FDGB Cup 1973/74

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In the 1973/74 soccer season , the FDGB soccer cup was played for the 23rd time .

After a qualifying round with six GDR league players , the first main round was started with 15 district cup winners, 55 teams from the second-rate GDR league and the two league relegated teams from the 1972/73 season. Up to and including the second main round, the games were played in the simple cup mode, if necessary the games were extended or decided by penalty shoot-outs . From the round of 16 up to and including the semi-finals, the winners were determined in the first and second legs.

The 14 teams of the league intervened in the second main round in the cup competition. There were no longer any district cup winners. With the exception of Sachsenring Zwickau (1: 2 at Lok Dresden ), all the first division clubs made it through. In addition to Lok Dresden, Dynamo Dresden II and Vorwärts Stralsund also made it to the round of 16 via pure GDR league duels, but only Dynamo II survived the round-trip rule with an overall result of 6: 5 over Hansa Rostock . Last year's finalist 1. FC Lok Leipzig also did not survive the round of 16.

Dynamo Dresden was represented by two teams in the quarter-finals. However, the second team did not make it through the Energie Cottbus hurdle , and the cup defender 1. FC Magdeburg also retired after two 2-0 defeats against BFC Dynamo . In the semifinals there was a dynamo duel between Berlin and Dresden, which the Saxons won. After a 7-1 victory over Energie Cottbus, FC Carl Zeiss Jena also made it into the final.

Elimination round

The Games took place on August 11, 1973.

BSG Motor Hermsdorf 0: 2 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II
1. FC Magdeburg II 2: 1 BSG Stahl Hennigsdorf
BSG Chemie Böhlen 2-0 FC Carl Zeiss Jena II

I. main round

The Games took place on August 19, 1973.

BSG locomotive Bergen * 0: 6 ASG forward Stralsund
BSG structure Sternberg * 0: 4 TSG Wismar
BSG Locomotive Prenzlau * 0: 2 BSG Shipping / Rostock Port
BSG construction Schwedt * 2-0 ASG forward Neubrandenburg
Berlin FC Dynamo II * 1: 4 a.d. BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt
BSG Motor Babelsberg * 2-0 SG Dynamo Schwerin
BSG Motor Schönebeck * 2: 4 1. FC Union Berlin
SG Jänschwalde * 3: 4 BSG activist Black Pump
BSG WAMA Görlitz * 0: 1 FSV locomotive Dresden
BSG Motor Germania Karl-Marx-Stadt * 0: 4 SG Dynamo Dresden II
BSG Chemie Leipzig II * 0: 1 BSG Wismut Gera
BSG Wismut Gera II * 1: 2 BSG Motor Werdau
ASG Forward Meiningen II * 1-0 BSG Zentronik Sömmerda
BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau * 0: 1 ASG forward Cottbus
BSG Glückauf Sondershausen * 3-0 ASG forward Meiningen
BSG Motor Nord Torgelow 3: 1 BSG NPP North Greifswald
BSG Motor Warnowwerft Warnemünde 0: 2 Berlin FC Dynamo II
BSG Verkehrsbetriebe Waren 1: 3 BSG Stahl Brandenburg
BSG Motor Köpenick 0: 2 BSG Motor Eberswalde
BSG construction Großräschen 2: 7 ASG forward Löbau
BSG Motor Hennigsdorf 1: 3 BSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg
BSG Motor / Forward Oschersleben 1: 2 Hallescher FC Chemie
BSG Chemie Wolfen 1: 0 a.d. FC Karl-Marx-Stadt II
SG Dynamo Eisleben 3: 2 BSG Motor Nordhausen West
BSG Bismut Pirna-Copitz 0: 1 ASG forward Leipzig
BSG Motor Wema Plauen 2: 1 a.d. BSG Chemie Zeitz
BSG Wismut Aue II 5: 1 a.d. TSG Gröditz
BSG Chemie Glas Ilmenau 3-0 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt II
BSG activist Kali Werra Tiefenort 3: 2 a.d. Hallescher FC Chemie II
BSG Post Neubrandenburg 1-0 FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder II
BSG Motor Schwerin 3: 1 BSG Chemie Veritas Wittenberge
SG Dynamo Fürstenwalde 3: 4 FC Hansa Rostock II
BSG Motor Steinach 1: 2 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig II
BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II 3-0 BSG Stahl Maxhütte
BSG Chemie Böhlen 3-0 BSG locomotive / Forward Halberstadt
1. FC Magdeburg II 2: 2 n.V.
(4: 2 in good.)
BSG Locomotive Stendal
* District Cup Winner

Intermediate round

The Games took place on September 9, 1973.

ASG Forward Meiningen II * 2: 3 BSG Wismut Gera
BSG Glückauf Sondershausen * 1: 4 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
TSG Wismar 6: 4 BSG construction Schwedt *
FSV locomotive Dresden 3: 2 BSG Motor Babelsberg *
BSG Motor Nord Torgelow 0: 0 n.v.
(3: 4 p.e.)
BSG Motor Eberswalde
SG Dynamo Eisleben 1: 3 1. FC Magdeburg II
BSG Motor Wema Plauen 1: 3 BSG Chemie Böhlen
BSG Wismut Aue II 1: 2 BSG Motor Werdau
BSG Chemie Glas Ilmenau 2: 3 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II
BSG activist Kali Werra Tiefenort 0: 1 a.d. ASG forward Leipzig
ASG forward Löbau 3: 4 SG Dynamo Dresden II
ASG forward Stralsund 1-0 Berlin FC Dynamo
Hallescher FC Chemie 0: 2 BSG activist Black Pump
BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt 2: 1 a.d. FC Hansa Rostock II
BSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg 47 2-0 BSG Chemie Wolfen
BSG Stahl Brandenburg 4: 1 BSG Post Neubrandenburg
BSG Shipping / Rostock Port 4: 1 BSG Motor Schwerin
ASG forward Cottbus 0: 6 1. FC Union Berlin
* District Cup Winner

II. Main round

The Games took place on September 29, 1973.

FSV locomotive Dresden 2: 1 BSG Sachsenring Zwickau
BSG activist Black Pump 1: 5 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
1. FC Magdeburg II 0: 1 BSG Chemie Leipzig
BSG Shipping / Rostock Port 0: 9 FC Forward Frankfurt / O.
BSG Motor Werdau 1: 8 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
ASG forward Leipzig 0: 4 BSG Wismut Aue
BSG Wismut Gera 2: 3 SG Dynamo Dresden
BSG Stahl Brandenburg 1: 4 Berlin FC Dynamo
BSG Chemie Böhlen 2: 6 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig II 2: 5 BSG Energie Cottbus
BSG Motor Eberswalde 2: 5 FC Hansa Rostock
BSG Sachsenring Zwickau II 0: 3 BSG Stahl Riesa
BSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg 0: 1 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
TSG Wismar 1: 4 1. FC Magdeburg
SG Dynamo Dresden II 3-0 BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt
1. FC Union Berlin 1: 1 n.V.
(2: 4 p.e.)
ASG forward Stralsund

Round of 16

The first leg took place on November 10 and the second leg on November 17, 1973.

total First leg Return leg
1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig 3: 4 FC Carl Zeiss Jena 2-0 1: 4
SG Dynamo Dresden 3: 2 BSG Wismut Aue 2: 1 1: 1
BSG Chemie Leipzig 2: 3 BSG Stahl Riesa 1: 2 1: 1
1. FC Magdeburg 4: 1 FC Forward Frankfurt / Oder 3-0 1: 1
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt (a)2: 2 (a) Berlin FC Dynamo 2: 1 0: 1
SG Dynamo Dresden II 6: 5 FC Hansa Rostock 4-0 2: 5
FC Karl-Marx-Stadt 4: 1 ASG forward Stralsund 2-0 2: 1
BSG Energie Cottbus 2: 1 FSV locomotive Dresden 1-0 1: 1

Quarter finals

The first leg took place on November 15 and the second leg on November 22, 1973.

total First leg Return leg
1. FC Magdeburg 0: 4 Berlin FC Dynamo 0: 2 0: 2
FC Karl-Marx-Stadt 1: 4 SG Dynamo Dresden 0-0 1: 4
BSG Stahl Riesa 2: 8 FC Carl Zeiss Jena 1: 5 1: 3
SG Dynamo Dresden II 2: 4 BSG Energie Cottbus 2-0 0: 4


The first leg took place on January 30 and the second leg on February 13, 1974.

total First leg Return leg
Berlin FC Dynamo 1: 2 SG Dynamo Dresden 1-0 0: 2
FC Energie Cottbus 2: 8 FC Carl Zeiss Jena 1: 1 1: 7



pairing FC Carl Zeiss Jena - SG Dynamo Dresden
Result 3: 1 a.d. (1: 1, 0: 0)
date April 13, 1974
Stadion Central Stadium , Leipzig
spectator 32,000
referee Rudi Glöckner (Markranstädt)
Gates 0: 1 Häfner (20th)
1: 1 Schlutter (78th)
2: 1 Schumann (115th)
3: 1 Bransch (117th)
FC Carl Zeiss Jena Wolfgang Blochwitz - Bernd Bransch - Ulrich Göhr , Konrad Weise , Lothar Kurbjuweit - Martin Goebel , Harald Irmscher , Rainer Schlutter - Norbert Schumann , Peter Ducke , Eberhard Vogel (68th Helmut Stein )
Trainer: Hans Meyer
SG Dynamo Dresden Claus Boden - Hans-Jürgen Dörner - Christian Helm , Klaus Sammer , Siegmar Wätzlich - Reinhard Häfner (76th Udo Schmuck ), Frank Ganzera (110th Frank Richter ), Hans-Jürgen Kreische - Gert Heidler , Dieter Riedel , Peter Kotte
Trainers: Walter Fritzsch
References none - Dieter Riedel (118.)

Course of the game

Jena's team captain Peter Ducke with the FDGB cup

The 23rd final for the FDGB Cup closed the 1973/74 football season. The second, FC Carl Zeiss Jena, and the third of the championship, Dynamo Dresden, faced each other. In addition to the new title holder 1. FC Magdeburg, both teams were among the strongest teams with their numerous national players.

Dynamo Dresden clearly determined the action in the first half. Jena had built up a densely staggered defense, but the Dresdeners responded with attacks from a distance. After several unsuccessful shots on goal by Wätzlich, Riedel, Kotte and Libero Dörner, the Dresden attacks led to success in the 27th minute. Häfner picked up a diagonal pass from Kreische, dribbled a few more steps and then shot with his right foot into the Jena gate. Until the break whistle, the Dresden midfield row dominated their Jena opponents at will, the Jena strikers Ducke and Vogel did not get a chance.

After the break, a completely reverse game developed. Dresden only wanted to manage the 1-0 lead, practically stopped its attacking efforts. In midfield now dominated the Jena Irmscher and Schlutter, whose precise passes now brought the strikers into promising positions. The decisive factor in the game was the substitution of the ineffective Jenaer Vogel by Stein, which put even more pressure on the team. As a result, Schlutter equalized eight minutes later, who played von Stein after skilful dribbling and was able to steer the ball into the goal in front of Helm.

Until the end of the regular season, the Dresden team were able to hold back, and the game also swayed back and forth in the first half of extra time. Kreische, Irmscher, Heidler and Kotte had the renewed opening goal on the foot. This finally fell in the 115th minute for Jena. Schumann, one of the youngest on the field, fought for the ball, played around three Dresden players and also overcame the Dresden goalkeeper. Only two minutes later, FC Carl Zeiss hit SG Dynamo Dresden with the final knockout blow. After a wonderful series of diagonal passes between Schlutter and Irmscher, the unprotected Libero Bransch was able to score 3: 1 with a left-footed shot.

The coaches commented on the game as follows ( according to Deutsches Sportecho, April 16, 1974 ):

Hans Meyer, FC Carl Zeiss Jena - “The 0: 1 gave us psychological problems. A completely different team came out of the locker room after half time. We just had more to add. "
Walter Fritzsch, Dynamo Dresden - “The game was on the knife edge. In the end, Jena had a little more to put on the scales and deserved to win. But it was also due to the fact that we couldn't extend our good initial phase over the entire season. "