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Philip Morris International Inc.

legal form Corporation
ISIN US7181721090
founding 1900
Seat New York City , New York , United States
United StatesUnited States 
management André Calantzopoulos ( CEO )
Number of employees 73,500
sales 77.9 billion US dollars (2019)
Branch Tobacco products
As of December 31, 2019

Philip Morris International Inc. is the world's largest privately owned manufacturer of tobacco products. The group sells cigarettes in more than 180 countries and has a 15.5 percent share of the global tobacco market. Six of the fifteen best-selling cigarette brands belong to the group, including Marlboro , the world's best-selling cigarette. The group also gained fame as a long-term sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team .

The company was spun off at the end of March 2008 by a spin-off from the then parent company Altria Group . Altria continues to operate the US business with the Philip Morris brand. PMI is responsible for all markets outside the USA. The company's formal headquarters are in New York in the United States, while Neuchâtel in Switzerland conducts business operations . Philip Morris Germany is based in Graefelfing near Munich.

Philip Morris International, like its competitors, has been subject to repeated criticism due to the health risks posed by smoking and, in part, corporate policy.


Since it was founded in the 19th century, the company has developed into a global corporation. Philip Morris was a tobacco dealer who opened a shop on London's Bond Street in 1847. In 1854 he produced his own cigarettes for the first time and offered them for sale. He got coachmen to drive guests who asked for cigarettes to him by giving them money for them. In addition, the group was from 1901 tobacco trader for King Edward VII. Philip Morris' heirs chose New York City as their new headquarters .

Philip Morris is the largest tobacco manufacturer in the world after China National Tobacco Co. Today Philip Morris International has approximately 82,000 employees. The sister company Philip Morris USA , the leading American tobacco company, has a further 11,000 employees. Louis C. Camilleri has been Chairman of the Board of the company since 2006 . André Calantzopoulos has been CEO since 2013.

The group was defeated in 2006 in the United States of America vs. Philip Morris USA Inc. et al.


The flagship is the Marlboro brand, the world's best-selling cigarette brand. The company's current cigarette and tobacco brands include:

Advertisement for Muratti in a Berlin magazine from 1902
  • Accord (US)
  • Alpine (US)
  • Apollo-Soyuz (Russia)
  • Assos (Greece)
  • Basic (International)
  • Belmont (Canada)
  • Best (Serbia)
  • Bond Street (International)
  • Boston (Colombia)
  • Brian's 420 (International)
  • Bristol (US)
  • Bucks (US)
  • Cambridge (US)
  • Canadian Classics (Canada)
  • Caro (International)
  • Champion (Philippines)
  • Chesterfield (International)
  • Classic (Serbia)
  • Collector's Choice (US)
  • Commander (US)
  • Daves (US)
  • Delicados (Mexico)
  • Diana (Italy)
  • Dji Sam Soe 234 , Sampoerna A (Local brands of the Indonesian subsidiary Sampoerna )
  • Eve
  • English Ovals (US)
  • f6 (D)
  • Fajrant (International)
  • Fortune (Philippines)
  • Hope (Philippines)
  • IQOS
  • Jewel (D)
  • Diamond (D)
  • L&M (International)
  • Lark (International)
  • Longbeach (International)
  • Marlboro (International)
  • Merit (International)
  • Moven Gold (Pakistan)
  • Multi De Luxe
  • Multifilter (International)
  • Muratti (International)
  • Next (International) (merged with Chesterfield due to insufficient market share)
  • Number 7 (Canada)
  • Optima (Russia)
  • Papastratos (GR)
  • Parliament (International)
  • Peter Jackson (International)
  • Petra (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Philip Morris (International)
  • Pielroja (D)
  • Players (US)
  • Polyot (International)
  • Red & White (International)
  • Saratoga (US)
  • SG (International)
  • Sparta (CZ)
  • Start (International)
  • U Mild (Indonesia)
  • Vatra (International)


According to Der Spiegel research , Philip Morris International Inc. has tobacco grown in Kazakhstan, some of which is also harvested by minors. This violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Kazakh laws. Reference is also made to the poor working conditions in Kazakhstan. The plantation workers do not wear protective clothing, even though the work is harmful to health.

PMI was nominated for the negative public eye awards supported by Greenpeace , which are "awarded" to corporations which, according to the initiators, behave particularly irresponsibly towards people and the environment. The PMI and the tobacco lobby are putting enormous pressure on state governments in the southern hemisphere. Just by announcing a lawsuit against Uruguay , the group would have “adapted its health policy to the wishes of the cigarette industry”. With this lawsuit at the World Bank , PMI "puts profit above the health consequences of tobacco consumption and tries to undo democratic decisions of the respective countries".

The practice of Philip Morris International, states that have passed stricter laws against tobacco consumption or are discussing the practice of threatening or suing with lawsuits, is also criticized. For example, Philip Morris sued Uruguay (around 2010) before an international arbitration tribunal in the USA, on July 8, 2016, this lawsuit was "completely rejected" after 6 years, announced President Tabaré Vázquez , who "emphasized that people's health and life are more important Interests of a tobacco company. " A similar arbitration suit against Australia was dismissed, as was a previous suit in the Australian state courts.

Activists are calling for PMI to stop animal testing.

In March 2016, Philip Morris was one of the few cigarette manufacturers who spoke out in favor of the timely implementation of the new EU directive on tobacco products in Germany. Among other things, this stipulates that 65 percent of the packaging surface should be provided with warnings in text and images about the risks of tobacco consumption.

In October 2018, Philip Morris received the Austrian negative Big Brother Award in the Communication and Marketing category for plans to use face scanners in tobacco shops to bring advertising to target groups.

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