Burgstall Scharfenberg

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Burgstall Scharfenberg
Burgstall Scharfenberg - View of the Burgstall from the east

Burgstall Scharfenberg - View of the Burgstall from the east

Creation time : around 1200
Castle type : Höhenburg, spur location
Conservation status: Burgstall
Standing position : Nobles
Place: Ursensollen - "Scharfenberg"
Geographical location 49 ° 23 '24.3 "  N , 11 ° 44' 36.5"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 23 '24.3 "  N , 11 ° 44' 36.5"  E
Height: 520  m above sea level NN
Burgstall Scharfenberg (Bavaria)
Burgstall Scharfenberg

The Postal Scharfenberg is the residue of a dialed High Middle Spur castle that once located on a rocky slope spur on a spur of Mount Sharp in the municipality Ursensollen in Upper Palatinate Amberg-Sulzbach in Bavaria rose. It was the ancestral seat of the Scharfenberg family who burned the Kastl monastery down in 1217 .

View into the semicircular neck ditch, on the left the castle grounds

Geographical location

Remnants of the foundation wall of a building, probably the keep

The castle site is located in the north-western part of the Hirschwald Nature Park , about 1,600 meters south-south-west of the Catholic parish church of St. Vitus in Ursensollen, or about ten kilometers south-west of Amberg on a north-west facing spur of the Scharpfenberg at about 520  m above sea level. NN .

There are other former medieval castles nearby: just a few kilometers to the south-south-east are the Zant castle ruins and a little further the Bärenfall castle stable   near the village of Bittenbrunn. To the south is the well-preserved Heimhof Castle , and to the south-west is the monastery castle in Kastl and the castle stable Hausberg   near Lauterach.


Very little is known about the early history of the castle and that of the von Scharfenberg nobles. It is also unclear whether this noble family of Scharfenberg is identical to that of the noble von Ursensollen. A Heinrich de Ursensolingen appears in a document from the Ensdorf monastery in 1144 . The castle complex was built around 1200 as the ancestral seat of the Upper Palatinate noble family of the Scharfenbergs.

In a Sulzbach chronicle it is reported that the Scharpfenbergers were denied a right to burial by the abbot Gebhard von Rieden, whereupon they set the monastery on fire in 1217. As a result, the Scharfenberg ancestral castle is said to have been destroyed by the monastery guardians, the Margraves of Hohenburg . It is not known whether this destruction of the castle was final. From the 14th century onwards, the Scharfenbergs had the suffix “von Ursensollen”.

By the middle of the 16th century at the latest, the castle complex was in ruins, a chancellor chronicler speaks of the old Vestigia .

The ground monument registered by the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments as "Medieval Castle Stable " Scharfenberg "" bears the monument number D-3-6636-0042.

Remains of the keep and the neck ditch are still preserved from the former castle complex . The square keep had a side length of seven meters and a wall thickness of two meters.


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