the 5/18 hp , whose engine had a capacity of 1300 cm³ . The bodies offered either space for two or four people.