FDGB Cup 1971/72

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The 21st competition for the FDGB soccer cup was held in the 1971/1972 season .

The GDR-wide cup competition began with the first main round, in which the 15 district cup winners, 27 teams from the second-rate GDR league and the two relegated league teams from the 1970/71 season were involved. The GDR league team Chemie Glauchau had a bye. All games were played in a simple round, extended in the event of a tie and then decided by a penalty shoot-out if necessary .

After an intermediate round with ten teams drawn, the 14 league teams intervened in the second main round in the cup events. Of the original 15 district cup winners, only Vorwärts Neubrandenburg and Wismut Pirna-Copitz were represented there, but both were eliminated. In contrast, all senior division representatives made it into the second round, as did the GDR division Rot-Weiß Erfurt and Vorwärts Meiningen , who did not make it into the last eight.

Both the new champions 1. FC Magdeburg and last year's cup finalist BFC Dynamo were eliminated in the quarter-finals . The cup defender Dynamo Dresden reached the final again, where he met FC Carl Zeiss Jena .

I. main round

The games took place on 11./15. August 1971.

BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt * 2-0 BSG NPP North Greifswald
BSG Wismut Pirna-Copitz * 3: 2 BSG Wismut Gera
BSG Chemie Schwarza * 00:11 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
BSG Motor Schwerin * 1: 2 BSG Stahl Brandenburg
BSG NPP North Greifswald II * 0: 0 a.d.
(1: 4 E.)
BSG Post Neubrandenburg
ASG forward Neubrandenburg * 3: 2 FC Hansa Rostock II
BSG Motor Hennigsdorf * 0: 3 SG Dynamo Schwerin
TSG Stollberg * 0: 1 SG Dynamo Dresden II
BSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg * 4: 1 TSG Wismar
BSG Motor / Forward Oschersleben * 1: 2 Berlin FC Dynamo II
BSG activist Black Pump * 2: 3 a.d. FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder II
BSG Chemie Bitterfeld * 1: 3 a.d. BSG Locomotive Stendal
BSG Motor Weimar * 1: 1 a.d.
(4: 5 E.)
ASG forward Meiningen
BSG Motor Grimma * 0: 1 BSG Motor Wema Plauen
BSG Motor ESKA Hildburghausen * 0: 3 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II
SG Dynamo Eisleben 1: 3 BSG Chemie Leipzig
FSV locomotive Dresden 1: 2 BSG Energie Cottbus
BSG Motor Steinach 1-0 BSG Chemie Wolfen
BSG Chemie Böhlen 2: 1 FC Carl Zeiss Jena II
ASG forward Cottbus 2-0 BSG Motor Warnowwerft Warnemünde
BSG Chemie Leipzig II 1: 3 Hallescher FC Chemie II
BSG Motor Nordhausen West 3: 1 BSG activist Kali Werra Tiefenort
BSG Chemie Glauchau bye
* District Cup Winner

Elimination round

The games took place on October 2, 1971.

BSG Stahl Brandenburg 0: 2 ASG forward Neubrandenburg *
BSG Locomotive Stendal 2: 1 BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt *
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 4: 1 BSG Motor Steinach
SG Dynamo Dresden II 4-0 BSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg
BSG Energie Cottbus 2: 3 a.d. BSG Chemie Glauchau
* District Cup Winner

II. Main round

The games took place on 20./21. November 1971.

ASG forward Neubrandenburg * 1: 2 FC Hansa Rostock
BSG Wismut Pirna-Copitz * 0: 4 BSG Wismut Aue
ASG forward Cottbus 0: 2 SG Dynamo Dresden
BSG Locomotive Stendal 1: 4 ASG forward Stralsund
Berlin FC Dynamo II 0: 1 BSG Stahl Riesa
FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder II 0: 2 a.d. 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II 0: 3 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
BSG Chemie Glauchau 1: 3 Hallescher FC Chemie
SG Dynamo Dresden II 2: 3 1. FC Union Berlin
BSG Motor WeMa Plauen 1: 2 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau
BSG Post Neubrandenburg 1: 2 Berlin FC Dynamo
BSG Chemie Böhlen 0: 2 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
BSG Motor Nordhausen West 2: 8 1. FC Magdeburg
SG Dynamo Schwerin 5: 6 a.d. FC Forward Frankfurt / O.
Hallescher FC Chemie II 0: 2 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
ASG forward Meiningen 1-0 BSG Chemie Leipzig
* District Cup Winner

Round of 16

The games took place on 5./6. February 1972.

FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 0: 1 a.d. SG Dynamo Dresden
Berlin FC Dynamo 6-0 ASV forward Meiningen
BSG Stahl Riesa 2: 3 FC Forward Frankfurt / O.
Hallescher FC Chemie 2: 4 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig 1: 3 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
1. FC Union Berlin 1: 3 1. FC Magdeburg
BSG Wismut Aue 4-0 ASG forward Stralsund
FC Hansa Rostock 2: 3 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau

Quarter finals

The games took place on April 12, 1972.

FC Forward Frankfurt / O. 1: 3 SG Dynamo Dresden
BSG Wismut Aue 2: 5 a.d. FC Carl Zeiss Jena
BSG Sachsenring Zwickau 1-0 1. FC Magdeburg
FC Karl-Marx-Stadt 1-0 Berlin FC Dynamo


The games took place on April 29, 1972.

SG Dynamo Dresden 5: 2 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau
FC Carl Zeiss Jena 1-0 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt



pairing FC Carl Zeiss Jena - SG Dynamo Dresden
Result 2: 1 (1: 1)
date May 14, 1972
Stadion Central Stadium , Leipzig
spectator 20,000
referee Günter Männig (Bohlen)
Gates 0: 1 Dörner (22nd)
1: 1 P. Ducke (45th)
2: 1 P. Ducke (55th)
FC Carl Zeiss Jena Wolfgang Blochwitz - Peter Rock - Gerhard Hoppe , Konrad Weise , Lothar Kurbjuweit - Harald Irmscher , Martin Goebel , Rainer Schlutter - Norbert Schumann (66th Dieter Scheitler ), Peter Ducke , Eberhard Vogel
Trainer: Hans Meyer
SG Dynamo Dresden Claus Boden - Joachim Kern - Frank Ganzera , Klaus Sammer , Siegmar Wätzlich - Reinhard Häfner (75th Horst Rau ), Hans-Jürgen Dörner , Hans-Jürgen Kreische - Gert Heidler , Eduard Geyer , Rainer Sachse (46th Frank Richter )
Trainers: Walter Fritzsch

Course of the game

Peter Ducke, two-time goalscorer from Jena

In the third (Dresden) against the fourth of the past league season there was no definite favorite, apart from the fact that the Dresden team had finished the championship as the most goal-hungry team with 59 goals. Surprisingly, however, the expected assault by the Dynamos did not materialize, and FC Carl Zeiss was the team with the more pressing game. Your coach Hans Meyer offered three strikers and had set the midfield row offensively. The only 19-year-old Martin Goebel stood out here, who completely de-registered the Dresden director Kreische. While the Jena brought attack after attack in front of the opposing goal, the Dresden team did not find their game. So their leading goal in the 22nd minute by their best player Dörner fell somewhat surprisingly. The Zeiss townspeople remained unimpressed and retained their offensive style of play, which was increasingly supported by their own defense. For example, left-back Kurbjuweit caused danger in the Dresden penalty area several times with his lightning-fast advances. Shortly before the half-time break, Jena's assault was finally rewarded when Peter Ducke equalized after an excellent ball relay over four stations. Nine minutes after the restart, it was Ducke again who put his team in the lead. He played the Dresdner Sammer and Kern almost from a standing start and transformed from 13 meters with a touch-up ball. Then the Jena tried to expand their lead, but failed more because of themselves than against the opponent, who still did not find his game. Every now and then the Dresdeners managed to bring attacks in front of the Jenaer Tor and cause some unrest there, but ultimately their efforts were too harmless. Jena, on the other hand, kept the thread in hand and was able to defend the narrow result until the final whistle.

Coach Hans Meyer (Jena): “Our team improved at the right moment. The players were not nervously impressed by the importance of the encounter, but on the contrary found their best performance of the season because of it. "
Coach Walter Fritzsch (Dresden):" The knockout came with the equalizer seconds before the break. Jena played a very good game. Sachse and Häfner could not fulfill important tasks in attack and midfield as planned. You were too impressed by the strong counteraction. "(Quotes from Deutsches Sportecho, May 15, 1972)