FDGB Cup 1979/80

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The 29th edition of the FDGB soccer cup competition took place in the 1979/80 season.

89 teams took part in the competition, drawn from the two top football classes and the 1979 district cup winners. Simple knockout rounds were played, which were eventually decided by overtime or penalty shoot-outs. The competition began with a qualifying round for six teams from the second-rate GDR league , the winners of which took part in the first main round with 58 GDR league players, the league relegators of the 1978/79 season and the district cup winners .

The teams of the GDR Oberliga intervened in the cup fight after an intermediate round in the 2nd main round. District cup winners were no longer represented here, with 1. FC Union Berlin , BSG Chemie Leipzig and Wismut Aue , three league clubs have already been eliminated. Of the five GDR league players who reached the round of 16, only Hansa Rostock came under the last eight after a 3-1 win in the GDR league duel at Vorwärts Dessau . There, the Rostock team were eliminated by a 2-1 home defeat against FC Carl Zeiss Jena .

After cup defender 1. FC Magdeburg had already been eliminated in the round of 16, last year's cup finalist BFC Dynamo said goodbye to the current competition after a 1: 2 defeat at 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig in the quarter-finals. The semifinals were dramatic, both encounters had to be extended. While FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt defeated 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig 4-2 after 120 minutes, FC Carl Zeiss Jena needed a penalty shoot-out after a 1-1 extra time against Dynamo Dresden , which they finally won 3-2 .

Elimination round

The games took place on August 12, 1979.

BSG Motor Stralsund 2-0 BSG Rotation Berlin
BSG Motor Eberswalde 1-0 ASG forward Neubrandenburg
BSG Motor South Brandenburg 2: 5 BSG Motor Babelsberg

I. main round

The games took place on August 19, 1979.

BSG Bergmann Borsig Berlin II * 0: 8 BSG Motor Babelsberg
BSG Energie Cottbus II * 0: 1 FSV locomotive Dresden
ASG Forward Kamenz * 3-0 BSG Motor FH Karl-Marx-Stadt
BSG Landbau Bad Langensalza * 2: 5 a.d. ASG forward Plauen
ASG forward Strausberg * 5-0 BSG Motor Stralsund
BSG WiWeNa Naumburg * 1: 2 BSG Motor Nordhausen
BSG Motor Neustadt / Orla * 4: 2 a.d. BSG Chemie IW Ilmenau
BSG Progress Meerane * 1: 3 BSG Progress Weida
TSG MAB Schkeuditz * 1: 3 BSG Chemie Zeitz
BSG tractor blocks * 1-0 BSG Locomotive Stendal
BSG Locomotive Malchin * 0: 9 BSG Post Neubrandenburg
BSG Motor Hennigsdorf * 4-0 ISG Schwerin South
ASG Forward Stralsund II * 1: 2 TSG Wismar
BSG structure Sternberg * 1-0 BSG Shipping / Rostock Port
BSG Locomotive Meiningen * 2: 6 BSG Motor Rudisleben
BSG Motor Wolgast 0: 3 FC Hansa Rostock
BSG Chemie Premnitz 1: 3 BSG Stahl Hennigsdorf
SG Dynamo Schwerin 3-0 BSG Bergmann Borsig Berlin
BSG NARVA Berlin 1-0 TSG Neustrelitz
BSG progress Weissenfels 6: 4 BSG Motor Suhl
BSG Akt. Brieske-Senftenberg 3-0 BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt
BSG activist Black Pump 3-0 BSG semiconductor plant Frankfurt / O.
BSG Wismut Gera 2-0 SG Dynamo Eisleben
BSG activist Kali Werra Tiefenort 0: 1 BSG steel Blankenburg
BSG Greifswald NPP 4: 4 n.V.
(4: 3 in good.)
BSG Motor Eberswalde
BSG Stahl Nordwest Leipzig 1: 2 BSG Stahl Brandenburg
TSG Gröditz 1: 2 ASG forward Dessau
BSG Motor ROBUR Zittau 0: 1 BSG progress Bischofswerda
TSG Lübbenau 1: 7 BSG Chemie Böhlen
BSG Motor Hermsdorf 1: 2 BSG Motor Werdau
BSG Robotron Sömmerda 0: 4 BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau
BSG Chemie Schwarza 4: 5 BSG activist Espenhain
BSG Chemie PCK Schwedt 1: 2 ASG forward Stralsund
BSG unit Wernigerode 1: 4 BSG Motor Weimar
BSG Chemie Wolfen 2: 4 BSG Energie Cottbus
BSG Chemie Veritas Wittenberge 3: 4 TSG construction Rostock
* District Cup Winner

Intermediate round

The games took place on September 16, 1979.

BSG Motor Neustadt / Orla * 1: 2 BSG Motor Rudisleben
BSG tractor blocks * 1: 3 SG Dynamo Schwerin
ASG Forward Kamenz * 4: 1 BSG Wismut Gera
BSG structure Sternberg * 1: 3 FC Hansa Rostock
ASG forward Strausberg * 1: 2 BSG activist Brieske-Senftenberg
BSG Post Neubrandenburg 3: 2 BSG Motor Hennigsdorf *
BSG progress Weissenfels 2: 1 BSG Chemie Zeitz
BSG NARVA Berlin 1: 8 TSG construction Rostock
BSG Motor Babelsberg 3-0 BSG activist Black Pump
BSG Stahl Hennigsdorf 2: 4 TSG Wismar
BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau 3: 1 BSG Progress Weida
BSG Motor Werdau 4-0 BSG progress Bischofswerda
ASG forward Stralsund 5: 1 BSG Greifswald NPP
BSG Energie Cottbus 1-0 BSG Stahl Brandenburg
BSG Motor Weimar 2: 1 a.d. ASG forward Plauen
BSG steel Blankenburg 3-0 BSG activist Espenhain
ASG forward Dessau 1-0 BSG Motor Nordhausen
FSV locomotive Dresden 1: 2 a.d. BSG Chemie Böhlen
* District Cup Winner

II. Main round

The games took place on October 20, 1979.

ASG Forward Kamenz * 1: 2 Berlin FC Dynamo
BSG Motor Weimar 0: 4 1. FC Magdeburg
SG Dynamo Schwerin 3: 2 1. FC Union Berlin
BSG Motor Werdau 0: 4 SG Dynamo Dresden
TSG Wismar 0: 1 a.d. FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder
BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau 0: 1 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
BSG progress Weissenfels 2: 6 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
BSG steel Blankenburg 2: 3 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
ASG forward Stralsund 5-0 BSG Chemie Leipzig
SG Motor Babelsberg 0: 3 BSG Stahl Riesa
BSG Chemie Böhlen 5: 4 a.d. BSG Wismut Aue
BSG Motor Rudisleben 0: 1 Hallescher FC Chemie
BSG activist Brieske-Senftenberg 1: 3 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau
BSG Post Neubrandenburg 2: 5 a.d. 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
FC Hansa Rostock 4: 1 BSG Energie Cottbus
TSG construction Rostock 1: 3 ASG forward Dessau
* District Cup Winner

Round of 16

The games took place on November 10, 1979.

SG Dynamo Dresden 4-0 Hallescher FC Chemie
ASG forward Dessau 1: 3 FC Hansa Rostock
1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig 4-0 SG Dynamo Schwerin
BSG Stahl Riesa 4: 3 a.d. 1. FC Magdeburg
BSG Chemie Böhlen 0: 2 Berlin FC Dynamo
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 3: 1 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
FC Carl Zeiss Jena 3: 1 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau
ASG forward Stralsund 1: 2 FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder

Quarter finals

The games took place on December 22, 1979.

FC Hansa Rostock 1: 2 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2-0 BSG Stahl Riesa
1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig 2: 1 Berlin FC Dynamo
FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder 0: 1 SG Dynamo Dresden


The Games took place on February 27, 1980.

FC Carl Zeiss Jena 1: 1 n.V.
(3: 2 in good.)
SG Dynamo Dresden
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 4: 2 a.d. 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig



pairing FC Carl Zeiss Jena - FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
Result 3: 1 n.V. (1: 1, 0: 1)
date May 17, 1980
Stadion World Youth Stadium , East Berlin
spectator 45,000
referee Siegfried Kirschen (Frankfurt / O.)
Gates 0: 1 Romstedt (40th)
1: 1 Raab (81st)
2: 1 Kurbjuweit (94th)
3: 1 Sengewald (97th)
FC Carl Zeiss Jena Hans-Ulrich Grapenthin - Rüdiger Schnuphase - Wolfgang Schilling , Konrad Weise - Gerhard Hoppe , Andreas Krause , Lothar Kurbjuweit , Lutz Lindemann - Martin Trocha (60th Thomas Töpfer ), Jürgen Raab , Eberhard Vogel (72nd Dietmar Sengewald )
Trainer: Hans Meyer
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt Wolfgang Benkert - Hans-Joachim Teich - Uwe Becker , Dieter Göpel , Harald Brosselt - Martin Iffarth , Harald Fritz , Klaus Schröder (97th Jörg Hornik ), Manfred Vogel (96th Josef Vlay ) - Jürgen Heun , Armin Romstedt
Trainer: Manfred Pfeifer

Course of the game

Cup winner FC Carl Zeiss Jena

For the 29th final of the FDGB Cup, the favorite position was clearly specified, the championship third FC Carl Zeiss Jena met FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt, who had just escaped relegation in the past championship in 12th place. In addition, there were six current national players in the Jena team as well as Eberhard Vogel with the experience of 74 international matches. The only thing the red-whites had to counter this was to be able to play free from the relegation stress of the last few weeks and as an outsider. The Erfurt-based company initially took on this role with great promise. They put away two great chances from Schnuphase and Vogel in the first few minutes and, for their part, started quick forays into the Jena half with Heun, Romstedt and Fritz. In addition, they could rely on the safe goalkeeper Benkert, who thwarted further Jena opportunities between the 31st and 34th minute. At this stage it seemed as if the Zeiss townspeople were gaining the upper hand. But a surprising counterattack rewarded the courageous demeanor of the flower townspeople. In the 40th minute Fritz from Erfurt sprinted into a combination between Lindemann and Vogel from Jena, played around two Jena defenders and shot towards the opposing goal. Grapenthin was still able to fend off, but in the margin, left wing Romstedt brought the ball over the line.

After the break, both teams increased the pace of the game, and with Manfred Vogel and Heun Erfurt had two good chances to increase to 2-0 right after the restart. For a good half an hour, FC Carl Zeiss was in danger of losing the game due to the multiple counterattacks by Erfurt, but then the Erfurt leaders had to pay tribute to their long journeys. When Hans Meyer brought in two new players with Töpfer and Sengewald in the 60th and 70th minutes, the game tipped in favor of Jena. From the defense, Jena increased the pressure with Kurbjuweit and Schnuphase, and the substituted potter could hardly be stopped by the Erfurt defense. Consequently, the equalizer fell in the 81st minute when Schilling won a header duel against Romstedt, Töpfer was able to cross from the left in front of the goal and center forward Raab put the ball under the crossbar with a sharp shot.

With the psychologically important equalizer, both teams had to go into overtime. Erfurt was nervous and weak and fell behind after just four minutes due to a free-kick rebound from Kurbjuweit. When Erfurt goalkeeper Benkert could not parry a shot from Sengewald after another three minutes, the game was decided in favor of the Jena favorite.

The two coaches commented on the game:
“I think it was a great final. It was fair, not dogged and, above all, fully offensive. The many chances on both sides prove that. ”(Hans Meyer, Jena)
“ When we didn't take advantage of our huge chances to make it 2-0, Jena did better. In the end the favorite had more to add. "(Manfred Pfeifer, Erfurt)

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