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2012 Chess Olympiad poster
Games room of the 2012 Chess Olympiad

The 2012 Chess Olympiad was a team tournament in chess that took place in Istanbul from August 27 to September 10, 2012 .


It was the 40th  Chess Olympiad of the world chess association FIDE . For the second time after the Chess Olympiad 2000 it took place in Turkey . The venue was the Istanbul Expo Center on the European side of Istanbul. 11 rounds were played.

The decision on the venue was made at the 78th FIDE Congress during the 38th Chess Olympiad in Dresden in November 2008. Turkey won the offer from Montenegro ( Budva ) with 95 votes to 40 .

A chess boom has been taking place in Turkey since 2000. Since then, more than 100 international tournaments have been held, including European championships, youth world championships and chess Olympiads for children. The number of members of the chess federation grew from 3,000 to over 250,000 in eight years. Ali Nihat Yazıcı, President of the Turkish Chess Federation, triggered the boom because of his activities. Yazıcı is now one of the FIDE Vice Presidents.

More than two years after the venue was decided, some allegations have been raised. On November 24, 2010, the New York Times published a large article about the possibility of bribery.

In June 2012, Ali Nihat Yazıcı announced that no referees from Germany, England, France, Georgia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA would be used at the Olympics because these countries had caused financial damage to the World Chess Federation through legal disputes in recent years would have. The federations concerned protested against the expulsion of their arbitrators.

159 teams were registered in the open section and 131 teams in the women. For the first time Kuwait, the Maldives, Palau and Togo took part. For the German team Arkadij Naiditsch , Igor Khenkin , Daniel Fridman , Georg Meier and Jan Gustafsson were nominated in the open section and Elisabeth Pähtz , Marta Michna , Tatiana Melamed , Melanie Ohme and Elena Lewuschkina in the women.


Bolivia - Russia, Round 1


The opening ceremony took place on the evening of August 27, 2012 at the WOW Convention Center .

Hikaru Nakamura - Vladimir Kramnik
Round 9, Board 1: United States v Russia
September 6, 2012
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Nakamura won by the underpromotion 62. C8S +! (1: 0 on move 80 [USA 2.5: 1.5 RUS])

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In the open section, after an exciting process, Armenia ( Levon Aronjan , Sergej Movsesjan , Vladimir Hakobjan , Gabriel Sarkissjan , Tigran L. Petrosjan ) won after being scored in front of the tied team from Russia ( Vladimir Kramnik , Alexander Grishchuk , Sergei Karjakin , Evgeni Tomaschewski , Dmitri Jakowenko ). The bronze medal went to Ukraine ( Vasyl Ivanchuk , Ruslan Ponomarjow , Andrij Wolokitin , Pawel Eljanow , Oleksandr Mojissejenko ). The German team came in 12th, Austria ( Markus Ragger , Stefan Kindermann , Dawit Schengelia , Milan Novkovic , Martin Neubauer ) in 41st, and Switzerland ( Yannick Pelletier , Joseph Gallagher , Oliver Kurmann , Richard Forster , Werner Hug ) in 70th and Liechtenstein ( Fabian Ferster , Mario Kobler, Marcel Mannhart, Kurt Muendle) in 122nd place. The board prizes went to Aronjan (board 1), David Navara (board 2), Şəhriyar Məmmədyarov (board 3, with 2880 best Elo performance of all participants ), Vladislav Tkachiev (board 4) and Jakowenko (board 5).

In the women's category , Russia ( Tatjana Kossinzewa , Walentina Gunina , Nadeschda Kossinzewa , Alexandra Kostenjuk , Natalja Pogonina ) won ahead of China ( Hou Yifan , Zhao Xue , Ju Wenjun , Huang Qian , Ding Yixin ) and Ukraine ( Kateryna Lahno , Marija Musytschuk , Natalja Schukowa , Anna Uschenina , Inna Janowskaja ). The German team reached place 11, Austria (Julia Novkovic, Veronika Exler , Anna-Christina Kopinits , Anna-Lena Schnegg , Katharina Newrkla ) place 37 and Switzerland ( Barbara Hund , Monika Seps , Gundula Heinatz , Camille De Seroux , Laura Stoeri ) 60th place. Board winners were Hou Yifan (board 1), Zhao Xue (board 2), N. Kossinzewa (board 3), Huang Qian (board 4) and Pogonina (board 5).

Russia won the Gaprindashvili Cup for the best combined result of both competitions, ahead of China and Ukraine.

A total of 6148 games were played at the Chess Olympiad (2446 white wins, 1590 draws, 2050 black wins and 62 games decided without a fight).

With his 21st participation in a Chess Olympiad, the Philippine grandmaster Eugenio Torre set a record. Torre got 3.5 points from 7 games and won against Ferenc Berkes and Nigel Short .

The Germans Sergej Salov and Annegret Mucha played for the teams of the International Chess Committee of the Deaf , Oliver Müller for the team of the International Braille Chess Association .

The Russian journalist Yevgeny Surov was denied accreditation by the organizers and he was not allowed to enter the hall as a spectator. This restriction on the freedom of the press was criticized in open letters by the Russian Chess Federation and over 40 participants in the Olympics.

At the FIDE Congress, the 2016 Chess Olympiad was awarded to Baku .

Side events

During the Chess Olympiad there was also a competition known as the World Youth Chess Olympiad for national teams in the U16 age group. It won Russia over Iran and India. Teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland did not start.

Team lineups

Individual evidence

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