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Henry Roberts

Henry Roberts (born June 22, 1853 in Brooklyn , New York , †  May 1, 1929 in Hartford , Connecticut ) was an American politician and governor of the US state of Connecticut. He was a member of the Republican Party .

Early years and political advancement

Henry Roberts graduated from Yale University in 1878 , then studied for a year at Columbia University, and then received a law degree from Yale Law School in 1879. He then practiced as a lawyer for a number of years before joining his father's manufacturing company, Hartford Woven Wire Mattress Company , of which he was president from 1886 to 1907. He also did some profitable business deals and was a director of various public companies. Roberts decided to pursue a political career in 1897 when he became a Hartford councilor. He then ran for a seat in the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1899 , where he remained until 1901 after a successful election. Roberts was a member of the Connecticut Senate from 1901 to 1902 . He then became lieutenant governor of Connecticut in 1903 , a position he held until 1905.

Connecticut Governor

Roberts won the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 1904 and was elected governor of Connecticut a short time later. During his tenure, laws were passed banning underground bakeries and a draft law systematizing the handling of cars. Further, during Roberts' administration, the consolidation of public security had been enacted by private companies and public officials against malicious practices. Violations of the wives' maintenance obligations were also punished with imprisonment. Roberts left office on January 9, 1907 and returned to his various business interests.

Another résumé

Over time, he has also served as President of the Hartford Water Board and administrator of the Slater Industrial School in North Carolina .

Henry Roberts died on May 1, 1929 and was then buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford. He was married to Carrie Elizabeth Smith. The couple had three children together.

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