Schlumberger (company)

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Schlumberger NV

legal form Naamloze vennootschap
ISIN AN8068571086
founding 1926
Seat Willemstad , Curacao
management Paal Kibsgaard ( CEO )
Number of employees 100,000
sales 35.475 billion US dollars
Branch Exploration, oil field services
As of December 31, 2015

Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center

Schlumberger is the world's largest oil exploration and oil field service company with headquarters in Willemstad on the Dutch island of Curaçao and operating headquarters in Paris , Houston , The Hague and London .

The company's founders Conrad Schlumberger and Marcel Schlumberger came from Alsace , which was part of the German Empire at the time . Ancestral father Nicolas Schlumberger immigrated from the Swabian region around Ulm in the 16th century . Nevertheless, they were strongly French, especially on the mother's side. Therefore, apart from in the German-speaking world, the company is usually pronounced in French: [ ʃlumbɛʀˈʒe ] or [ ʃlœ̃bɛʀˈʒe ]

The company's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange , Euronext Paris , London Stock Exchange and SIX Swiss Exchange and are included in the S&P 500 and S&P 100 .

Company history

In 1926 the company was founded as Société de Prospection Électrique by the brothers Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger from Alsace. They had the idea of ​​using geoelectrics to search for hydrocarbons. For this reason, one of the electrode arrangements in geoelectrics is named after them.

In 1940 the headquarters were relocated to Houston. The Ridgefield Research Center was founded in 1948, and in 1956 the parent company Schlumberger Limited in Willemstad , Curaçao , then the Netherlands Antilles . In 1960, Schlumberger and Dow Chemical founded Dowell Schlumberger. From 1968 the company took a stake in Forex , which was founded in France in 1942 and which was fully taken over in 1971. In 1979 the Fairchild Camera and Instrumentation Company (including Fairchild Semiconductor) became a subsidiary of Schlumberger. In 1984 the company took over the Southeastern Drilling Company (Sedco), founded in Texas in 1947 . In 1985 the Southeastern Drilling Company (Sedco) and Forex merged to form the Sedco Forex Drilling Company. 1987 bought National Semiconductor to Fairchild Semiconductor from Schlumberger for 122 million US dollars.

In 1989 Schlumberger opened a company in the town of Rungis to develop inspection systems for flight luggage. In 1994 this area was sold to Rheinmetall and integrated into the Heimann subsidiary .

In 1991 Prakla-Seismos , GeoQuest Systems in 1992 and Camco International in 1998 were acquired. In 1998 Schlumberger founded the education initiative SEED , which networked more than 225 schools in 39 countries. 1999, which formed a spin-off of Sedco Forex and sale to Transocean . In 2000, Schlumberger founded Seismik WesternGeco as a joint venture with Baker Hughes . The former Schlumberger brands viz, Anadril, Dowell, Geoquest, Wireline and Testing operate under the new name Schlumberger Oilfield Service . In 2007 Schlumberger bought the remaining stake in WesternGeco from Baker Hughes and moved the US headquarters from New York City to Houston. In 2010 Schlumberger took over the smaller competitor Smith International.

In 2012 Cameron International and Schlumberger merged their underwater divisions. On April 1, 2016, Schlumberger took over the company.

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