Cantonal school at Burggraben

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Cantonal school at Burggraben
Facade of the building by Felix Wilhelm Kubly
Facade of the building by Felix Wilhelm Kubly
type of school Canton school
founding 1856
place St. Gallen
Canton Canton of St. Gallen
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 746 505  /  254544 coordinates: 47 ° 25 '31 "  N , 9 ° 22' 50"  O ; CH1903:  746,505  /  254544
carrier Canton of St. Gallen
student around 1300
Teachers about 200
management Marc King

The Kantonsschule am Burggraben , KSBG for short , is a middle school in the city ​​of St. Gallen . The school was founded in 1856 and today offers high school and sub-high school education. At 150 years old, the canton school is one of the oldest canton schools in Switzerland . Until the opening of the Wil Kantonsschule in 2002, the school was also the largest middle school in Switzerland (with over 1,800 students at times).


Library building, extension from 2004, Lämmlisbrunnenstrasse side.

The founding of the canton school goes back to the turmoil after the collapse of the old school rules in the city of St. Gallen at the end of the 18th century. With the abolition of the abbey of St. Gallen , the traditional Catholic monastery school was closed and the pupils could initially only attend the municipal (reformed) grammar school for school fees. In 1809 a new Catholic grammar school was opened in the monastery building (today the Catholic Cantonal Secondary School St. Gallen ), but the situation was unsatisfactory - with two completely separate schools with independent care and educational policy. Initially, however, this was provided for by the cantonal constitution of 1814 and a merger was not yet able to reach a consensus because the denominational rift that had separated the city for almost 400 years was still too deep (see history of the city of St. Gallen ).

It was not until 50 years later, in 1856, that more liberal forces were able to prevail in politics and implement the project of an interdenominational school. This is how the so-called contractual canton school was created in the new school building on Burggraben , built by Felix Wilhelm Kubly . The year 1856 is therefore considered to be the founding date of today's St. Gallen Cantonal School. In 1861 the cantonal constitution was revised, placing the school under the care of the canton. Until a new constitutional amendment was made in 1890, the denominations were now obliged to pay the canton fees for the school. The building, created in the neo-renaissance style , is decorated inside with decorative paintings in the Pompeian style .

In May 1865, 198 students attended the canton school, which had meanwhile been divided into the actual grammar school, a so-called industrial school and a teacher’s grammar school . The official admission of the first student is only guaranteed in 1893, before girls were only allowed to attend individual lessons in exceptional cases. The school followed for the grammar school on the primary school and for the industrial school on the second Realschule (today secondary school). The latter was supposed to prepare the students in four years for the visit to the Polytechnic (today ETH Zurich ). From 1890 to 1998 this training lasted four and a half years.

In the 1930s, the types of Matura were regulated by the federal government and the cantonal teacher training school was spun off. In the 1950s, the number of training courses offered at the grammar school rose to five, and the number of students also began to grow rapidly. After the constant growth of school classes had previously only been met with the opening of ever new temporary arrangements in different parts of the city, an extension to the historical building of the school was finally inaugurated in 1964.

After 1963, the secondary schools in the canton of St. Gallen began to be increasingly decentralized . The canton schools in Sargans , Wattwil and Heerbrugg were opened by 1975 . Nevertheless, the number of pupils continued to increase, so that in 1994/1995 another middle school had to be opened in the city with the canton school at Brühl . Today diploma courses are offered there, in the KSBG only Matura courses as preparation for university studies. In 2002 the canton of St. Gallen opened its doors, the youngest middle school in the canton of St. Gallen.

In 1969 and 1970, a love affair between a schoolboy and a schoolgirl led to an affair in which the conservative worldview of the teaching staff and the spirit of the 1968 movement publicly collided. The school management, who saw the relationship as the possible prelude to student unrest like abroad , wanted to exclude the lovers and their supporters among the students from the school. They founded the “Aktion Rotes Herz”, which made the conflict known throughout Switzerland. Upon intervention by the cantonal education department, the affair ended with reprimands for the students involved. In a 2006 commemorative publication, history teacher Daniel Baumann justified the action taken by the “responsible school management” against “lying agitation”.

In autumn 2018, the canton school hosted WikiCon , an annual meeting of the communities of the German-speaking Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Training today

At the moment, the high school education is offered with a Matura degree. In addition to the normal, German-language training, a bilingual one in German and English can be completed, whereby the Matura thesis must be written in English. According to the new federal maturity recognition ordinance, the structure of the training courses was adapted to the new four-year study period by 1998. The departments of the school today are:

Most pupils enter the canton school on Burggraben after two or three years of attending a municipal secondary school, the St. Gallen Catholic Cantonal School (“Flade”) or the Untergymnasium.

School fees

Schoolchildren whose parents have their tax residence in the canton of St. Gallen do not pay school fees . For the rest, the school fee is SFr per school year . 17,000.

The entrance examination fee is one-time SFr . 200.


The school has an observatory.


School newspaper «Ultimatum»

The school newspaper “Ultimatum” has existed since 1988 and in 2010 celebrated its 60th edition. With a circulation of 1500 to over 2000 copies, it is not only a very old one, but for a long time it was also the largest school newspaper in Switzerland. The newspaper appears three times a year and is free because it is financed through sponsorship and advertisements.

Radio «»

The internet radio "" broadcast a program around the clock from May 2008 to November 2016, which was moderated by pupils aged 13 to 18 years. It was the first school radio in Switzerland. Selected music could be heard during the day, and reports on school events in the evenings. Further topics were, for example, researched music contributions (often with local bands or internationally known bands), reports from open air events (especially Open Air St. Gallen ), interviews with teachers, sport (especially from FC St. Gallen ) or puzzle broadcasts with unconventional prices . Around 30 active and just as many passive members or moderators and editors were active.

The radio drew attention to itself in the media with several “broadcast marathons”, during which it was broadcast continuously for several days (at a record 61 hours). In September 2011, was voted web radio of the year by . The radio was financially supported primarily by the alumni association “OUT”. The radio studio was in the basement of the school. In November 2016, broadcasting had to be stopped due to a lack of interest on the part of the students.

Multimedia platform "kanti live"

In March 2019 the multimedia platform "kanti live" went online. The schoolchildren who are part of the editorial team of «kanti live» report on school and everyday school life with texts, podcasts and video contributions. "Kanti live" is neither an official publication of the KSBG nor of the canton of St. Gallen, but a journalistic school project carried out by out, the KSBG's alumni association.

Student organization

The student organization of the canton school on Burggraben organizes regular events, including the annual school festival (known as “Stägäfäscht”), the semester-end party, Rose Day on Valentine's Day, a Santa Claus campaign and, recently, a winter ball. The board of directors, consisting of seven members, is elected by the student body for a term of two years.

Former students and teachers


Former students:

Web links, sources

Commons : Kantonsschule am Burggraben  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

Individual evidence

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