Systematics of flowering plants according to Schmeil-Fitschen

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As a common but technically outdated system, this system was at times the reference in the German-language Wikipedia. It has meanwhile been replaced by the systematics of the Bedecktsamer of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group and Strasburger (34th edition) and as such has only documentary value.

For all questions regarding the taxonomic classification of a bedeckers in Wikipedia, please only refer to the systematics of the bedecktsamer.

The sub- systematics of the department of flowering plants (Magnoliophyta) given here is based on " Schmeil-Fitschen , Flora von Deutschland, 91st edition" (a translation of the American systematics of Bedecktsamer after Cronquist ). It is now considered out of date.

Class Dicotyledoneae ( dicotyledonous plants )

Subclass MagnoliidaePoly-fruited plants

Subclass Hamamelididaecatworts

Subclass RosidaeRose-like

Subclass DilleniidaeDillenia-like

Subclass CaryophyllidaeCarnation-like

Subclass AsteridaeAstern-like

Class Monocotyledoneae ( monocotyledonous plants )

Subclass Alismatidae ≡ Frog- spoon-like

Subclass LiliidaeLily-like

Subclass Junciflorae

Subclass Arecidaepiston-flowered


  • Schmeil-Fitschen: Flora von Deutschland , 91st edition, Wiebelsheim 2000.

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