Lipper mountain country

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Lipper mountain country
Lippe mountains
Map of Lower Saxony Bergland.jpg
Highest peak Köterberg ( 495.8  m above sea  level )
location Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia ( Germany )
Coordinates 51 ° 51 ′  N , 9 ° 19 ′  E Coordinates: 51 ° 51 ′  N , 9 ° 19 ′  E

The Lipper Bergland or Lippisches Bergland is up to 495.8  m above sea level. NHN high low mountain range in East Westphalia-Lippe . It is located in the administrative district of Detmold in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia ( Germany ) and in southern Lower Saxony .



The Lipper Bergland belongs to the Weserbergland and is bounded by the Werre River in the west and the Weser in the north and east. In the south it goes over into the Egge Mountains and the Oberwälder Land to the east . In the east, the mountainous region extends from the Pyrmonter mountainous region to the Weser. The landscape is strongly structured, there are peaks with ridges alternating, shallow depressions with broken hilly areas. Three larger rivers, Weser, Werre and Bega and smaller rivers like the Emmer cut into the landscape; at the edges the mountainous country loses height. Large parts of the region lie in the Teutoburg Forest / Eggegebirge nature park .

Natural allocation and structure

The Lipper Bergland forms the main unit 364 in the natural spatial main unit group Upper Weserbergland (No. 36). It is divided as follows:

  • 364.0 Bega hill country
    • 364.00 Camp mountain range
    • 364.01 Bega trough
  • 364.1 Western Lipper Mountains
    • 364.10 Salzufler Keuper Heights
    • 364.11 Exter hill country
    • 364.12 Vlothoer Bergland
    • 364.13 Deserted hills and mountains
    • 364.14 Taller Bergland
    • 364.15 Hohenhausener Bergland
    • 364.16 Lemgo valley basin
    • 364.17 Lemgo Mountains
    • 364.18 Hillentrup Basin
    • 364.19 Humfeld valley basin
  • 364.2 Eastern Lipper Mountains
    • 364.20 Krankenhagener Kuppen
    • 364.21 Heidelbecker Heights
    • 364.22 Bösingfeld Basin
  • Eastern Lipper Bergland (continued)
    • 364.23 Alverdissener Heights
    • 364.24 Rumbeck Heights
    • 364.25 Halvestorfer Hügelland
    • 364.26 Ärzen valley basin
    • 364.27 Hamelin Mountains
    • 364.28 Grohnder Mountains
  • 364.3 Southern Lipper Mountains
    • 364.39 Werre hill country
    • 364.31 Detmold hill country
    • 364.32 Blomberg Basin
    • 364.33 Steinheim Basin
    • 364.34 Blomberger Heights
    • 364.35 Barntrup Basin
    • 364.36 Sabbenhauser Mulde
    • 364.37 Schwalenberger Heights ( Köterberg )
    • 364.38 Löwendorf hill country

To the east, parts of the Lipper Bergland roof over the natural sub-unit Ottensteiner Platten (365.2) to the Weser, which belongs to the main unit Pyrmonter Bergland (365).


The highest mountain in the Lipper Bergland is the 495.8  m high Köterberg in the natural area Schwalenberger Heights, which belongs to the southern Lipper Bergland . Its peak lies in the area of ​​the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Lügde .

This and other mountains and elevations in the Lipper Bergland are - sorted by height in meters (m) above sea ​​level (NHN) and with localities:

Flora and fauna

Beech and oak communities predominate in the forests of the Lipper Bergland . The agricultural areas are almost exclusively used for arable farming. In some of the near-natural rivers, there are rare animals and plants that are worth protecting, which is why some stretches of water are located in nature reserves .

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