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Mirotice coat of arms
Mirotice (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Jihočeský kraj
District : Písek
Area : 2553 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 26 '  N , 14 ° 2'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 25 '45 "  N , 14 ° 2' 13"  E
Height: 412  m nm
Residents : 1,222 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 398 01
Street: Strakonice - Příbram
Status: city
Districts: 9
Mayor : Milan Brunclík (status: 2007)
Address: Náměstí Mikoláše Alše 18
398 01 Mirotice
Municipality number: 549584
Website : www.mirotice.cz

Mirotice (German Mirotitz ) is a city in the Czech Republic . It is located 16 kilometers northwest of Písek and belongs to the Okres Písek .


Mirotice is located on the right side of the Lomnice in the Central Bohemian hill country .

Neighboring towns are Boudy in the north, Rakovické Chalupy and Smetanova Lhota in the northeast, Karlov in the east, Cerhonice in the southeast, Radobytce in the south, Strážovice in the southwest, Stráž and Míreč in the west and Lučkovice and Brejle in the northwest.


To the west of today's town was the village of Stará Ves in the 12th and 13th centuries, which probably also included the church of St. Aegidius. Mirotice was founded in the middle of the 13th century as part of the country's expansion by the Přemyslids . The church was first mentioned in a document in 1254. Mirotice was raised to the status of a royal town, and the village of Stará Ves was last mentioned in 1291. The development of Mirotice was stopped by the Hussite Wars .

In 1436 Mirotice was pledged to Zdeňek Tluksa von Buřenice, in 1472 the brothers Lev and Protiva von Rosenthal received the place as a pledge. The further development of Mirotice was promoted under the Rosenthalers, in 1499 Vladislav II granted the town the royal privilege for two annual fairs . In the heyday of the Rosenthalers, the Rosenbergs and subsequently the Schwanbergers, as pledges of the royal rule of Zvíkov (Klingenberg) initially unsuccessfully claimed to make Mirotice subject to robots for the royal court of Cerhonice . This only succeeded in 1543, when, after the death of Zdeniek Lev von Rosenthal, the indebted heirs had to cede their property. From 1547 Jews settled in Mirotice.

The market town reached its heyday at the beginning of the 17th century. The bourgeoisie had become so wealthy that in 1610 they bought themselves out of their subservience to the indebted owner of the Zvíkov estate, Johann Georg Ehrenreych von Schwanberg. 1611 Mirotice was taken by the Passau mercenaries Leopold V and sold to Jan Horčice z Prostého. With that, the town fell back into subservience and in the Thirty Years' War that followed, Mirotice was again plundered and pillaged. In 1654 Mirotice became an independent manor, and in 1688 the Premonstratensian monastery Schlägl acquired the Cerhonice and Mirotice estates. After the replacement of patrimonial Mirotice became an independent market town. The synagogue was built in 1763 and destroyed in 1945.

In the last days of World War II, parts of the city were destroyed by an American bomb attack. On April 29, 1945, a motorized unit of the Wehrmacht with anti-aircraft guns camped in the city, and there was a fire fight with American airmen. A little later, twelve US bombers attacked Mirotice, destroying 27 houses.

City structure

The town of Mirotice consists of the districts Bořice ( Borschitz ), Jarotice ( Jarotitz ), Lučkovice ( Lutschkowitz ), Mirotice ( Mirotice ), Obora u Radobytec ( Wobora ), Radobytce ( Radobitz ), Rakovické Chalupy ( Rakowitz houses ), Stráž ( Strasch ) and Strážovice ( Straschowitz ).

What was then Mirotitz and the surrounding area at the end of the 19th century (top center, special map of the 3rd land survey )


  • Romanesque church of St. Giles, traceable since 1254
  • Mikoláš Aleš's birth house
  • Jewish cemetery , laid out in 1681
  • Statue of St. John of Nepomuk, erected in 1782
  • Baroque chapel of St. John of Nepomuk, on the Lomnice near Rakovické Chalupy
  • Bridge over the Lomnice, technical monument, built in 1939
  • Baroque castle Karlov, east of the city


sons and daughters of the town

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