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Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier in Pacific Park

The ferris wheel is a wheel-shaped ride at folk festivals that lifts passengers around its circumference to a position with a good view. As a stationary attraction, Ferris wheels are landmarks of various cities.


Early ferris wheel
Replica of a hand-operated Ferris wheel from 1600

The oldest documented idea of ​​the Ferris wheel comes from Bulgaria . The English traveler Peter Mundy reports on this . On May 16, 1620, in the city of Philippopolis (today's city of Plovdiv ), he saw some children who had attached small seats to the circumference of a large wheel in order to amuse themselves by turning it. Similar journeys were seen in England later in the 17th century.

The Dutch Gijsbert van Laar published in his garden book "Magazin van Tuin-Sieraaden" in 1802 a Ferris wheel driven by a crankshaft.
Original Ferris Wheel
Man-powered ferris wheel in India. The staff is located inside on the axis.

The first modern wheel in the world was created by George Washington Gale Ferris , an engineer for railway engineering and bridge in Pittsburgh , at the World's Fair in Chicago built 1,893th The organizers were looking for something original, daring and unique ("original, daring and unique") that would put the Eiffel Tower erected in Paris for the 1889 World Exhibition in the shade. Ferris' proposal was initially rejected as unrealistic. However, like no other, his idea was better suited to depicting the art of engineering, economic success and the power of the USA , so that he was ultimately able to convince the jury.

The Ferris Wheel had a height of 80.5 meters (264 feet), a wheel diameter of 76.2 meters (250 feet) and 36 gondolas, each with space for 60 people. When planning it proved difficult to construct the wheel so that it was light enough to be held by the supporting structure. Ferris finally oriented himself on the spoke principle of high wheels and designed a wheel whose edge is connected to the hub with 6 cm thick steel spokes. During construction, it was found that with this type of construction, the wheel only becomes stable when it is closed. For the upper part, he therefore had to build a scaffolding around the ferris wheel in order to be able to insert supporting beams.

The Ferris wheel was opened on June 21, 1893 seven weeks late and has become a special attraction at the World's Fair. In the period that followed, ferris wheels were also built in other cities, setting new height records. The name "Ferris wheel" developed into the general term for Ferris wheels.

To Chicago Walter B. Basset built by the established for this company "Earl's Court Great Wheel Company Limited" 1894/1895 in London, the Great Wheel , the chain drive once took care of a 7-hour stoppage, and in 1896 one in Blackpool , also in England, that existed until 1928, before the Wiener Riesenrad was built in 1897.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the ferris wheels had lost their allure of innovation. At that time, many were demolished due to a lack of visitors. The Ferris Wheel was dismantled after the exhibition in mid-1894 and rebuilt at the 1904 World Exhibition in St. Louis. In 1906 the bike was finally broken off and scrapped. In its place is a replica today.

Two bearing rings on the perimeter of a cab of the London Eye

Stationary Ferris wheels only gained new popularity in 1999 with the construction of the London Eye to mark the upcoming millennium celebrations . At 135 m, the largest Ferris wheel in the world at the time, represented technical progress in many ways. While the gondolas of older Ferris wheels were suspended in the wheel so that the wheel obstructed the view in the highest position, the gondolas were here for the first time attached in two rings outside the wheel. The wheel is attached to the hub with steel cables . It rotates slowly and smoothly and does not stop for boarding.

The London Eye was replaced as the tallest Ferris wheel in the world by the 160 m high star of Nanchang . As an expression of economic power, it should shine with thousands of lights at night and also be visible from afar during the day, which ruled out such a filigree construction as that of the London Eye . As with transportable Ferris wheels, the wheel was therefore built as a solid steel structure that offers space for up to 7000 lamps. Since their greater weight puts a strain on the supporting structure and there is a risk of offering too much surface to the wind, this type of construction is unusual for Ferris wheels of this size.

The Singapore Flyer became the largest Ferris wheel in the world when it opened in 2008. The Ferris wheel is 165 m high and the technology is similar to the London Eye .

The Singapore Flyer was replaced in April 2014 by The High Roller in Las Vegas, which cost 140 million euros and measures 168 m . The gondolas are also attached to the outside of this Ferris wheel.


Ferris wheels are constructions made of steel, which usually consist of four inclined supports that converge on a non-driven wheel hub. For smaller Ferris wheels, constructions with a single support, such as in the Bohemian Prater, were also implemented.


Modern Ferris wheels are driven by electric motors, which are arranged to the right and left of the entry area and act with friction wheels on the outer side of the wheel.

With older Ferris wheels, rope loops (initially anchor chains) are led around the outside of the Ferris wheel construction and tensioned by pulling weights. Motors (initially steam engines ) drive the rope loops, which then transmit the rotary motion to the ferris wheel.

Muscle-powered Ferris wheels can still be found today, especially in developing countries - partly due to a lack of electricity.

Stationary ferris wheels

With stationary Ferris wheels, the earth is excavated and the foundations are concreted into the ground. In order to minimize the weight of the wheel, the outer ring of particularly large Ferris wheels is connected to the hub with steel cables. Since a wheel constructed in this way only becomes stable when closed, construction is difficult. With the Ferris Wheel , a scaffold was built for the upper part of the wheel, the wheel of the London Eye was mounted lying on floating platforms in the Thames and then erected with a crane. The Singapore Flyer was first stabilized with rigid spokes, which were removed again after the wheel was closed. With this technique heights of over 200 meters are possible.

Transportable ferris wheels

Around the world when building

In transportable Ferris wheels, the outer ring is connected to the hub with massive spokes. This construction makes it possible to expand the wheel at the lower end by a wheel section, then turn it further and repeat the process until the wheel is completely built up.

With foundation base

With this type, a foundation base is first erected and weighted down with ballast weights made of concrete or with water tanks. The ferris wheel is built on this sole. Total heights of up to sixty meters are possible. It takes three to four days to set up. A large truck crane is imperative.

On transport trailers

The three transport trailers are first set up next to each other and firmly connected to one another. The four supports can be raised without outside help using hydraulics. The hub is put on by a crane. It can be set up in one to two days. Total heights of up to forty meters can be achieved. A version with four transport trailers (each weighing 55 tons) can reach a height of fifty meters.

Existing ferris wheels


Roue de Paris
View to Sinŭiju, North Korea (2008)

A well-known Ferris wheel is the Wiener Riesenrad in the Vienna Prater . It was built in 1897 for the 50th anniversary of the throne of Emperor Franz Josef I. The total height is 64.75 m with a wheel diameter of 60.96 m. The steel construction has a weight of 430 t, whereby the wheel weighs 245 t. The speed of rotation is rather low at 2.7 km / h, it would be possible for individuals to get in and out during the rotation process. In 1916 a demolition permit was issued, but due to lack of funds, it was not used. The Ferris wheel was destroyed by fire in 1944 and rebuilt from 1945 onwards, reducing the number of wagons from 30 to 15. It was put back into operation in 1947. In 1961, Karl Lamac bought the Ferris wheel.

In Berlin there is a giant wheel measuring 45 meters in diameter in the Spreepark , which has been out of order since 2002.

The Ferris wheel with the highest location in Europe can also be found in Germany. It is located in the Traumland amusement park on the Bear Cave .

The London Eye is located directly on the River Thames in London and is currently the largest Ferris wheel in Europe at 135 meters (443 feet). It is visited by 3.5 million visitors annually.

The Roue de Paris is actually a portable ferris wheel. It was built for the Millennium celebrations in Paris and then operated there for three years. It is a 56 meter high wheel that does not require a permanent foundation, as 40,000 liters of water serve as ballast. After dismantling in Paris, it was operated in Birmingham from November 2003 to February 2004. In December 2004, the Roue de Paris spun at the Manchester Christmas market . At the beginning of 2005 the bike was bought by World Tourist Attractions Ltd. sold to Magic Fair Attractions BV / Starlex Entertainment BV, Eindhoven. After a brief use at the World Town Fair in Sittard -Geleen, it was operated on Museum Island in Amsterdam in the summer of 2005 . Since January 2006 it is on the Night Bazaar in Bangkok .

The third largest ferris wheel in the world, the Star of Nanchang , was inaugurated on January 4, 2006 in Nanchang , China . At a height of 160 meters and a diameter of 153 meters, a full turn takes half an hour.

In Japan there are four Ferris wheels with heights over 100 m. The Tempozan Harbor Village Ferris Wheel opened on July 12, 1997 in Osaka . It has a total height of 112.5 m and a diameter of 100 m. The Palette Town Ferris Wheel was built in Odaiba in 1999 . The height is 115 m, it also has a 100 m wheel. Sky Dream Fukuoka was built in 2002 with a total height of 120 m and a wheel diameter of 112 m. The fourth wheel is the Diamond and Flower Ferris wheel, built in 2005 in Kasai Rinkai Park in eastern Tokyo. It has a height of 117 m and a 111 m wheel.

From its opening on March 1, 2008 to April 1, 2014, the Singapore Flyer in Singapore was the largest Ferris wheel in the world with a height of 165 meters and a diameter of 150 meters. It was built directly on the shores of Marina Bay, equipped with 28 fully air-conditioned cabins that allow a view over the city-state of Singapore and the neighboring island of Sumatra as well as the southern tip of Malaysia . The Ferris wheel will be integrated into a circular, three-storey terminal building that will allow fully air-conditioned access to the cabins from two sides. The construction costs amount to around 84 million euros.

Since it opened on April 1, 2014, the high roller at The LINQ amusement complex in Las Vegas , Nevada, has been the world's largest Ferris wheel. It is 167.6 meters high and has a diameter of 158.5 meters.

A Ferris wheel was set up in the Ukrainian city of Prypiat for the May 1986 celebrations. When the city of Pripyat was evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster , the Ferris wheel was also left standing - unused. The now totally rusted Ferris wheel is still on the former Pripyat fairground and is now often associated with the ghost town of Pripyat and Chernobyl.

In the North Korean city of Sinŭiju , right on the river border with Dandong in China, there has been a Ferris wheel since at least 2008, but it has never been running. It stands as an extension of the Broken Bridge, which has a lookout point at the middle of the river and the state border, and is clearly visible from the Chinese bank and from the Friendship Bridge located a bit upstream. Its base is hidden behind trees, but it can be estimated at 35 m high and was probably built for propaganda purposes.


Ferris wheel Deutzer Kirmes, Cologne 1974

For many years the largest transportable Ferris wheel was the 60-meter Ferris wheel from the Steiger company in Bad Oeynhausen . It is 59.76 m high and weighs 450 t. It was built in 1980 by the company Kocks Bremen , carries 42 gondolas and had its world premiere at the Schützenfest Hannover . Since January 2013, the R80 XL from the Swiss company Bussink has been the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world with a height of 69.8 m. It was built by the Munich company Maurer Söhne , on whose premises it was put into operation for the first time in January 2013. The actual operator, a customer from Mexico, was not known for the time being. A Ferris wheel with a height of 78 m and a diameter of 74 m, called Umadum (until July 2020 Hi-Sky ), has been in Munich's Werksviertel since April 2019 .

The largest mobile (integrated trailer, short assembly time) in the world has been the "City Star" Ferris wheel from Göbel-Worms since autumn 2019. According to the manufacturer and operator, the height is 70 m. The premiere was celebrated at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London . With 7 mobile Ferris wheels and a total height of approx. 300 m, the Göbel-Worms company is a leader in the field of mobile systems.

In addition to the Ferris wheels already described, there are only six other Ferris wheels in the 50 m class and six Ferris wheels in the 40 m class, including:

Surname operator Construction year height
Around the world Cornelius / Wallenhorst 1997 42 m
Bellevue Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf 1994 53 m
Bussink Design R80 XL not yet known / Mexico 2013 69.8 m
City star Göbel-Worms / Worms 2019 70 m
Europe wheel Willi Kipp / Bonn 1992 53 m
Hi-Sky 2019 78 m
Sky Lounge Wheel Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf 2000 56.70 m
Jupiter Barth & Kipp / Bonn 1993 43 m
Roue Parisienne Burghard / Kleuser Dortmund 1996 42 m
Oktoberfest ferris wheel Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich 1979 50 m
Ferris wheel Steiger / Bad Oeynhausen 1980 59.76 m
Ferris wheel Hanover Wilhelm & Sons / Hanover 1987 43 m
Wheel of Vision Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf 2003 53 m
Willenborg Ferris Wheel 32 Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich 1990 42 m
Willenborg Ferris Wheel 36 Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich 1997 50 m

In order to welcome the year 2000 impressively, the Frankfurt local broadcaster Funk und Fernsehen Hessen (FFH) had the idea of ​​recreating the number 2000 using two truck-mounted cranes and three Ferris wheels. From December 30, 1999 to January 9, 2000, the Ferris wheels turned right on the banks of the Main in front of the Frankfurt skyline . These were the Europa wheel , the Jubilee wheel from the Thomas Müller company from Chemnitz and the Vienna Ferris wheel from the Kalbfleisch family from Butzbach . At 38 and 44 meters respectively, the three Ferris wheels are not among the largest, but for the first time three Ferris wheels were operated in parallel.

Planned and under construction Ferris wheels

In Berlin , the Great Berlin Wheel with a height of around 175 meters was planned until 2010 . The Great Berlin Wheel should be financed through the closed fund "Global VIEW - Great Wheel Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG" and is at risk according to the German Consumer Protection Association. At the beginning of April 2010, criminal charges were filed against those responsible for the fund on suspicion of misappropriating investor funds. Some of the money deposited is said to have been diverted to a company in the Caribbean . The public prosecutor's office has started investigations against the managing directors of the project company. At the end of 2010 the "Global VIEW" fund was dissolved. Of the € 208.5 million paid in, only € 20 million was left. The project will no longer be operated.

There are currently further plans to build such a Ferris wheel similar to the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye for Beijing and Qingdao in China, for DubaiLand in Dubai and for Orlando in the USA . The Ferris wheels are planned by the same initiator as the Singapore Flyer. Completion was targeted for 2010. So far, none of these projects have been realized, and the operating company, a closed-end fund called Global View , has gone bankrupt.

The observation wheel in Orlando is to be built at the intersection of the most important traffic axes in Orlando in the immediate vicinity of the Convention Center, the Universal Studios theme park, the Sea World Aquarium and Walt Disney World. The early planning phase began in early 2011. With the complete completion of the 425  ft (130  m ) high Ferris wheel was initially expected for summer 2014, but after the start of construction in early 2013 the date was postponed to November 2014 [obsolete] .

In Moscow , which for a long time was home to the largest Ferris wheel in Europe at over seventy meters, there are also vague plans to build a Ferris wheel about two hundred meters in size.

In New York City Parliament in November 2013 gave the green light for a Ferris wheel - then the world's largest - with a height of 190 m. The New York Wheel could be built in Staten Island in two years. As of November 2013, Dubai is planning a 20 m larger one to be completed by 2016. On October 23, 2018, after increases in planned costs and legal disputes among potential investors, the planners announced the withdrawal from the project in New York.

List of the largest ferris wheels in the world

As with the Ferris Wheel , the expression of economic success and power plays a role in today's race for the largest Ferris wheel in the world. The battle for the largest Ferris wheel is thus similar to that for the tallest skyscraper . Below are the largest Ferris wheels ever built - or planned.

Surname diameter height Construction year country city Remarks
Nippon Moon ? (> 250 m) ? Japan ? Concept was worked out
Great Beijing Wheel ? (208 m) 2010 construction stopped China Beijing based on the London Eye , construction discontinued in 2010
Ain Dubai (250 m) 210 m 2015 start of construction United Arab Emirates Dubai (DubaiLand) Opening summer 2019 The Ferris wheel is expected to attract 3 million visitors annually. The construction of a 185 m high Ferris wheel was stopped before 2009.
Great Berlin Wheel (165 m) (175 m) - Germany Berlin Project discontinued in 2009
The high roller 158 m 167 m 2013 United States Las Vegas Start of construction at the end of 2011, opening on March 31, 2014
Singapore Flyer 150 m 165 m 2008 Singapore Singapore
The star of Nanchang 153 m 160 m 2006 China Nanchang
Skyvue ? 152 m 2013 United States Las Vegas Project discontinued
London Eye 120 m 135 m 2000 United Kingdom London currently the largest ferris wheel in Europe
The Wheel at ICON Park 119 m 122 m 2015 United States Orlando, Florida
Melbourne Star ? 120 m 2008 Australia Melbourne
Changshar Ferris Wheel 098 m 120 m 2004 China Changsha
Zhengzhou Ferris Wheel ? 120 m 2003 China Zhengzhou
Tianjin Eye ? 120 m 2007 China Tianjin Ferris wheel is built over a bridge
Sky Dream Fukuoka 112 m 120 m 2002 Japan Fukuoka
Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel 111 m 117 m 2005 Japan Tokyo, Kasai Rinkai Park
Star of Taihu Lake 107 m 115 m 2008 China Wuxi, Jiangsu 384 seats (64 × 6)
Daikanransha 100 m 115 m 1999 Japan Tokyo, Odaiba
Cosmo Clock 21 100 m 113 m 1999 Japan Yokohama
Harbin ferris wheel ? 110 m 2003 China Harbin
Tempozan Harbor Village Ferris Wheel ? 112 m 1997 Japan Osaka
HEP 5 ? 106 m 1998 Japan Osaka
Space Eye ? 100 m ? Japan Kita Kyushu
Great wheel 082.3 m 094 m 1895 United Kingdom London On the occasion of the Empire of India Exhibition
Technocosmos ? 085 m 1985 Japan Tsukuba Erected on the occasion of Expo '85, moved to Osaka (Expoland) in 1986 and renamed Technostar , demolished in 2009
Lazarevskoe Ferris Wheel 080 m 083 m 2002 Russia Lazarevskoe
Parisian ferris wheel 100 m ? 1900 France Paris Erected in 1900 for the World Exhibition in Paris, demolished in 1937
Blackpool Ferris Wheel ? 67 m 1896 United Kingdom Blackpool Initiated by the operating company of the Winter Gardens and demolished in 1926.

List of transportable Ferris wheels in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland

Surname Showman / place Manufacturer height Number of gondolas Number of spokes Place / year of the premiere image Remarks
Old love Tailor (Kaiserslautern) Schwarzkopf (D) 20 m 16 16 ? / 1973 Ferris wheel Fellbacher Herbst09102017.png
Around The World Cornelius / Wallenhorst Mondial (NL) 42 m 36 18th Brockum / 1997
Bellevue Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf Nauta-Bussink (NL) 53 m 42 21st Freiburg / 1994 Ferris wheel Stuttgart Fruehlingsfest2011 2.JPG
Caesar's Wheel Landwermann-Henschel / Asendorf Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Ferris wheel Flaming Stars 16082014.png Special gondola for wheelchair users
City Star Göbel / Worms Mondial (NL) 70 m 48 24 London Winter Wonderland / 2019 Largest mobile ferris wheel in the world, air-conditioned and heated gondolas
Colossus Göbel / Worms Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Ferris wheel fair Ulm20072015.png
Europe wheel Kipp, W. / Bonn Nauta-Bussink (NL) 53 m 42 42 Aachen / 1992 Ferris wheel europe rad kipp & sohn Bonn.jpg According to the operator, it is currently the largest transportable Ferris wheel with open, rotating gondolas
Europe wheel Sascha Hanstein Nauta-Bussink (NL) 32 m 24 24 Ferris-wheel-47meter.jpg
Europe wheel Schieck Nauta-Bussink (NL) 32 m 24 24
Sky Lounge Wheel Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf Gerstlauer (D) 56.70 m 40 20th World Exhibition Hannover / 2000 Cannstatt Funfair 2010 Ferris Wheel1.JPG
Grand Soleil Göbel / Worms Mondial (NL) 42 m 36 18th Mainz / 2017 Ferris wheel pretzel festival Speyer07072017 2.JPG
Golden wheel Jost / Worms Nauta-Bussink (NL) 32 m 24 24 1990 Ferris Wheel Bretten 2010 1.JPG
Hanse wheel Katrin Geisler, Bentwisch Ride Technic (CZ) 32 m 24 24 2017
Jupiter Barth & Kipp / Bonn Nauta-Bussink (NL) 43 m 36 36 1993 Ferris wheel Wurstmarkt 10092010.JPG
jewel Göbel / Worms Nauta-Bussink (NL) 38 m 30th 30th 1998
Liberty Wheel Robert Gormanns / Rostock Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Liberty Wheel Day.JPG
Mon Amour Wolters-Domke / Berlin Mondial (NL) 42 m 32 16 1990
Movie star Landwermann-Henschel / Asendorf Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Pinneberg / 2005 Ferris wheel Schaeferlauf Markgroeningen 2011 1.jpg
Oktoberfest ferris wheel Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich Schwarzkopf (D) 50 m 40 20th Oktoberfest Munich / 1979 Oktoberfest 2005 - Riesenrad.jpg 1979 Largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world, 2 special gondolas for wheelchair users
Original Berlin ferris wheel Lorenz / Berlin Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Potsdam / 1993
Orion 2 The Frankenrad Drliczek, Michael / Fürth Popp (D) 32 m 18th 18th Nuremberg Spring Festival / 1985 The Ferris wheel stands on just one mast.
Orion 3 Drliczek, Robert / Fürth Popp (D) 32 m 16 16 Deggendorf Spring Festival / 1994 Assembly without a crane
Ferris wheel Robert Gormanns / Rostock Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th (F) / 2016
Roue Paris Burghard-Kleuser / Dortmund Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Dortmund / Easter 1989
Roue Parisienne Burghard-Kleuser / Dortmund Mondial (NL) 42 m 36 18th Ferris wheel Bad Hersfeld09062019.png Special gondola for wheelchair users
Steiger ferris wheel Steiger / Hamburg (Bad Oeynhausen) Kocks (D) 59.76 m 42 (10 people each) 14th Hanover / 1980; Redesign 2010: LEDs instead of light bulbs Ferris-wheel-cannstatt-2004.jpg From 1980 to 2012 the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world; Special gondola for wheelchair users
Ferris wheel Wilhelm & Sons / Hanover Vekoma (NL) 43 m 36 36 1987
Schubert's ferris wheel Schubert / Dresden Nauta-Bussink (NL) 32 m 24 24 199?
Star of Berlin Lorenz / Berlin Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Warnemünde / 1998
Wheel of Vision Oscar Bruch Jr. / Düsseldorf Nauta-Bussink (NL) 53 m 42 21st Brisbane / 2004
Willenborg Ferris Wheel 36 Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich Gerstlauer (D) 50 m 36 18th Lippstadt Autumn Week / 1997 4 special gondolas for wheelchair users
Willenborg Ferris Wheel 32 Heinrich Willenborg GmbH / Munich Mondial (NL) 42 m 32 16 Bad Wimpfen valley market / 1990 Talmarkt2010 Ferris Wheel1.JPG
White Star 1 Göbel / Worms Nauta-Bussink (NL) 32 m 24 24 199?
White Star 2 Göbel / Worms Mondial (NL) 32 m 26th 26th Göppingen May Day / 2017
White Star 3 Göbel / Worms Mondial (NL) 42 m 36 18th Debrecen / 2018

List of stationary Ferris wheels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

List of all stationary Ferris wheels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is noteworthy that even large amusement parks do not necessarily have a Ferris wheel (a gyro tower is usually used as the central panoramic ride ).


Surname place Year of completion diameter image Remarks
Great Berlin Wheel Berlin (Construction stopped) 175 m Observation wheel-berlin 01.jpg Project discontinued
Hi-Sky Munich 2019 74 m -
Spreepark Ferris Wheel Berlin 1989 45 m Berlin Spreepark UAV 04-2017 img1.jpg
Fort Fun Adventure Land Big Wheel Bestwig 1992 44 m Ferris wheel Fort Fun.jpg
Ferris wheel Skyline Park Bad Woerishofen 2002 40 m Allgaeu-Skyline-Park Riesenrad-1.jpg
Ferris wheel Traumland amusement park on the bear cave Sonnenbühl 1992 35 m Dreamland Baerenhoehle Ferris Wheel1.JPG
Ferris wheel Serengeti Park Hodenhagen 33 m
Ferris wheel Franconian Wonderland Plech 2001
Schwabenpark ferris wheel Kaisersbach
Erse-Park ferris wheel Uetze 1898
Big wheel Churpfalzpark Loifling
Ferris wheel Magic Park Verden Verden 1960 22 m
Santa Monica Wheel in Movie Park Germany Bottrop-Kirchhellen 2007 20 m
Ferris wheel Jaderpark Jaderberg 1996
Ferris wheel Geiselwind Hostage wind 1992 14 m from 1992 to 2007 in the Panoramapark Kirchhundem
Ferris wheel at Hansa Park Sierksdorf
Ferris wheel amusement park Schloss Beck Bottrop
Phantasialand Ferris Wheel Bruehl
Ferris wheel Wunderland Kalkar Kalkar 2001
Ferris wheel Heide-Park Soltau 2009 10 m


Surname place Year of completion diameter image Remarks
Vienna ferris wheel Vienna 1897 60.96 m Ferris wheel01.jpg
Flower wheel in the Vienna Prater Vienna 1993 45 m Prater - panoramio (1) .jpg
Ferris wheel in the Bohemian Prater Vienna 1988 21.5 m Vienna Boehmischer Prater 02.jpg


A similar experience as a vertical Ferris wheel provides the horizontally rotating cable driven Skywalk Ride on the Canton Tower - television and observation tower in Chinese Guangzhou . The ride at a dizzying height of 455 meters creates an extraordinary thrill .


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