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The list of well-known people in aviation contains people who have performed special services in the field of aviation . It is sorted according to the year of birth and death, for the chronological order of aviation-relevant events see Aviation Chronology .

Early aviation pioneers

Aviation pioneers with airplanes

Parachute jump pioneers

Pioneers in balloon and airship travel

The flying ladies of the earth around 1914 (with international pilot's license)


France (see also women's flight club "Stella"):

  • Baroness de Laroche (Voisin two-decker, 1st woman in the world with a pilot's license)
  • Hélène Dutrieu (H. Farman-Zweidecker, aka: Belgium)
  • Jane Herveux (Blériot monoplane, also: Jeanne Aline Herveux)
  • Marie Marvingt (Antoinette monoplane)
  • Jane Pallier (Astra two-decker)
  • Marthe Niel (Köchlin monoplane)
  • Marie Driancourt (Demoiselle monoplane)
  • Carmen Damedoz (Sanchez Besa monoplane)


  • Katharina Stinson (Wright two-decker)
  • Katharina Wright (Wright two-decker)
  • Bernetta Adams Miller (Curtiss two-decker)
  • Franke Raisse (Wright two-decker)
  • Blanche Scott (Martin two-decker)


  • Beauvoir Stocks (Blériot monoplane, also: Cheridah de Beauvoir Stocks, 2nd British female pilot)
  • Mathilde Moisant (Moisant-Blériot monoplane, aka: USA, 2nd US pilot)
  • Harriett Quimby Craig (Moisant-Blériot monoplane, aka: USA, 1st US pilot)
  • Winnie Miller (Bréguet two-decker)
  • Hewlett (Blériot monoplane, also: Hilda Beatrice Hewlett, 1st British female pilot)
  • Julia Clark (Curtiss two-decker, 3rd woman in the world with a pilot's license)


  • Princess Helene Schakowsky (Blériot monoplane)
  • Princess Eugénie Schakowskoy (Wright two-decker)
  • Lyuba Golanchikova (1880–1959), Russian pilot's license No. 59 on a Farman two-decker on October 9, 1911. After Lydia Swerewa and Jewdoika Anatra, the third female Russian pilot with a flight license.
  • Princess Dolgorowski (Blériot monoplane)


  • Melli Beese (Rumpler monoplane, 1st German female pilot)
  • Baroness Schenk (summer two-decker)
  • Charlotte Möhring (Grade monoplane, 2nd German pilot)
  • Martha Behrboom (grade monoplane, 3rd German pilot)


  • Rosina Ferrario (Caproni monoplane, 1st Italian pilot)
  • De Plagino (Blériot monoplane, aka: Romania)


  • Béatrice de Ryk (also: Beatrix de Rijk, 1st Dutch pilot)

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Well-known people in aviation (born after 1900)

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